Sunday 11 October 2009

Polanski, Mitterand and criminal child sexual ABUSE

I have not been following the hoorah over Polanski and who is supporting him etc. Knowing the profound and frequently life-long wounding that follows acts of criminal abuse of infants, children and youth; I am solidly in the "camp" that states that an act of sex with an infant, child or youth is a crime, punishable by law. I personally tend to favour -in my imaginings- disembowelment as a punishment- an act as brutal as the destruction of a young developing soul. Less so, in my estimation.( a delicate example can be seen in the movie Braveheart)

France's minister of culture (insert raucous laugh here) ,is an open homosexual. That is fine- he or she could be blond-or brown skinned or bald or inter-gendered. Don't care. But when any human takes trips to Thailand, has sex with BOYS -then writes about it- that is criminal.Period.
This -being- supported Polanski. Now he is trying to say that he MEANT to write- sex with adult males. Does he think everyone else is STUPID ??????? He wrote about his experiences -WROTE- in a book he published- he had sex with BOYS. He describes his overwhelming desire on seeing these young bodies.

This- bullroar- after reading about (for example) Tyler Perry's pain- and the victims of clergy in various countries- and the survivors of residential schools- and- the still so often silenced survivors of daddy rape.

And the mewlings and pukings of whiners that howl about -being falsely charged. They all belong in the same septic tank.

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