Sunday, November 29, 2009

Press release: Global media monitoring project « A Human Rights Issue-Custodial Justice

Press release: Global media monitoring project « A Human Rights Issue-Custodial Justice

Very interesting news report.- on - the news !

Being inundated and almost overwhelmed- by memories/flashbacks of my ex (no.2)having brought my son to- what I now am certain was a pedophile. Pimping.

So- all of my children were soul murdered by their father and step-father. The criminals were supported by ex number 1. Now- what do you suppose that makes HIM ?

I learned that you can do NOTHING to help your children- if you report- you are blamed. Social services took what was left of my job/career and all material items- houses etc. -threw it all- along with me- into the person chopper upper and cranked out the chewed up remains.

The machine of our society- throw the kids in- throw everything else in- grind it all up- spew it out the other end- and then- wonder why these young ones commit what we call crimes.

The fathers' rights gangs - and they include some psychologists- some lawyers-some judges- etc.- turn the crank of this torture machine. Destruction of women and children and appropriation of their bodies,souls and any material items -like houses etc.- is their end game. Sub-humans and criminals engage in these actions- not real men.

It is the look in the eyes and on the faces of my children that haunts me- and will until the day I die. Those looks that hammer my soul even in sleep.The harder I tried to save them- the more I was - condemned.
My lawyer stopped being a lawyer after my case. That's how bad it was. And is. The police were good- they get to pull bodies of murdered mothers and children out of their last resting place.(so they recognize abuse and truth ) A crown prosecutor stopped them - - -

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