Friday 22 January 2010

A Canadian pull string talking doll and Haitian Children

Well now, at a recent trip to a Walmart store, I paused in front of a sale of dolls- among them-those dolls that have a string through the back of the neck. When the string is pulled, pre-recorded messages come out. Some, one can even pre-record your own message,

When I came home and put on the news, the announcer was passing on the information that scores of Haitian children are disappearing. However, when checking the Internet, a certain (female) columnist in the West of Canada (B.K.) had yet another of those tiringly inane columns- not about children or Haiti- but- mouthing the same old paranoic drivel about all the feminists out there being nasty to all the nice men. I always marvel at how a newspaper could put this stuff out- and then- it hit me !

They are expanding into the talking doll market, in conjunction with the robotics industry- and test running their first clumsy attempt at an artificial intelligence robot !

Pre record some nonsense or other- pull the string- and see if the robot can type it out ! NOW , finally , I comprehend. I am not rushing out to buy stocks in their company, though. There are so many rival pull string dolls out there- some male- some female-

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