Tuesday 13 April 2010

Karen Smith mother and Aiden Miller, son.,Murdered.

Kelowna Daily Courier - Stories -

Well now- the murderer, Nicholas Brian Cooper, had killed BEFORE..
How is one supposed to protect oneself and our children, if we DO NOT KNOW ???????

A bit like- pardoning coach James- now- no-one KNOWS and he is free to hurt children and youth again- over and over and over-

It is so obvious- people "do" what they know how to do- and people follow their own "patterns" . Leopards also do not tend to change their spots - - - -

Makes me think again of a case I know well- the social services people asked a seriously battered mother, whose children had been severely abused by the same perpetrator- ; to sit down and "talk" with the woman/child abuser who had managed to get custody of her children- his small tortured victims. She didn't- and, of course was further blamed- for not being "nice" to the criminal. Mind boggling ,is it not ?

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