Monday 22 June 2015

The Cruelties of Experts

Watching television to try to occupy my non sleeping mind. A phrase sparks a memory. I had gone to see the team leader head of the local social services people. This was after an unknown social worker came to the house with a policeman and took away a 7 year old traumatized girl.He had no papers, no judgement -nothing.I did not see the daughters I tried to protect, for 40 days and nights.

I ask the team leader "What can I do to help my children ?" I guess I was being punished for reporting the abuses perpetrated on myself and my children. He answers:  "Nothing. You just have to live with it."

He, and the psychologist hired by the ex and the social worker appointed by the court after the judge said he did not believe any of- what the ex said; were all the same in displaying cruelty. Pleasure in torturing a battered woman. Pleasure in letting her know that I had to live with the fact that the traumatized small children would have to survive their abuser. Alone.

All ,the experts.Expert in sociopathic cruelty. I wondered if it was a network of child abusers. The psychologist and the appointed social worker- both said "I am going to recommend custody to X. "Almost 30 years later, I am still completely confounded by the overt cruelty displayed by these "people".

I think that team leader is still alive. In Morin Heights. I heard at one time after he seemingly left the social services, that he was mayor there.

So- when I hear social services or social worker etc.- , my blood runs cold. If one reports child sexual abuse to the police or a doctor etc. , mandated professionals must inform social services. I was also a mandated reporter.  If any reports are made, it is a guarantee that the mother will lose custody. Many teachers with whom I worked, NEVER reported .The word was, report and the children/youths will be further traumatized.

I have often wondered if any of the doctors reported, or any teacher. I know some neighbours did. They got-a cold shoulder.

I find this so putrid that my mind will never be able to accept it. And still it continues. Our society is pumping out traumatized humans. No wonder some "crack" and commit crimes. What else did society expect ? Guess we are just supposed to live with it and let the abusers govern all.