Friday 30 October 2009

Brumley man arrested for child abuse, infant in hospital : News : KRCG

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Monday 26 October 2009


From time to time, I will read a text by a supposed fathers' rights group- or a supporter.. I have yet to comprehend any of the texts. (and there seem to be a lot- ) None of the statistics quoted turn out to be correct- and/or are wildly slanted to the writer's point of view. Mostly, I just don't bother. I am otherwise occupied reading the plethora of reports on children and frequently their mothers, killed by - -fathers.

Too much horrendous destruction. Too many mothers losing custody of cherished children, to an abuser-often a child rapist./ sexual abuser as well as being a wife beater.

However- I now think I have discovered the reason for my inability to understand these fathers' rights texts. It is because they are writing in newspeak- a la George Orwell. In newspeak, mothers and children would be UNPERSONS, - their crimes having been to report their abuses ! Except- it is a dialect version of newspeak- which I presume should called FRIVELSPEAK. That incorporates both aspects of the texts I have read ; namely fathers rights (as seen by some) and - drivel.

I hope this explanation will help others decode the articles and letters which bore (two senses of the word) their way around the Internet !

I just saw this on Montreal Gazette


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Sunday 25 October 2009

How the brain regulates emotion after violent assault - anonymiss

How the brain regulates emotion after violent assault - anonymiss has shared something with you

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All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.
                                                          Edmund Burke 1729-1797

Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile: Highlights

Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile: Highlights

Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile

Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile

Saturday 24 October 2009

Child Abuse Law

Child Abuse Law

Incestuous Sex Offenders

Incestuous Sex Offenders

Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness

Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness

New 2009 StatCan Family Violence Report: Women and Children are the Big Losers at the Hands of Husbands and Fathers «

New 2009 StatCan Family Violence Report: Women and Children are the Big Losers at the Hands of Husbands and Fathers «

New Websites

There are some new websites starting up. They aim to fight child abuses, particularly when there is a divorce involved. When a protective parent,often a mother, files for divorce as she seeks to protect her children; she frequently loses custody to the abuser. This happens regularly in all "Western" countries.
One website ,based in Australia, seeks to inform about this scourge:
There is another fledgling site, based in the U.S., that I will share in another post.
It is of note, that Austrailia's government is the first that I know of, that is looking to scrap shared parenting concepts as a general guide to judges, in family law. Kudos.



Friday 23 October 2009

I just saw this on Montreal Gazette


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Gazette des Femmes

Thursday 22 October 2009

National Post Story

WHY did this criminal have sole custody ???????????

10/21/2009 12:00:00 AM

B.C. incest victim awarded $600,000 judgment

Keith Fraser, National Post
Published: 10/21/2009 12:00:00 AM

A 19-year-old Victoria woman who suffered horrific sex assaults at the hands of her father has been awarded nearly $600,000 in damages

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Wednesday 21 October 2009

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Tuesday 20 October 2009


Brutal abuses were so constant, that almost anything and everything can launch me back into the black abyss of desperation.

An article arrives . It is a report about an Australian man who has been condemned to prison for nine years or more, for strangling his wife's cat. (among other brutalities) There was a child from this union.I am not even through the entire article -and -  back I go . Blasted back into hell again.

My eldest daughter, not yet a year and a half old and non-verbal- but very expressive, had dragged me into a pet store in the shopping mall. She had heard a kitten yolping.Home came a little black morsel of fur. Who grew up and had a litter of kittens.

One was kept - and grew to be a superb  long haired mostly black cat lady with white boots and whiskers/antennae. Sweet , calm and affectionate.

This adored pet died young.Result of bestiality by x.  The x who got full custody of two already deeply wounded tiny girls.

Small wonder I have little respect for "the law" , bureaucracies etc. specially social services. It was a social worker who did this to us. Of course there were other players. Notably the x's psychologist- a known fathers' rights supporter- x's lawyer- played a major part in the total destruction of- four people and their spiritual and material heritage. I had no money. So it had to be pure evil. Perhaps with a good deal of ignorance mixed into the poison.

The judge believed the psychiatrist, the doctor, the witnesses, me, etc. He did the only thing he could- and ordered another "expertise". (social workers have the power of gods)

Same psychologist same social worker- second time around- different judge- one known to be- "not nice".(words of my lawyer- being diplomatic)

I don't write many original texts on this blog. So many words float around about child custody etc.- that I am sure they are at least partially responsible for global warming. The words don't change what happened. The words don't change what keeps on happening- all over the Western world.

The words don't fix my agonies nor those of my adult children.(they lived through having their mother "disappear" and living with a brute- physically survived-)

That was not the only animal he killed that way. Another- he made his tiny children watch.

Monday 19 October 2009

Shared parenting laws on way out (The Australian Article)

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The Australian
Cold North Wind, CNW ( thought you might find this article from interesting:
Shared parenting laws on way out
| October 19, 2009 From: The Australian

Canada needs to follow suit.

THE Rudd government is planning to roll back the controversial shared parenting law passed in the final term of the Howard government, enraging men's groups, which say the laws have finally given them access to their children after separation.

Six inquiries into the shared parenting laws are now under way, which men's groups have interpreted as a sure sign that change is under way, too.

In a message to supporters, Sue Price of the Men's Rights Agency, has described the planned rollback as the "most sustained and concerted attack" on shared parenting that she has seen in 15 years.

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Saturday 17 October 2009

ONLY ON WINK: Domestic abuse victim shares tool to escape

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Tuesday 13 October 2009

CALACS in Quebec, Canada, has new posters-excellent

                                                   (he loves me, he loves me not - -)

A Touch That Leaves Scars

Aggressions of a sexual nature are criminal. These are criminal acts.

Work against these aggressions. Working together can make a difference.

Judge Tells Mom: Punish Kids For Skipping Visits With Dad - ParentDish

Judge Tells Mom: Punish Kids For Skipping Visits With Dad - ParentDish

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Sunday 11 October 2009

The Curious Escapades of Dee Dee the Cat: Roman Polanski and the Rights of Victims

The Curious Escapades of Dee Dee the Cat: Roman Polanski and the Rights of Victims

A fellow Canadian who does some excellent thinking on paper.

Intellectual Conservative Politics and Philosophy

Intellectual Conservative Politics and Philosophy

If anyone as yet unaware, is wondering how a man who is a child rapist and/or a wife-beater can get custody of his small victims; read this text- at this link- and you will know. Perhaps this was intended for fathers who are "decent"- but- that is NOT my personal opinion. I know of literally hundreds of cases where a non-offending mother lost custody of tiny children (and not so tiny) to a vicious , brutal man- despite police reports, medical reports etc.- and in every case, the "man" (and I use the term lightly) used every tactic here, and then some.

Refer also to the report: Honouring Christian Lee No Private Matter: Protecting Children Living With Domestic Violence, September 2009.
This excellent and succinct report is available in pdf at :

These - - -practices were in operation long before this and other similar publications. These mal;icious stratagems have become more visible since the advent of easily used and available
computer and Internet technology. These strategies have been , and are being used more frequently since States saved money (Welfare) by putting into law that fathers must pay child support. All even mildly reasonable fathers who truly care about their children, do not use these nefarious machinations. Any custody case that hits the courts should be deemed highly suspect. These fathers do not give a fig about their children - only money and continuing to beat up the mother (and -as a result- the children).

Of course there are exceptions to this - observation- but, as a general rule, when one examines cases- right down to court transcripts and pertinent records- like police archives- : in general, an abuser will continue abusing in any way possible. That is all they know how to -exist.

Mothers beware- and learn. All you can. While dodging the constant attacks of an abuser and his cohorts. Frequently, these abusers have the help and support of -social services agencies. It may be unwitting support- but it is there, nonetheless. It is called : aiding and abetting a criminal.

Polanski, Mitterand and criminal child sexual ABUSE

I have not been following the hoorah over Polanski and who is supporting him etc. Knowing the profound and frequently life-long wounding that follows acts of criminal abuse of infants, children and youth; I am solidly in the "camp" that states that an act of sex with an infant, child or youth is a crime, punishable by law. I personally tend to favour -in my imaginings- disembowelment as a punishment- an act as brutal as the destruction of a young developing soul. Less so, in my estimation.( a delicate example can be seen in the movie Braveheart)

France's minister of culture (insert raucous laugh here) ,is an open homosexual. That is fine- he or she could be blond-or brown skinned or bald or inter-gendered. Don't care. But when any human takes trips to Thailand, has sex with BOYS -then writes about it- that is criminal.Period.
This -being- supported Polanski. Now he is trying to say that he MEANT to write- sex with adult males. Does he think everyone else is STUPID ??????? He wrote about his experiences -WROTE- in a book he published- he had sex with BOYS. He describes his overwhelming desire on seeing these young bodies.

This- bullroar- after reading about (for example) Tyler Perry's pain- and the victims of clergy in various countries- and the survivors of residential schools- and- the still so often silenced survivors of daddy rape.

And the mewlings and pukings of whiners that howl about -being falsely charged. They all belong in the same septic tank.

Thursday 8 October 2009


Seen on Twitter- "If you cut off MY reproductive choice, can I cut off YOURS ???????? "

Laptop held images of young boys: warrant - The Globe and Mail

Laptop held images of young boys: warrant - The Globe and Mail

I am SO not surprised.

We Never Imagined . . .He was so nice . .

Seems Barbara Kay- the sometime commenter on that paper that is under bankruptcy protection now- The National Post- is of the opinion that Canada's gun laws -unfairly and specifically target nice men- like asomeone calledJeremy Swanson.
Obviously she is right- I mean- the media could not get to report the opinions of the vulgari-after another murder of wife/exwife/children etc. You know- all the illuminating comments like: He didn''t seem depressed/suicidal/angry/ etc. He was a family man- I used to see him mowing the lawn- except for that one patch that was a freshly dug garden - - - - -

Wednesday 7 October 2009

74 year old grandmother Shirley Skinner arrested for murder (video)

74 year old grandmother Shirley Skinner arrested for murder (video)

My first reaction is : she was stopping abuse of her grand daughter and/or her great grand daughter.

My second reflection was: I know a LOT of non-offending mothers who will hire her - - - -anyone remember the old tv program ? I think it was : Have Gun Will Travel - - -

Pound Pup Legacy | advocates for child safety within the foster care and adoption system

Pound Pup Legacy advocates for child safety within the foster care and adoption system

This just came through on an alert for -texts about child sexual abuse. Very important for Canadians. While this blog appears to address specifically fostering and adoption- the social services systems in general, across Canada, are positively medieval and many of their practices and attitudes are immensely destructive to non-offending parents and the wounded children- as well as affecting foster child and adopted children.
All too often, the lack of knowledge, poor attitudes, prejudices and lack of communication between systems, result in deaths. Think of residential schools. Think of reservations- think of "domestic" violence -(I detest that term- I picture a snarling fanged brute tearing apart a mother- whilst social workers comment from behind the safety of a barrier-) he isn't very socialized is he ? We recommend custody to the brute- after all- he will go to anger management classes, and therapy for the alleged victim- she didn't defend herself very well- and we need to know what she did to set him off.) Think of - churches and their - - - -leaders-
like- Raymond Lahey - -
And, for sure, read Honouring Christian Lee, September 2009-No Private Matter: Protecting Children Living With Domestic Violence ; report from the Representative for Children and Youth-available in pdf at :
When you get angry and heartsick, choose what YOU will do to help. We ALL pay the abusers via our tax dollars.

Cat helps prove child abuser's guilt

American Humane: Email - Cat helps prove child abuser's guilt

Abuse of animals is frequently found in conjunction with abuse of children. I know a woman who knew of her "husband's" bestiality AND sexual and other abuse of his children- but when she reported- nothing happened. Nothing- except- she lost custody of her tiny daughters, followed by the loss of her career,houses,farm and other properties. Now- reporting these crimes is required by law- if not by ethics and morality- however, you can be sure that every case like hers- empowers the criminals and further silences the victims. You see, so many others knew of her and the children's anguish- and were subsequently too terrified to report - - -their own abuses.

This American Humane Society article about a true event , bears witness to the fact that there ARE- albeit few and far between- those who have enough moral fibre- to report and assist the victims. That is why this true story of the cat and the girl is so desperately important. Anyone who reads this- please pass it on. Even if you only like animals- and not humans !!!!!!!!!!

Make no mistake about it, once reported- the victim who reports then faces new enemies- in the form of disbelief of- some police, some lawyers, some judges and some prosecutors. If a prosecutor does believe the victim- many will not prosecute- these cases do not apparently, "further their careers". Do not make the mistake of thinking that - legal intervention has anything to do with justice. It doesn't.