Thursday 23 December 2010

Second child dies at Sask. home | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

Second child dies at Sask. home | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

Social services system - AGAIN. Ove 25 years ago, the police told social services about all the abuses of my children and myself. When there is / was sexual abuse of children, the police and other "authorities" are required by law to report to the social services agency. Where nothing happens and after 5 years, records are destroyed.

At present, there is a report on the workings (or lack of) in the social services system in Saskatchewan. Basically- the report says what some victims have been saying for decades- the system is broken. So- now there are more child sacrifices made to the god of "Institutionalized Crime."

At least if certain groups would just stop saying they care about children, there would be some consistency. I guess our society thinks it has evolved, as we don't drink the blood of our smallest victims anymore.

Abusers Getting Custody

Abusers Getting Custody

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Father of two children charged with their murders

Father of two children charged with their murders

Even IF abuse is recognized, laws, practices and attitudes compel children to visit their abuser. Social services systems seem oblivious to the reality of entrenched abuse which so often escalates.

My children and I never had a hope in hell. At least we are all still alive- I think.This week, two reports released in Canada- one in Nova Scotia and one in Saskatchewan. There has been one in British Columbia. Quebec has had films,reports and whole regions placed under "tutelle" (government oversight). Still the carnage continues. All these reports and actions outline the desperate need for overhaul of all the social services systems. The only thing that happens is - nothing. Unless you count continued murders and neglect deaths of children.

So many years ago, a policeman said to me-" we have to report to the Youth Protection Madame- and they do nothing."He was right.

(For other country readers- very often, a judge will ask for guidance in resolving a custody matter- and very often, it is the social services (a worker) who is asked to provide a recommendation. )

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Girl shot 8 times trying to protect brother: Lawyer | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

Girl shot 8 times trying to protect brother: Lawyer | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

Hopefully, that judge's name will appear somewhere - the one who granted custody to a criminal. Was it a Montreal or a Texas judge ???????????? Apparently each adult filed- in their respective jurisdictions. It was apparently a Montreal judge who granted temporary custody to the mother on Oct. 26. So, it would appear that MAYBE it was a Texas judge who "messed up" bigtime-. Accessory to murder and attempted murder. However, Quebec province and Canada in general, have their bountiful share of children being sent to live with criminals.Some children and mothers are murdered outright- others experience slow soul-murder. Some survive repeated suicide attempts- some don't-. And so the carnage goes.

Saturday 27 November 2010

PAS is a Scam

PAS is a Scam

More victims and their supporters recognize this insanity for the destructive viciousness it supports -

In The News: Deprogramming Treatment Blocked in Child Custody Case « York Nursing News

In The News: Deprogramming Treatment Blocked in Child Custody Case « York Nursing News

Last year- this WARshak hit the news in Canada. An 18 year old saw through the despicable nonsense.Thank goodness.

The Countess: Richard Warshak Dances Around Parental Alienation - Part Two

The Countess: Richard Warshak Dances Around Parental Alienation - Part Two

Part Two available here- the WARshak's attempts to- supply more victims to victimizers.

The Countess: Richard Warshak Dances Around Parental Alienation - Part One

The Countess: Richard Warshak Dances Around Parental Alienation - Part One

This is Part One of an excellent expose of a War shak's latest attempts to push a bunch of ideas that kill and maim.

Momma do I have to go ? Why ?

Do I have to go- wails my 5 year old, while clutching me so hard she left red marks. I have learned to exist in a place called Survival, which means(among hundreds of actions) I must answer every question from everyone and anyone, truthfully and evenly with no emotion. Yes, I respond. Why ? My answer. Because the judge said so. I don't say : I know this being sexually abused you from 6 months on. I know he tried to kill me- which your sister saw. I know he passed you around to other men to abuse- I know I reported to police and medical authorities for all of your short life- I know. But social services seem to not have been alerted- although they came to the house- but- one wrote : file closed-matter resolved.It wasn't, so I went for divorce. No-one would help us - so I had to continue. No, I don't tell a 5 year old that, An already traumatized 5 year old. The criminal is bellowing in the street " oh you brainwashed her -"

(totally disregarding the intelligence and courage of this child.)

I won't tell a hurt 5 year old ,that the whole world as she knows it is against her, except her siblings and her mother.I don't yet know that she will lose her mother, her siblings (except for one abused sister) her clothes,her home- her pets- everything.And then she will have to forget great sections of her soul- gouged out by our insane society that never, it seems, listens to an abused mother or a child.

So when I read the verbalizations of a Warshak and his -cultlike followers still blathering on- while my now adult children along with hundreds if not thousands of others,careen and stagger their way through their lives; I relive that and hundreds of other soul destroying scenes from my/our past lives.

The use of these theories leads to daily ,reprehensible events for non-abusing protective mothers and their abused children. It is insanity. It is a war against any semblance of a humane and evolved society.It is criminal. It is a human rights abomination.

Some men seem to feel that we who have been totally disempowered as humans, are "wrong" because some only write about females. It is my firm belief that I must not write about that of which I have no knowledge. I am not male- so do not presume to be able to write about males. That, they must do for themselves.

Friday 26 November 2010

Update on case in Hawaii… « Family Court/PAS candidate

Update on case in Hawaii… « Family Court in America

Oh- this sounds SO typical- of cases all over the Western world. She is prime to be accused of alienation- if she has not already been. And some people wonder why so many are against these- ideas that are so destructive.

Sunday 21 November 2010


pages 220-221 of her book Unspeakable, Lynn Sacco writes the following: Many critics depicted women's willingness to "break the silence" as a modern-day hysteria incited by feminists who easily manipulated desperate and irrational women.Columbia University psychiatrist Dr.Richard Gardner, who often provided expert testimony on behalf of accused fathers, argued that "feminist groups . . . have their share of fanatics.(They)operate as if they have a lifelong vendetta against men and will never be satisfied until all of them are destroyed.These zealots have found the sex abuse scene to be a perfect opportunity for the expression of their venom." Some feminists were unhappy, too.On the front page of the New York times Book Review in January 1993, psychologist Carol Tavris mocked the outpouring of incest claims as a pathetic " cult of victimhood" and a by product of the "excesses of feminism."She lambasted the "incest survivor machine", comparing a woman who makes an incest allegation to a woman who alleges that the FBI was "bugging her socks".

All my children never had a chance.Nor did I , to protect them-although I tried everything-and now, have only the energy to - talk.

Wednesday 17 November 2010

CAS pressed defendant to relinquish custody of daughters, murder trial told - The Globe and Mail

CAS pressed defendant to relinquish custody of daughters, murder trial told - The Globe and Mail

This case is unutterably sad. I believe the tragedy was a long time in the making. The girl child Elaine was apparently sexually abused as a child, I think it entirely possible that the husband was abusive. There was probably a post partum hormonal mess up - social services were involved-they frequently seem to be unable to recognize- any possible solutions to any perceived problem and their perception often appears to reflect some theory in some outdated textbook.

Of course Elaine is responsible for the murders, but I think that much of society bears responsibility also. A total tragedy.

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Support for the Family Law Amendment (Family Violence) Bill 2010 Petition

Support for the Family Law Amendment (Family Violence) Bill 2010 Petition

If Australia succeeds in evolving and securing human rights for children, maybe North America will follow- one can always hope- and -sign the petition !!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney Macavinta: Ending Domestic Violence Is About Jobs, Homes and Protecting Kids, Too

Courtney Macavinta: Ending Domestic Violence Is About Jobs, Homes and Protecting Kids, Too

Well- a reasonable piece in a Huffington Post blog. This blogger (CNW) was thoroughly disgusted with the appearance of a Warshak and his fawning minions, in a Huff piece a few days ago.Incredibly- or perhaps, predictably, NO information that seriously contradicted this idea(of Warshak et al) was accepted. What was left was the swooning and nauseating comments of adulation.I toyed with the idea of re-writing the exact piece, but have the text selling deodorant instead of some dangerous idea. Also, the fawning comments would have served as a toxic base for a deodorant marketer's product. Ultimately, my energy and that of thousands and thousands of battered mothers and their often equally or more wounded children, is not served by paying attention to the pushers of a weapon of destruction.Or deodorant.

Sunday 14 November 2010

Australian Shared Parenting Law Debate: Zahra, the Libs and the family law changes: A Tale That Should Never Have Happened

Australian Shared Parenting Law Debate: Zahra, the Libs and the family law changes: A Tale That Should Never Have Happened

Canada and other countries need to follow Australia's lead on this. Canada has its share of murdered children, suicides, drug problems, spreading violence and the walking dead adult children who muddle their way through life like a bouncing ball being thwacked by every racket wielded by every unthinking person, law and system.Our "modern" version of child sacrifice.Destruction by the high priests and the wannabe high priests.(one example of a wannabe -alienation theory proponents)

I wonder if there are ANY high priest politicians who give a damn about our country's children.None stand out-

Monday 8 November 2010

B.C.’s proposed guardianship concept raises red flags

B.C.’s proposed guardianship concept raises red flags

Important to read, know about and consider - I wonder what Pamela Cross thinks of this-and anyone else- "in the know"

Hell Is For Abusers Video

Hell Is For Abusers Video

Rather fits with: Momma, will I ever be able to pee again-

Women in Crime Ink: The Journey to Justice: Garvin County, Oklahoma

Women in Crime Ink: The Journey to Justice: Garvin County, Oklahoma

This site continues to be excellent.

Canada- checkout :

TheSpec - Keeping abused mothers safe is best for kids...

TheSpec - Keeping abused mothers safe is best for kids...

Note all the comments- most completely ignore the murders of mothers and children. Guess these commentaters never watch or read ANY news -It seems that for them- the lives of mothers/women and chilodren do not count-

Sunday 7 November 2010

Momma, will I ever be able to pee again?

The 9 year old asked in a trembling terrified voice. I am standing beside her in one of those miniscule hospital emergency room examining stations. Two weeks ago her father, who got custody, actually brought her for a visit. (he never followed court orders) Her sister didn't come. She had marched straight up to the bathroom - actually - limped up- one step, one foot. Then the other foot, hesitatingly beside it. She looked to be in pain. She never spoke. I held back from going up, to see if the wife beater,child sexual assaulter and bestiality practitioner was outside still. He was. Parked. So, we cannot speak. He had bought one of those listening devices. I don't know if it was effective for listening, but the girls certainly thought so.

By the time I go upstairs, the little one- she was small for her age - was in the bathtub- and scalding hot water was in the tub. Horrified, I put on the cold water. She spoke- "No it has to be hot." She turns it off when it is only about two inches deep. I don't understand - but I know it is profound. Her eyes tell me that. Her entire being speaks of trauma. I still don't get it-. I pick up her clothes- dirty as usual. The underpants are coated, in the crotch area with a dried viscous white substance. I think- now he has given her an infection. I want to take her to the hospital. I can't. I have no money. None. I have no gas. I dare not phone the doctor. The perpetrator is still outside. He has attacked men - not just me and not just children. If I phone and he can hear me with that blasted device-the doctor is at even more risk.

I cannot remember the rest of the day.I only know that 2 weeks later I saw her again on a Sunday, and I had some money for gas to go to the hospital. The underpants are in a Ziploc bag.

The doctor doesn't SEE what is in front of him. Or doesn't want to. Emergency room doctors on weekends are frequently beginners. I don't suppose doctors are taught anything about female anatomy from babyhood on. Does he think it normal what I see clearly ? Does he ask ? No. Another big nothing.My child has been raped and no-one sees, hears or wants to know. If I speak too much, my chances of being killed increase- and it looks as though the ONLY thing I can do for my children- is not be killed by him. That would prove the hopelessness of living to them- for sure.

The doctor DID write a bit- about redness he saw - but nothing of the tearing- which I saw. But then- 21 years later-if an adult is raped- there is no operating place, with rape kits etc. -available.(in my geographic region) Society teaches us well- women and children are - nothing.You can do anything you want to them, and nothing will happen. And if you try to tell ? - You are criminalized- for "wanting to tell lies about the nice man." All the while- our society makes nice noises about combatting child sexual assaults.

The underpants finally went to the social services. The answer came back: "there is nothing we can do."

I never thought they would or could- but- followed the law anyway.But then- apart from the perpetrator, the social services were a major obstacle for protecting my children. Goes like this : follow the law, report child sexual aggressions, go for divorce to protect them and self-be blamed for lying by social services, lose custody to child rapist. Some wonder why more sex crimes are not reported -well- really- how inane can you get.

I love to watch Dexter. Of course. I wish he were real.

Every day I want to wrap my arms around my children and tell them I will protect them from a criminal. But that would be lying to them. And now they are confused adults- out there somewhere.I guess.

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Canadian Crime Victims Foundation | CCVF - Welcome

Canadian Crime Victims Foundation CCVF - Welcome

Canadians, check out this site.

Domestic Violence Documentary - Power and Control

Domestic Violence Documentary - Power and Control

This is an important site-

Crime Victims Share All at Town Hall Meeting - Chevy Chase, MD Patch

Crime Victims Share All at Town Hall Meeting - Chevy Chase, MD Patch

One wonders if Canada will EVER start listening- as these people in the U.S. did. One judge in the Youth Protection system tried, some years ago in Quebec. She was squelched. Her treatment at the hands of some "systems" sent a clear message to victims- tough if you experienced a crime and you are a mother or child. You are only Roadkill. The judge's name was Andree Ruffo. I hope some recognize the name - -

Monday 1 November 2010

Obituary: Paul Touvier - Obituaries, News - The Independent

Obituary: Paul Touvier - Obituaries, News - The Independent

Note the involvement of the Church- and present day sexual abuse victims and the Church.

Paul Touvier, 81, French War Criminal

Paul Touvier, 81, French War Criminal

Every time I read of these -collaborators, I am reminded of the absolute certainty with which some people "dressed" as psychologists or social workers (for example) denigrate a proective non-abusing mother, and recommend custody to a child rapist.

Friday 29 October 2010

Quebecer can sue church for abuse |

Quebecer can sue church for abuse

At least this. The prescription in Quebec, as I understand it, is for 2 or 3 years after recollection and realization of the criminal acts. I imagine it was because it was the Church- that the Quebec court did not allow the case to continue.

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Rights for Mothers | Resources and Support for Noncustodial and Custodially-Challenged Mothers

Rights for Mothers Resources and Support for Noncustodial and Custodially-Challenged Mothers

Read it and weep. But first, BELIEVE. Like the Russell Williams case- no-one suspected the guy to be so twisted, so ill. Imagine if his wife had suspected and had seen something. She would have been labeled dysfunctional, lying and applying tactics of alienation. Read carefully. This mother lost custody in an ex parte motion.(she was not present and didn't know) She found out when her daughter was taken. Six years on down that sorry road, the mother gets visitation. Which is totally undermined and blockaded by the ex. Sounds/reads SO familiar. Report an abuse=lose custody.

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Williams Unseen

The entire world is watching the Williams trial. All the usual talking heads and absolutely everyone is -sharing their opinion. So, time for mine. I think his very nice pension should go to the assault and murder victims/families. I feel badly for his wife.

What strikes me the most in all of this- is the absolute fact that it is NOT possible to foresee, predict or even notice when someone is this twisted. It is a very good thing that this fact is being pointed out and discussed - at least by the tv media in Canada.

BECAUSE : when a mother (for example) reports the abuses she and/or her children are experiencing, there is a marked tendency to disbelieve her and disbelieve the children. Disbelief at least in part because the twistedness is not apparent. So we have so many already wounded children being given in custody to their abuser. The victim mother then gets to pay child support and sometimes more, to an abuser.

I for one, am exceptionally grateful to the prosecutors in this case, for supplying so many lurid details to the court. This may spur the "law" to place a ruling of dangerous offender. This psycho should never be free. I am also grateful for the supplying of details as it MAY serve to enlighten some systems- like social services systems., Some may begin to realize that  one cannot play nice with a father/husband who is so twisted. Some MAY begin to realize that they should LISTEN to mothers who report abuse. Some may even realize or begin to think about the insanity of alienation theories being automatically applied whenever a child or mother speaks of abuse. Some thinking people may begin to question the motives behind the people who so loudly screech about false allegations. The concept of automatic shared parenting is equally ludicrous. Is it logical to have shared parenting when none or little existed before ? How about his child/ren , if there had been some, visiting dear old daddy Williams ?

Only thinking people will question. Only people with enough emotional intelligence to have some compassion and  empathy will think about all that. Only those with a modicum of integrity will even begin to question.

It is heartrending that the victims' families were exposed to these details. I imagine they were warned. I hope so.

Monday 18 October 2010

Intergenerational Impact of Ongoing Molestation…McNeill/Vargas case « Let'sGetHonestBlog

Intergenerational Impact of Ongoing Molestation…McNeill/Vargas case « Let'sGetHonestBlog

Ohhh- this is GOOD ! The ex who abused my son and 2 girls, once told me he was afraid the son would grow up to kill him. That's the ex who got custody. Guess what he did to children after.

Friday 15 October 2010

October 17, 1986/ October 17, 2010.

                                         The date my soul died with a silent scream.

24 years ago today, my soul was wrenched from my being and shattered.

For seven years I had phoned and spoken to police, doctors, ministers, priests - anyone who could help me stop him from beating me and abusing all my children. Could stop him from sodomizing my babies. Stop him from abusing animals.Stop him. Help us. Nothing.

So I find a job and seek divorce. I have temporary custody. I move us to a safer place. By mortgaging the properties I have. There are 4. One for each child and one for me. For them to have a heritage to sell or live in.

His psychologist has recommended custody to the abusive brute. Again. The first judge threw it out and requested another "expertise". The police, doctor, psychiatrist, a social worker, neighbours, minister- a veritable parade of people have come to the court to speak of our experiences at the hands of this abuser. One psychologist vs. how many ?

Another social worker decides I am lying , or am psychotic or my son has been abusing - or- I don't know to this day exactly why she recommended custody to a brutal abuser. The report she gave me was all whatever the abuser told her. There was nothing correct in it. Not even the distance between homes. It would have been laughable if it hadn't been a death sentence for our souls.

October 17, 1986. The five year old wanted to dress up for a "kind of party at school". Unusual- she runs back to give me yet another kiss before getting on the bus. The seven year old wouldn't go to bed the night before. She insisted on following me around as I worked on my teaching papers. She wouldn't go to school in the morning, claiming a queasy stomach.

October 17, 1986, 12:05 p.m. The door knocker is banging wildly. Importantly. Too noisily. I look through the security peephole. I see a policeman whom I know. I know them all, after years of calling and reporting.  Undo all the locks. A strange young man in "workie" clothes pushes the door in and jams his workboot in the space as I try to shut the door-. What is THIS ??? He says; " I am here to take xxxxxxx to her father Madame." (we speak in French) Open the door. The policeman looks like he will faint or vomit.

I tell this strangely intense young man to remove his foot. In my best teacher talking to an out-of control child voice. He says : "What are you going to do ?"  I tell him, I will ask my child to go up to my room and turn on the tv there. Guess he saw something in my eyes. He removes his foot. Shut door. My beloved always -  oh - so - pale child goes upstairs like a ghost.

I phone a neighbour friend. I can hardly dial. My entire body is shaking.  Friend comes. I tell her- he says he is to bring xxxxxxx to her father but there are no papers or judgement. Nothing. She verbally blasts the young man- in English. Well- he would understand the tone.

Finally he tells me to go upstairs and tell the child she is to go and live with her father. (From her behaviour, she already knew- but I didn't) I said. No. I will NOT tell a child she has to go and live with her abuser. It is insanity. You tell her. Before you do, write down what you are doing here and why. Sign and date it. He did.  I had no paper or warning - nothing - I had phoned my lawyer. Of course- it was noon and the offices were closed.

And then my soul walked out the door and that was it.

This paper is marching with a friend, in Rimouski. Symbolic. To carry our silent screams to the Marche Mondiale des Femmes. On October 17, 2010.

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med -- Household, Family, and Child Risk Factors After an Investigation for Suspected Child Maltreatment: A Missed Opportunity for Prevention, October 2010, Campbell et al. 164 (10): 943

Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med -- Household, Family, and Child Risk Factors After an Investigation for Suspected Child Maltreatment: A Missed Opportunity for Prevention, October 2010, Campbell et al. 164 (10): 943

It is hardly believable !!!!!!!!!!!! A Dr. Abraham B. Bergman ,who works out of the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle states in an article (see Rights for Mothers: Child Abuse Investigations . . .), that child abuse, because it is a crime, should be investigated by the police , and child services should not be engaged in law enforcement. There are thousands upon thousands of ordinary but logical, thinking people who will totally agree. They have been saying it for decades ! Bravo to Dr.Bergman. Bravo to Nicholas Bakalar who wrote the article in the New York Times. Bravo to Rights for Mothers foir finding and posting this.

Sunday 10 October 2010

Reported Crimes

The flashbacks are coming fast and furious. Don't know why. Here's the latest one. It has been intruding frequently lately. Maybe if I write it, it will subside.

Driving the older daughter back from - school ? Can't remember. Come over the hill where a long ago owner drove a lane through an even older cemetary.Stop. That slimy driver of a truck that sells bread and doughnuts, is parked so I cannot drive into my own yard. Yes, it was my place. Inherited. All 126 acres and private lake of it. I wait, truck running. Trying to make some sense of what I am seeing. Part of me wants to drive away and never return. Disappear. Can't. Youngest daughter is there. Her father was "babysitting" her while I worked. Whatever is going on, I know it has to be -sick and criminal. Can't leave youngest . So I wait. Youngest daughter suddenly appears from out of the truck and runs, limping slightly, into the house. She is holding something in her hands. Runs as though in pain.

A short while later, the bread truck moves ahead a bit. I drive in and past. Out of truck. Older daughter and I whip into house and upstairs to my daughters' bedroom. (They are- 4 and 6 ?) or younger. Can't recall.

Youngest is there- sitting on floor. Older sits beside her. I look cautiously out the window. Two guys could kill us all and say crazy mother ran away with girls. The two are standing just behind the truck. Probably waiting to see if the youngest will "talk". No worry- she has already said to me at age - 3 ? "I don't want you to die, Mommy." Eventually the bread truck leaves. I can't remember the rest of the day or night. The terror tends to do that- mess up memory.

The dress she had on, was new. I had scrimped and saved and bought it. She never wore it again. Years later, I had hung it on "their" door- each place I lived, while fleeing him. Then one day- I looked at it -and this memory came back. Down came the dress. She had been running "funny" because one or more likely, both child abusers had hurt her genital/anal area. She had been carrying her underpants.

If social services had listened to me, to the police, to the doctor etc., they could have helped us. Maybe. They are called protection- (of youth) What a sick joke THAT is. If they had listened and acted, they would have broken that pedo ring sooner. There was the bread man- (x called him Jimmy), and the photographer for children- he travelled around with his backdrops etc.- and the guy who lived - a few kilometres away- he liked little boys. The police did get the doctor (not ours)- years later. Blondin- he went to prison.(the x switched to Blondin, AFTER he got custody. Girls told me, on a rare visit. I told social services.Nothing) Actually, the then head of the social services team told me that it was often better.

The federal government is making noises about unreported crime. Well- shut down the social services. They are responsible for a lot. I hear it constantly. The last thing anyone wants to do,if you have children, is report needing help for food or a place to stay- or sexual abuse etc. They will recommend the abusers get custody. And- get this- if you don't report, you lose custody because you didn't report.(it is the law) If you do report, you will not be believed, treated like a criminal, and worst, your children will be sent to their abuser.

Sunday 12 September 2010

Facebook (1) | A Review of a new book on Pickton case: On The Farm

Facebook (1) A Review of a new book on Pickton case: On The Farm

Lots of people share blame in this sordid story. Quite apart from the main perpetrator-

The Wrong Man | the fifth estate

The Wrong Man the fifth estate

It happens in murder cases. It also happens in divorces where a perpetrator of heinous sex crimes against children, not only is free- but is "rewarded" for his crimes by gaining custody of his small, hapless victims.

The non abusing protective parent is judged guilty by default. Everyone loses- except the criminals. This, in a climate of social change that sees the public having an ever growing recognition of the pervasive scourge of child sexual abuse. The greatest loser is - our culture. We are wounding our young and experiencing the effects later in their lives, with apparently little recognition of the links between hurting developing children, and dealing with wounded adults.

Monday 2 August 2010

WARNING MAY TRIGGER. NOT for the faint of heart

Memories of my baby(ies)

31 years and a couple of months ago, I made my first call to the police. The first of many over the next decades.

My then husband had taken the (6-7 month old) baby away to a house he had. He returned some time later saying that the baby wouldn't stop screaming.The baby was like a limp gray rag doll. There was a two dollar coin sized red raw ring around the anus. The baby expelled a ribbon of white material. I thought my baby would die. No eating no drinking. The baby would snooze a bit if I held the tiny hand. I don't know how long I was on the floor beside the crib. Holding the hand. Days. He wouldn't let me take the infant to the hospital. When you know he can kill you, you tend to "obey". I did go when the red had faded but was still visible. The doctors didn't pick up on what he had done. I didn't really realize it until much later. All I knew was that he had the power of death over myself and the children and I was alone to try to keep us alive.The baby was never the same after. Our worlds had been distorted so as to be unrecognizable. I functioned like a robot.

This man was a wife beater. A bestiality practitioner.And a lot more. But the more- I cannot write at this time.

When there was no help from any service (except the police-who really tried), I went for a divorce. By then he had "got" the other baby and a young child. I lost custody. The man who tried to murder me (police report) ,the child rapist, the killer of animals etc. was believed by social services. Plus he had a lawyer who worked with a psychologist who was the "president" of a fathers' rights group. My psychiatrist's report, the police. the priest, the neighbours- etc etc.- all their witnessing and testimony was- unheard ? Meant nothing.
Ergo- I was used as a breeder for a bunch of child pornographers and rapists.

From then on, my life was about finding enough work to pay the child support which stopped finally in 2005.I knew that as long as I could have $ sent, I was possibly safe, and so were the children. He wouldn't (probably) kill any of us, because he would get no more $.

It was a Globe and Mail text from another country, that spurred me to write this memory. One of thousands.

To try to explain the inexplicable-this happens. Far more frequently than most know. We are -"silenced" by laws-by belief systems by attitudes by prejudice and by -plain old evil. Once divorced- with an abuser- the beat goes goes on. Doors get shot out, mothers get shot, children get killed, animals die etc. ad nauseum.
The victims get told to "talk to the nice man". Or- go to to therapy. How absurd.

Friday 30 July 2010

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Pushed to the Left and Loving It: So Stephen Harper Signed a Deal With Fox News a Year Ago to Come to Canada

Pushed to the Left and Loving It: So Stephen Harper Signed a Deal With Fox News a Year Ago to Come to Canada

The concept of Faux News coming here- indescribable. Indescribabble ? Extremists and abusers will love it-why might I be paying for- abuse ??? closed mindedness glorified ? This is just pathetic.

Who truly speaks for Australian fathers? |

Who truly speaks for Australian fathers?

Same scenario in Canada- shared parenting is what some wish to see brought into Canada. In the meantime- all these abuses happen anyway- under the "best interests" provision- and with the support of pro-abuse psychologists,lawyers, judges and social services SYSTEMS. Some may not realize thay are acting as pro-abuse- but they are. In this -mindset, are frequently found your anti gun registry people, your anti choice people and extreme right wing and extreme right religious people.

Want some decent choices in your lives ? Then we need to learn about these- tendencies in our world.

Not only does the author describe the absolute and largely unknown truths about certain abuses- he writes exceptionally well.

Thursday 10 June 2010

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Sunday 6 June 2010

Features - Winnipeg Jewish Review 46 | 45 | 44

Features - Winnipeg Jewish Review 46 45 44

Beyond Borders excellent person talking about child sexual abuse. Excellent excellent excellent. Thank you Madame Prober

Preventing child sexual abuse - Drayton Valley Western Review - Alberta, CA

Preventing child sexual abuse - Drayton Valley Western Review - Alberta, CA

Alberta child sex abuse survivors speak out in ads

Alberta child sex abuse survivors speak out in ads

Harper’s Message Event Proposals reveal ‘hyper-extreme’ political control -

Harper’s Message Event Proposals reveal ‘hyper-extreme’ political control -

He/they can't fool everyone for always- it is a bit like the oil spill- try to mop up the messes- it just keeps sliming along- destroying huge parts of our earth- and for a very long time. Lots and lots of ordinary (so-called) people know what is really going on- I suppose others who support the garbage- are unable to act- or are too- busy with their lives to see it- or are totally in support of many power/control actions - - -

Liberal Party of Canada » Speak out in support of fair & effective gun control

Liberal Party of Canada » Speak out in support of fair & effective gun control

wildflowers' movement

wildflowers' movement

Maternal health care plan endangered by PM's beliefs

Maternal health care plan endangered by PM's beliefs

Facebook Videos from Stop Violence Against Women and Children in Austr...

Saturday 8 May 2010

The Bear - Film by Jean-Jacques Annaud

The Bear - Film by Jean-Jacques Annaud

The little bear is - representative of children, The cougar seems as a human child/woman abuser and the river is the social context- courts,police,justice and social services system. Humans live in the same world- and share its attributes. Shades of Carl Sagan's book- Shadows of Forgotten ancestors. Possibly mothers could mother -if systems didn't help the abusers - - -

We "expect" this scenario in the "animal" world- and choose not to recognize that, we too, are a part of that world. Not apart. In our refusal, we destroy our young.

Thursday 6 May 2010

New Makeup Venture

Antonia Z of the Toronto Star expanded on the superb cartoon of Harper's lipstick in Le Devoir, by informing us that the PM has a new makeup company. However, she doesn't seem to know about some of the other products that are in development. They include, for example, eyeshadow. The line is called Noir and has a shade for each day of the week- to be applied in order. One starts with red, then in order, black, purple, blue, green, yellow and finally, gray.

Also , presently being tested, is a concealer/foundation called Cover-up. It has one shade only- Total. This concealer/foundation adjusts to every skin shade and type, and may be used on any part of the body (politic). Is also used for any age-group.

According to a leak- several scents are being prepared for market.The first is called Eau de Secret.

This company- which is public - is called :  Conall.

If anyone hears of other products under development by Harper's Conall company- please email me or write it up for everyone !
(anyone hear the name of the lipstick ? I heard maybe-Ginapink) they plan to test in Africa somewhere - -

Wednesday 5 May 2010

S THE F UP/ stfu

STFU: Harper's governance style in four words

Ahhh- a thinking man ! Our Canadian CONservative government- succintly explained.

Monday 26 April 2010

Battered Mothers-A Human Rights Issue

Battered Mothers-A Human Rights Issue

If you still think that applying some theory or other to a situation- instead of looking at reality- then for the sake of your soul , life and that of your children- READ the actual words of fathers' rights proponents- who also support THEORIES - and decide on the basis of information and knowledge.

Simply put : if you ascribe to theories like alienation, false memory, false accusations,seductive children etc. ad nauseum - you are in agreement with the sexual, spiritual,emotional psychological and physical abuse of women and children. In the website -you will read the actual words of these- pro-pedo types. Says a lot about the -state of our "society". Doesn't reflect well on the few -mothers who get sucked into this sick ,twisted group of humans. Speaks volumes about the few "men" who are polititians- who push for bills that essentially propose the oppression of women and children. Of course- it is only 81 years since women in Canada were declared persons. Some people have never accepted that women and children are - people.

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Karen Smith mother and Aiden Miller, son.,Murdered.

Kelowna Daily Courier - Stories -

Well now- the murderer, Nicholas Brian Cooper, had killed BEFORE..
How is one supposed to protect oneself and our children, if we DO NOT KNOW ???????

A bit like- pardoning coach James- now- no-one KNOWS and he is free to hurt children and youth again- over and over and over-

It is so obvious- people "do" what they know how to do- and people follow their own "patterns" . Leopards also do not tend to change their spots - - - -

Makes me think again of a case I know well- the social services people asked a seriously battered mother, whose children had been severely abused by the same perpetrator- ; to sit down and "talk" with the woman/child abuser who had managed to get custody of her children- his small tortured victims. She didn't- and, of course was further blamed- for not being "nice" to the criminal. Mind boggling ,is it not ?

Vancouver, BC Family Law News Flash

Vancouver, BC Family Law News Flash

Just as I publish a post about abuses and deaths of mothers and children; comes a Tweet with THIS story- which was "buried" in a local newspaper. Could it be that the media pays little or no attention to deaths and abuses of women and children ????  Are you wondering why ??????  I could profer a reason- but prefer not to- said it so often- tiring.

I respectfully suggest visiting

Looks interesting -

Must Watch-tomorrow,April 14th

Dr. - Shows This Week

It is definitely not my usual practice to promote a tv show- especially Dr. P- as I ceased watching years ago. I stopped because the level of presentations fell far too short of addressing egregious situations which abound- usually hidden, in all divorce courts.

However, for some time, I have known of this upcoming show. As I know of- many of the people who are present, and I am therefore assured that this show FINALLY displays a scourge in our culture- I would hope that anyone reading this post will find a way to view this particular show- and please, pass the word. Make no mistake - this happens in Canada, also.Perhaps not to the same extent- and seemingly not as -publicized- but- nonetheless, it has happened and is happening. This show may help explain this horror to the uninitiated and clarify why I am so totally against the use of child destroying theories in courts. Invalid ideas like PAS. PA - false memory - and all the various names that are applied to silence victims and their supporters.

The most recent case in Canada, that was -somewhat publicized - is the case of Christian Lee.

Children are abused. Children die. All because some judges, some psychologists, many social service systems etc. have no idea about abuse to women and children. Mothers (most often) report - and are ignored or dismissed as - "being nasty" to the man- or- hysterical- or- neurotic etc. ad nauseum. Many, in the worst cases, are "accused" of parental alienation. No- it is called -mothering and trying to protect your child/children.

Friday 9 April 2010

Parental Alienation Awareness

Australian Shared Parenting Law Debate

Read this carefully. Research the information. Learn. That is- if you care a whit about what happens to children- Canadian or any child. Check out the symbols used by pedophiles- via the FBI information database. One of them was used by the author of this truly excellent text- and it "morphs" into the alienation heart symbol used at the top of the page. I have seen the symbol used to identify (to each other) pedophiles who go after boys. It was held by a teacher in a place where I worked.

The danger to our children is real and very insidious. It would not even occur to most human beings, to want or have sex with a child- (or an animal). That inability to feel twisted urges tends to lead us to disbelief- which can send us looking for other reasons or explanations. Our very "normality" can bring us to support destructive ideas. So- shared parenting, equal custody -alienation type theories can, on first glance, appear- APPEAR to be reasonable and - "fair".

These ideas are far from being fair. They are used primarily by abusers and their lawyers to obtain money and/or sex from small victims. Even slightly thinking couples, on divorce, will reach acceptable agreements-often without continually returning to court. It is the albeit small percentage of divorcing couples who are often called "high conflict" -where the the potential for great harm is found. No country or province or state or ANY grouping of humans, should ever consider a blanket, across the board ruling or presumption that imposes, all too frequently , a death sentence on children.

This kind of thinking has led to numerous murders of children - across continents. If not physically killed, others "survive" what one author has termed "soul murder".

Read this and share. Please.

Monday 5 April 2010

Crossing Roads Safely: Custody battles and abusers rights -


Have children ? Any kind of a relationship ? Want children ? Want to be in a relationship ? THEN- read this and re-read this and spread it around. Tragically true. We won't cross roads without looking both ways- please don't cross this road (into a relationship) - without looking both ways. It could very well save your life and that of  your children.

Just look at the recent exposure of a convicted child sexual abuser being PARDONED and then , the event being kept hidden. Well, in divorce court, the non-abusing parent will be blamed for " disrupting the family" or worse- and already mangled children will be sent to live with their rapist.

Non- abusing parents (and others) are required by law to report abuse. When they do, social services systems and law sytems tend to blame the reporting non-abusive parent, and send the children to be further wounded. Protective parents are - not believed and the laws are too- vaguely worded.

The Christian Lee inquest report out of British Columbia highlights the systemic failures. This is a common scenario acted out across Canada. Weep for our children - and then- DO something about it. Anything.

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Sunday 4 April 2010

The Canadian Press: Junior hockey predator Graham James pardoned as fresh allegations emerge

The Canadian Press: Junior hockey predator Graham James pardoned as fresh allegations emerge

On Easter Sunday comes the hitherto hidden news that Graham James, a CONVICTED child/youth sexual aggresssor, was PARDONED in 2007. By a parole board. Just look at the "head honcho" responsible- and his current JOB.

And people wonder why some mothers don't leave their sexual child abuser/wife-beating husbands ?????  They are condemned if they do- and most often, the child sexual abuser- the sick bastard who raped their children, gets custody.  Even a bastard like James- gets -PARDONED ???????????  We live in one sick society. I know- not everyone. But- WHEN will the "decent" folk wake up to what is happening ??????? Or- do you already know and you don't give a damn about anyone else ?????? Some culture. I can't decide if we are devolving, or trying to evolve and having a really bad time of it - -.A bad time meaning- to hell with children. To hell with protective parents. And- on Easter Sunday- some priest somewhere- calls the sexual abuse by clergy events- "petty gossip" ???????  Mangle and destroy a human life- is  - -PETTY ?????? That one should be tarred and feathered and made to live in exile on a desert island with other sick, twisted creeps. I am sickened by the news. As should everyone be.

Wednesday 31 March 2010

Zerbisias: My Canada includes war, environmental degradation and lost causes -

Zerbisias: My Canada includes war, environmental degradation and lost causes -

Now this is well worth reading. I heard Robert Fowler and applauded what he said. I also just listened to Hilary Clinton talk with George (sorry- not even going to TRY to spell the name tonight -) about human rights and security -public security issues. Excellent. She gets full marks for her comments. Top notch. George gets top marks for having asked the pertinent questions !

Saturday 27 March 2010

Testosterone and Rats

"The answer seems to be that if you're a solitary male, a loner, and you have to perform a complex task in coordination with someone else, testosterone makes you stupid."

Many more evolved humans ask the question : WHY do many fathers' rights people act so viciously and in such- life-destroying ways ? Well- there may be the answer ! The above quote was taken from page 237 of Carl Sagan's book Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. He was reviewing and writing about experiements done on - - -RATS !!!!!!!!

So- next time you are "accused" and attacked for working towards human rights- just picture -a really long ugly tail etc.-

Cries of child abuse bounce back on mums/human sacrificial rituals

Cries of child abuse bounce back on mums

I cannot stop seeing all the carnage -deaths of children and mothers and seriously mangled lives of those who do not physically die- but are soul-murdered: as the persistence of age old rituals. Where once temples were built to serve in part , as the venue for child sacrifice- complete with a presiding high priest - now we have Courthouses and judges. Mothers who denounce the sexual abuse of their children, and who come to these temples to rid themselves of what otherwise are called CRIMINALS, find that the high priests will sacrifice them and/or their children.These judges/high priests are only following a "higher law" - only doing what they are told to do by their religion .The laws of the land and psychology. Psychology has become (in the area of divorce ) a new religion and one of its want - to - be gods was a pro pedophile.

Sometimes, the high priest relies on lesser beings to carry out the actual execution. So there are social workers, lesser psychologists, a sprinkling of lawyers , GALS (in U.S.) and various assorted peons- who carry out the execution and/or the torture. The torture- designed to bring the child/mother closer to god (i.e. abuser dad) sometimes takes the form of supervised visits- where the natural/birth protective non-abusing mother must submit to scrutiny of every word and behaviour. (and pay the Money god for her/their torture)Each observation is duly recorded , by a peon , for submission to the lesser gods, who serve dual gods- the high priests and the Money God.

Those who do not bow down and totally submit to one or all three of the prevailing religions (law,psychology and money) are severely punished. As are their offspring.

Either humans are clinging to these ancient rituals- and reviving them , or we are reverting to an even earlier behaviour -that of the ancestors common to apes, chimps and humans. One has only to read descriptions of the "social" behaviours of chimpanzees, to recognize- ourselves.

Friday 26 March 2010



927 women and children murdered by "men" since the 6th of December , 1989. This is really my response to all the blather about parental "rights" and child custody and alienation theories etc. ad nauseum. I have many answers- but this is the most polite and the least acadermic. I also do not wish these people to become mere- statistics. We read the names of soldiers killed, we inscribe many names of soldiers killed in many wars- etc. - but who lists the names of women and children killed ??????/Well- Martin- for one. This list is ONLY in one province of Canada- by the way.

Monday 22 March 2010

Reproductive Rights, Parental Rights, and Family Violence: A Dangerous Intersection |

Reproductive Rights, Parental Rights, and Family Violence: A Dangerous Intersection

Excellent article- and the usual naysayers in the comments- I just bet the naysayers have never been repeatedly beaten to a pulp--hospitalized etc. I frequently suspect it is abusers who whine the most about articles like this-

Saturday 20 March 2010

"She started it - - -" Womanist Musings-

Womanist Musings

This kind of action  is not usually witnessed- except by a couple's children. More often, it is fists and pieces of wood, chairs etc. used on the woman as weapons with which to beat her. If a mother lives- and actually goes for a divorce, she may well end up with joint custody-and/or liberal visits- or even lose custody of already wounded children -to a criminal. Make any sense to you ? It doesn't to me. Added to that is the absolute FACT that men who abuse other humans like this, frequently have made abuse  a career choice. Which means they abuse anything and everything living. Their children, other children, other humans- male and female, animals-especially pets etc.

And still there are those who- - -ummm- "blame" the woman - or call humans like me (who find all those above mentioned acts-criminal) -those who call me - (example) feminazi. Draw your own conclusions.

Thursday 11 March 2010

Sexual Assault in Québec - Ministère de la Sécurité publique du Québec.97% of alleged perps are male

2007 Statistics on Sexual Assault in Québec - Ministère de la Sécurité publique du Québec.

97% of alleged victims were assaulted by a male. Read on- Quebec is doing- relatively "well"- some of these sats need to be forcefed to all judges dealing with these crimes and all judges handling DIVORCES.

Rules are Lke Women; Made to be Violated

Sexual Assault and Violence in Canada New Brunswick Beacon

If you have or had a mother, or a sister (s) or female cousins or aunts-or girlfriends- etc.-
Especially if you have sons or daughters- you need to read and re-read this. For all human beings-

I wonder if this judge is the darling of certain- "fathers' rights" types. Here you have a legal expert pronouncing on the merits of sex with any female- children included. He didn't cover bestiality- wonder what his view is on that ? I suppose like some- if you can get away with it - -.If I were a man, I would be disgusted that this judge is - also -male.This judge does a disservice, to be super polite- to ALL human beings.

Career Abusers:The Indiana Law Blog: Ind. Courts - "Anderson attorney faces child porn charges"

The Indiana Law Blog: Ind. Courts - "Anderson attorney faces child porn charges"

No-one should be surprised-. Some fathers who fight for custody- some of their lawyers- some police-some anyone really, are abusers. Abusing can be abusing children- not just a woman - -. A percentage of the 2% or so, who engage in prolonged litigation over custody of children, money (child support) , accusing the mother of various crimes etc.- a certain small percentage of these people are abusers. That's what they do in life. It is a career choice for some.Same with a percentage of those in the - ministries or the priesthood- or- like the man who was running/organizing a safe place for abused boys in another country- until he was caught- abusing a boy - - - -

If police concentrate on certain groups- like those espousing equal parenting, shared parenting, mother-bashing, "rights" for fathers etc.- police would find a high percentage of abusers. The more educated abusers are perhaps harder to catch- only until they let their arrogance overide their- caution. They KNOW they are abusers. Even- some politicians- who push for private bills and make a lot of noise - -in the ranks of their supporters- there could very well be some- abusers. Intolerant behaviour which targets mostly women- is immediately -suspect.

Sunday 7 March 2010

               Lemkau Must Go! - Home

Lemkau Must Go! - Home

This is what happens EVERY DAY across North America, when opinions, ideas, beliefs,myths and dangerous theories (like alienation theories) are used in courts instead of logic, evidence and just- erring on the side of caution and care for another human life.

Saturday 6 March 2010

PAS is a Scam

PAS is a Scam

Just found this excellent and informative site. Required reading- for anyone who cares about children.
Think it doesn't happen in Canada ? You are wrong. There are unknown numbers of children become adults; who suffer every day of their lives because they had to survive an abuser who got sole custody. And yet- despite the deaths, murders, suicides and psychoses- there are those who push this idea. In Canada. Is it any less criminal to kill a life by - idea- than by- say- choking ? ? I don't think so. I am unable to comprehend the- "thinking" of people who push these ideas that are so desperately inhuman -It is beyond any sane reason or ethics or morality. Why would any so-called professional ascribe to these deadly theories- when the evidence of destroyed lives is so- obvious ???? It goes beyond self-interest. Amoral might be one word to describe these -"professionals". They cannot "give a damn" about children's lives. I have trouble believing that they simply suffer from- ineptitude.

Saturday 27 February 2010

Indiana Mothers For Custodial Justice

Indiana Mothers For Custodial Justice

This kind of story is played out - all over North America. This is what reliance on theory does to people. Kills and destroys lives.
Do we want MORE of this in Canada ? There are some who actively work to expand the use of a theory that kills and destroys.

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Tamara's House Blog -

Tamara's House Blog -

A very fine blog. Well worth perusing- especially if you work with survivors and/or are a survivor yourself, or the non-abusive parent of a hurt child. Canada - In Depth - Violence against women: Salt Spring men speak out - In Depth - Violence against women: Salt Spring men speak out

Everyone knows the majority of men - real men, are out there. But, we do not often hear from them. How -soul - soothing to read this.

Child Sexual Abusers' Handbook. How to get custody of your victims.

THE LIZ LIBRARY: LIZNOTES research on family law politics and child custody

All you ever didn't want to know about PAS. Or PA. Or- bullroar as presented in the courts.Or- how to hang on to your victims-how to own them and get paid for doing it ! Pas= the abusers' handbook for successful assaulting.

This little article was written- ten ? years ago- .How many victims is that - thousands.

Sunday 21 February 2010

Children discussed burning their mother, trial hears - Local - Children discussed burning their mother, trial hears

At least this one was caught. Not before the children's minds were royally messed up. If the divorce had proceeded, no doubt the mother would have heard she was accused of some alienation theory or another - -. Those young people have a lot of untwisting their heads to do.As for the mother asking for a divorce - well- one can only imagine what she was trying to deal with- . These men don't just suddenly espose their murderous proclivities- there is always a pattern of behaviour- often seen only by the victims/recipients of the criminal abuses. That mother is lucky to be alive. By living, she has also saved her children. I suppose someone will want the children to visit the alleged would-be murderer in prison. That would be par for the course - -.

Saturday 20 February 2010

Mothers Intelligence Secret Service: Dossier: Mark K Godbey(Canadians in here)

Mothers Intelligence Secret Service: Dossier: Mark K Godbey

Bears reading- if you are either someone who has been beaten by your husband/partner, if your children and/or pets have been sexually assaulted by your husband/partner and if you think that these are criminal acts-- then- these guys and some others- work to maintain the right to abuse- using ideas like parental alienation- to gain continued control of their victims.
Any and all psychologists etc. who proclaim loudly that these dangerous ideas are- "true" or- okay- are to avoided at all costs.
Any countries that I know of, have laws in their criminal codes which condemn having sex with children- beating up or trying to kill another human (like your wife/partner) and bestiality. So- WHY ? you might ask, do some people promote ideas that protect criminals ?????   Is that not - mind boggling ?????

More charges against father possible after autopsy on baby

More charges against father possible after autopsy on baby Canada

Wonder if the mother told anyone before- of possible domestic violence -. Wonder if she will be blamed -for not protecting-. That is a favourite mantra of social services systems- Protective parent (most often a mother) reports- social services people work on the premise of "keeping the family together". No matter what. Including when the father is sexually assaulting his children. The O and P services. (obtuse and perverse)

Thank goodness the media picked up on this- "case".

Friday 19 February 2010

Man's own kids in child porn collection - Crime -

Man's own kids in child porn collection - Crime -

There are thousands of "men" like this- just not caught -
Look at many "domestic violence" cases- you know- criminal assault.If you look and listen- you will find child sexual assaults, child pornography and many forms of violence against living , sentient beings .

Problem of Groupthink - Solutions for New Millenium

Problem of Groupthink - Solutions for New Millenium

Having just written a bit about closed systems and - essentially- groupthink - this came through ! Excellent.
Reading a thoughtful post is - SUCH a relief after a frequent diet of dangerous claptrap. (people who believe in dangerous ideas that hurt human beings- specifically, alienation type offal. (NO , I don't mean awful- although that works, too !)

Department of Justice - Laws(Canada) and Gold medals -

Department of Justice - Laws

A useful website for mothers and mothers of children -either or both of whom have been attacked by the "father"/husband/partner.
It has always been a source of incomprehension to me , how the laws can be vigorously applied when a "stranger" tries to kill another- or assaults another adult sexually, or assaults a child- sexually or otherwise: but- if a person KNOWN to the victim(s) is assaulted sexually or otherwise wounded - the crimes are ignored- or turned around to blame the victim(s). I understand why this happens - but not how society, including the law, continues to be so obstinately blind. So obtuse.

So - when reading the laws, and all the messages about not attacking women and children seem to indicate that our society does not condone these criminal acts-one might believe that- if so attacked, there will be a criminal charge etc.

No- not if the criminal is "known" to you or small victims. Why ? Well- first one has to be ABLE to contact police . Not always possible. Then, one has to have police who are trained in -recognizing the validity and danger of a situation. Then, a crown prosecutor must be able and willing to accept the "case". Then, one must have a judge who recognizes the crime(s) for what they are. Any of the "players" involved may be so imbued with legends and myths- and/or so impressed with their own perceived importance, that the crimes are never punished accordingly- relative to the damage inflicted.

Add to all of those obstacles, there is a small percentage of people who loudly work against helping victims. They promote and talk about various theories and ideas. Which serves to further blame victims and is obviously(in the news)- leading to more murders and destruction of human lives- notably- the more vulnerable -women and children-caught in a "family" with an abuser/criminal. Theories, ideas, vague accusations etc. have NO place in a court of law. Divorce or otherwise. Only facts. And even then - - -

Changing the attitudes and mentality of some systems- is a daunting challenge. Worthy of Olympic status. One of the most unevolved systems , has been and continues to be, the social services systems. These are such closed and self-serving bureaucracies that even police will (among themselves) complain how all the work they have done to protect victims- is completely undone, by representatives of these closed systems. The word "on the street" -across Canada- is- NEVER contact the ss- ALWAYS contact police first. You see, victims would rather starve than be continuously attacked -or- killed by their abusers. A clear example of this - gaping wound in our world, can be read in the Lee inquest report from British Columbia.

I want my Gold medal now.

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Toddler in care after being left outside casino

Toddler in care after being left outside casino

At least a couple are being found and reported. A couple of cases of -at the very least- child neglect. Hope these situations are being very closely watched-
Apart from that, no more comment from me. It makes me too ill.

Monday 15 February 2010

A Rough Summary of Murders by Dads with Child Visitation/Custody Rights for 2010 « Battered Mothers-A Human Rights Issue

A Rough Summary of Murders by Dads with Child Visitation/Custody Rights for 2010 « Battered Mothers-A Human Rights Issue

It is far more frequent than any of us realize- very frequently, these preventable murders are NOT reported in any media, and if they are, they are treated as a stranger murder- and do not impact the public awareness of the extent of what is called "domestic" violence. Rather , I think, these acts of violence should be termed "murder" -with extenuating circumstances (i.e. WORSE) because the murderer was known to the victims and/or in a position of trust.

Because we use the word "domestic" in connection (often) with warm , furry, loving pets- the use of the word in the context of violence and murder- tends to put a fuzzy feeling to the crimes- kind of like- "crime of passion" - . Murder is murder. Period.

Another example of what I term- wilful blindness to facts- is- the excuses -that are often used in persons known to victim who murder. The murderer lost his job. etc. Okay- then- WHY doesn't one see- in a report of a murder - man A murders man B- outside a bar- WHY don't we see in reports of THESE murders- oh well- you know- the murderer (man A) had lost his job.

Gives the impression that women and children are far less important than men. (and before a few men get their boxers in a twist- I am discussing the criminal elements in our society- not humans in general- not men in general-or women- or children- only the CRIMIMAL elements in our society)(so don't get upset- unless you are one - a criminal)

Or- could it be ????? That the media reports ,in fact reflect societal attirudes that are widely held but infrequently spoken or otherwise acknowledged ????



There you go. The power/control trip experienced by -many- . Just another form of enslavement.In my opinion. And- a few minutes before I read Broadsides, this post- which I consider important enough to put up here- came the news that an Israeli man has been arrested- keeping women comfined- forcing them to bear children- etc. Shades of Fritz and Garrido- and- and-

Sunday 14 February 2010

Dastardly Dads: A Rough Summary of Murders by Dads with Child Visitation/Custody Rights for 2010

Dastardly Dads: A Rough Summary of Murders by Dads with Child Visitation/Custody Rights for 2010

This bears publication in as many places as possible. Suddenly, I remembered what a mother I know told me- a long time ago. In 1986, she had lost custody of already seriously abused children, to their and her, molester/batterer/sexual assaulter. Apparently the social services personnel/agency was the most "to blame" . She had gone- again- to see the then team leader in her area. She asked what she could do to help her children- Answer- "Nothing-" (there was more -but-)Another visit, she said- why did you recommend custody to the father ? Was it so he wouldn't kill them ? I tracked back the date (she is well documented) It was 1986.

So- almost 25 years later- and the destruction still continues- even- escalates. Some culture- - - -

CTV Montreal - Man who ran Marc Lepine website denied bail - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television

CTV Montreal - Man who ran Marc Lepine website denied bail - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television

Ohh- this is SO heartening to read. After reading gobs and gobs of some men hailing this guy and Lepine as a hero- and a couple of "reporters" writing as though the mass murders had nothing to do with - hate - sexism- a Quebec judge !!!!!   Yes !!!!  A Quebec judge has put his  - -derriere in prison and denied bail . I love my province- much of the time ! I love it right now !

For U.S. people- Lepine is the creature who killed so many bright young women - in 1989. This - Rochefort had a website- saying it was all a joke- -NOT- his website hailed the mass murderer as a hero- and his site was picked up by all sorts of - men who seem to REALLY not like women- and these types were also- calling Lepine a hero. Imagine- the parents, families and friends of these women- how horrendous .But then- these - "types" are- horrendous.

That judge deserves a Gold Medal.

Sunday 31 January 2010


Ladybug !  Ladybug !
   Fly away yon.
 Your houses are on fire.
And your children all gone.

Little did I know as a young child chanting the unchanged version of this nursery rhyme- that after I was married -all this would become true.

For some reason, I was thinking about how marriage is presented -and was- . It was presented, by society, as the union of two people for their comfort and care for each other- and the nurturing of children. Except- I never "bought" the idea. All through my early twenties, on my own- apartment, car, pets, friends- job- ; I had a constant exposure to late night frantic knockings on my door- young women who had been at college with me, with 1-3 children- tiny children in tow- asking if they could stay the night- . And at work- mothers found- asking if they could come into the school to get warm- their husbands had thrown them out- in the cold- and their young sons would not let them in .

So- why did I marry ? I felt for my aging parents- they were of a generation that believed marriage was - "it" for a young woman- . They died not so long after- good thing. They were decent to me-and I was not abused- .I believe they would have been horrified if they had known -known that the young man they thought was decent- was absolutely- NOT.

Even after he left- he wouldn't. More than 35 years later - he still crawls around- he is on his third marriage.
I married a second time - to 1.) keep him away (didn't work) 2. Was pregnant- even though doctors had told me I never could again - and 3. in order to remain on the property my parents had left me- I had to have -a male around. No. 1 talked all around the rural area- how I was a drunk and a loose woman- (neither correct) and- I had a young child to protect as well as myself. His talking brought every creep to my door. The police were constantly coming. Then a baby on the way to protect. Couldn't help anyone else -if I was- destroyed.

So- no2 got together with no 1- .Number 2 was a wife beater and a child rapist- and practised bestiality. What does that make the first- ? At the very least- accessory to crimes.

So- now there are no husbands , and no children and no properties-that I could have left my children. And- the children are gone- in varying degrees- into that nether land of- psychosis and Stockholm Syndrome and- just like the abuser said- Mummy is a bitch - land.

Every non-abusing mother I have met in person or via the Internet- all- who have lost custody- as I did -of the two most victimized/abused -we are ALL "crazy" or bitches-. Now- what is it about marriage that (apparently-) changes decent intelligent non abusing working women/mothers -into instant "bitches" the second they indicate they don't like being beaten up. experiencing attempted murder, dragging their raped children to doctors and police- etc. Finding pets dead because of bestiality. Why weren';t we all told- that this was what marriage is ???? What is this huge cover-up? What purpose does it serve ? To produce more- screwed up twisted up- psychotic individuals ? Some of whom like to set houses and barns on fire ?

Well- I don't comprehend it. And will never. So- I will stick to a -somewhat reclusive life- and care for lost animals as best I can.

My name is  Ladybug.

Saturday 30 January 2010

Ethics and Ethos - IF

 If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master,
If you can think -and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to speak the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap  of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long  after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on !"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son !

Rudyard Kipling (1865 - 1936)

Those eloquent words expressed the ethos or spiritual/ethical way in which Kipling chose to govern his life. A moral and ethical/spiritual set of "rules" by which to live. I found this on a site for ethics training for business and professionals. Perhaps all involved in any way with a family court- should be required to undergo serious training in ethics.

I offer my x husband's version of IF - words he spat out as he beat me to the floor- with his fists. And punctuated with kicks from his workboots- as I was prone-

"If you ever try to leave me you goddammed fucking bitch, I'll get your first husband to help me and he is so poisonous about you that between us, we'll get the children away from you." 

                          Which they proceeded to do- and also as a result, I lost all the properties I was paying for- to have something material to leave my children-And became homeless.                       

I find a rather stark contrast between the ethics practised by many men- and the - ethos- or-rather- vast void of ethics found in men like this- including the ones who repeatedly write hate against women- .They sound like my x !!!!  He was an extreme abuser of women and children- the first was a manipulative being- a very twisted person- who appeared- to some- as -conservative-and "okay. " Only some. Many did not find him -"balanced".That one left for another- who is now gone from him-also. Both sued for child custody. When the first x lost- he left the courthouse- cursing outside and saying" She slept with the #%^&*&#  judge"
 (As reported to me by a person who was outside on the steps- and was disturbed by what was heard)

I think protective and non-abusing mothers who have lost custody of their children -especially to abusers/child abusers- will find much that speaks to them, in Kipling's poem.

Monday 25 January 2010

Welcome to Forvik

Welcome to Forvik

Didn't expect to smile or laugh today- the news of a mother who killed herself- stirred too many ugly memories. BUT- this is hopeful- . Mothers can move there ! Flee from abuse with their children ! Maybe we can find our own islands- plural- as there are thousands of us - there could be : Corvik (Canada) or Noravik(N.Americans) , Belvik, Fravik, UKavik, Ausavik, etc.

Think I need a flag and t-shirts from this country- really.