Sunday 31 May 2009

Cold News - to freeze your soul

Following on the heels of my recounting of a couple of horrific incidents with social workers who obviously had no clue about the situation- thanks to their training- which taught that all mothers lie and make their children lie- when they ask for divorce; comes the news that a Glenn Cartwright is being considered for the position of Dean-at a - are you ready - a school of social work.

Glenn Cartwright has always been a strong proponent for - Gardner's theories- the Gardner who was pro-pedophile. The Gardner who sent his books free- to anyone he thought might believe his destructive and bizarre ideas. The Gardner whose twisted ideas were seized on and used by lawyers for abusers-with the devastating results that generations of abused children were sent to live with their rapists. Insanity

Check out Cartwrights page(s) via a search engine- ,then check out the names he has listed there. It reads like a who's who of pro pedophiles.

Does Renison College KNOW ? Do the persons who choose an appointee , KNOW ? Does Waterloo University really want to have a pro-pedophile on their staff ? If the appointment is done in ignorance- then- they are complicit in condoning the ongoing pedocaust in the 2% or less of contested divorces. (a high percentage of these contested divorces, are contested by abusers. A high percentage of these, result in protective parents (usually mothers) losing custody to the child sexual abusers.

This, when some governments are funding programs and public service announcements explaining the fact that MOST child sexual aggressions are committed by a person known to the child.

What would such an appointment say about Waterloo University and Renison College in particular ?

If anyone reading this is as appalled as I- I have an email address where you may express your distress about this possible appointment.

An institution of learning should do exactly that, when accepting a person to their ranks. Learn everything about your candidate.

emails may be sent to :

Friday 29 May 2009


LOMAS is a syndrome of which psychologists rarely speak. The lack of visibility of LOMAS is possibly due to the fact that many (not all) psychologists suffer from this syndrome. For those of you who have not yet heard of it- although you may well have experienced its devastating effects; LOMAS refers to Lack of Moral and Amoral Syndrome.

Actually, it is more often found among the ranks of unsocial workers. A good example might be the following true story. This antisocial worker is a prime example of someone suffering from LOMAS. (yes, I chose the colour of this text to complement the example/story.)

The reason for my going to see yet another social worker, was , as I was trying to protect my children from their abuser- my lawyer had suggested that I find yet another "expert" who could testify in court-as-the psychiatrist,doctor, police and others' testimony had not been accepted. My doctor got the name of someone in a large city- recommended to him by a work colleague. I thought that maybe- as the law,even then, required a person to report child sexual assault, that possibly the social workers-who seemed to have their opinions valued above anyone else's- that possibly they would listen to this one.

So, I drag the children to see yet another- person -bizarrely called an expert. Expert -I could be called an expert in- let's see- whatever I clearly cannot do. OK- I am an expert in space travel. So, because I said so- , I can tell people how to "drive" a rocket and travel through space. This

(female) expert/antisocial worker- gives the long suffering children a "test". I wait patiently through the useless garbage. When she is finished, I say "Madame, I really need to speak with you alone." She jumps back in her chair as if I had cattle probed her, and screeches ; " NO NO NO- nothing bad about the father.NO NO. Don't say anything bad about the father."

Clearly a LOMAS person.

So, this is one tiny example of what LOMAS looks like,sounds like,smells like and tastes like. The smell and taste of horror.

It happens all the time. It is still happening. If you do not report child sexual assault/abuse- you can be punished by the law. Incarcerated.For failure to protect.(so- you lose custody) If you DO report- or- TRY (!) to report, you will be soundly condemned, totally silenced and, you will lose custody.

I do not condone the action, nor did it ever cross my mind to do something similar, but I definitely comprehend that a mother MIGHT comtemplate killing her children and herself. To keep on living, means you try to keep on living, without custody-because custody went to the abuser-so, you live with the knowledge that your children are being raped. And you pay the rapist.

And our societies supposedly -condemn child rape ??? Cognitive dissonance to the extreme.

This posting was inspired by the news that a judge has removed custody from the father of the children who were thrown off a bridge-by the mother.Removed because of his history of wife beating and alcoholism. Statistically, there is a very strong correlation between wife beating and incest (father/daughter sexual assault)

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Weird, weirder and weirdest- revisited

By weird- I refer to my encounters of the most insane kind- with social workers.

The first judge, when it dawned upon him that I was a battered wife- after reports by a doctor,a psychiatrist,a policeman etc- oh- and ONE sane social worker that my abuser called as a witness-; ordered another "expert" evaluation. (all that the law allowed him to do- at the time)

I cannot remember which visit it was - second ?- but- it was the same ditsy social worker who was talking at me, before. I could never figure out how someone so incredibly bizarre and rude- could be allowed to work with people-but- here goes , on this memory- which I think I have just figured out after 22 years.

She rips into the house I bought(mortgaged) so my abused children and I could be in a village- hoping that if a neighbour heard me scream- the police might be called.Couldn't rely on my phone- he would cut the lines.I mean with a knife- before holding it to my throat.

She grabs a chair that I had just paid to have re-upholstered- (eat less for a couple of months)
I should perhaps explain that my homes were always very middle class- upper, if you count things like lots of books etc. She wrenches the chair around as if it were a piece of- garbage.This is an antique- from my parents' home. She seemed very angry- like my ex's state of mind before he beat me-or an animal-or hurt the children -or attacked another man.

The girls see this- do they think all people except mom behave like this ? Are they learning to be abusive ?

Whatever she asked me, I don't remember- she probably didn't-she never had- only told me her view of - our lives.Her view always sounded exactly like our abuser. But what I remember, as it was even more bizarre -was , that, I had sat on the couch- she had taken the antique chair. She came and sat very close to me and stuck her face in mine. I moved away. She followed. I finally got up and walked around. I was thinking that she was lesbian- but twisted, and was going to ask me for sex and she would write a good "report".

How would YOU interpret that behavior ?

Oh- as she slammed my antique chair around- she whammed herself into it- saying-"I've read all the reports". So- for a while- (not long) , I thought- thank god- we have a chance here- she has seen the doctor and police and psychiatrist's reports.

NO. No chance for a life- for any of us. At the end- she says-" I am going to recommend custody to Mr. Abuser." My jaw dropped open. I thought that only happened in books or movies- the jaw drop thing. I said- voice quavering- "You will give custody to a man who BEAT me ?????"

She replies- "Oh- you were a battered wife? Well- I've made a mistake- but I can't do anything now. I would lose credibility in the courts."

Shows you how important the lives of mothers and children are - to - are you ready for this- the Youth Protection (name for social services where I was.)

So, after 22 years of puzzling over one aspect of her behavior (the- stick your face in mine bit), I think I comprehend.Now.

As, everything she said to me and wrote down, was exactly straight out of our abuser's foul imagination; he must have said I was an alcoholic- so that would explain her sticking her face in mine.(to smell my breath !-)

I can't remember details of what he/she said and wrote- it was all weird- but that is something ALL abusers seem to say about the women they have abused- alcoholic or drug abusers.( both of which he did- abused alcohol and drugs)

Sunday 17 May 2009

All the Aaliyahs

Here we go again. One mother out of- hundreds? thousands? ,who actually grasped what was happening to her baby. One mother who is trying to protect her child.

Why do the doctors and hospitals and police and - ESPECIALLY social workers - the people who work in idiotcracies; remain unable to realize that sexual aggressions are most commonly committed by people known to the victim? Why does no-one make the connect betwen ear infections (tubes) and the fact that sperm and germs were forced up those delicate tubes ? Causing even more suffering by the victim. And night terrors- and nightmares- and- being"spaced out" and a myriad of other "symptoms "that many mothers recognize. What are all these -"experts" hiding ?

The formula has not changed. Report sexual abuse of your child- expect to lose custody. Do not report- hope someone does- (happens on occasion) - and lose custody of the child- for- failure to protect.

The law requires reporting. You are punished if you don't. Report- you are punished and in both scenarios- the child/baby/children are punished. When custody is lost- custody goes to the abuser.

This FACT of life has been reported for decades. Florence Rush being the first- or among the first. And still- the carnage continues.

It is not rocket science. What perverse and twisted set of beliefs allows,even promotes, the torture of our children? I cannot wrap my brain around this. I should have been born a bear. At least they have the right to kill the male who threatens their young.

I am ill with spirit pain for this mother and child.

Aaliyah Bedwell, you have an amazing mother. I wish her all the strength in the world as she battles to help you .I wish you,Aaliyah, all the strength of character that I suspect you have, to grow through and beyond this horror of society.You are an innocent caught in the most uncivil (ized)war. The one that rages largely unseen, in our world.

Friday 8 May 2009

Canadians !!!!!!!!!!! and others-

I have held off promoting this- as I wished to have access to texts in French for our french speaking citizens. So- here it is- very important to be aware of and follow -

If you haven't yet done so- get your hands on the book by Canadian journalist Victor Malarek- his latest , entitled The Johns. He tackles prostitution-however-
in my opinion- child sexual abuse in or out of family -is part and parcel of the same
mentality- (of course) - women and children (and often,pets/animals) are viewed as commodities-possessions-to be used and abused . Hyper-sexualization of products in the media/advertisements feeds this twisted view of human beings- .

Sunday 3 May 2009

re:// Victor Malarek-Canadian journalist

Time only for a mini-post- A man I know- a REAL man- sent a link to a CBC interview on prostitution. I have not had time to read the comments- but- I have long felt that a lot of prostitutes, if not all-have been sexually abused and used in their growing up years. By dear old dad. In other words, intra-familial incest /sexual aggression serves as a "training" for young children-primarily girls, to fall into prostitution. It is what they grew up with. The 2 % of what is called "high-conflict" divorces- i.e.- divorces where the mother (most often) seeks divorce to protect her already abused children/babies- is exactly where judges,psychologists etc. send the children to live with their rapist- .The pro-pedophile theories like PAS/PA serve to dominate and control these hapless victims. I haven't read Malarek's book (yet !) nor have I the time to read all the comments on the interview- I wonder if he or the commentators touche on this aspect of perpetrators of dominance,power,control and violence.Domestic violence cases often are also situations of child sexual aggression also.

Saturday 2 May 2009


There are times when the horror and terror of all that happened to my children leaves me breathless. Immobile. Tied up in the invisible strands of unimaginable memories which bind me so tightly I cannot move.I sometimes wish I believed in a vengeful god who would strike down those who did this to us.