Sunday 3 May 2009

re:// Victor Malarek-Canadian journalist

Time only for a mini-post- A man I know- a REAL man- sent a link to a CBC interview on prostitution. I have not had time to read the comments- but- I have long felt that a lot of prostitutes, if not all-have been sexually abused and used in their growing up years. By dear old dad. In other words, intra-familial incest /sexual aggression serves as a "training" for young children-primarily girls, to fall into prostitution. It is what they grew up with. The 2 % of what is called "high-conflict" divorces- i.e.- divorces where the mother (most often) seeks divorce to protect her already abused children/babies- is exactly where judges,psychologists etc. send the children to live with their rapist- .The pro-pedophile theories like PAS/PA serve to dominate and control these hapless victims. I haven't read Malarek's book (yet !) nor have I the time to read all the comments on the interview- I wonder if he or the commentators touche on this aspect of perpetrators of dominance,power,control and violence.Domestic violence cases often are also situations of child sexual aggression also.

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