Sunday 17 May 2009

All the Aaliyahs

Here we go again. One mother out of- hundreds? thousands? ,who actually grasped what was happening to her baby. One mother who is trying to protect her child.

Why do the doctors and hospitals and police and - ESPECIALLY social workers - the people who work in idiotcracies; remain unable to realize that sexual aggressions are most commonly committed by people known to the victim? Why does no-one make the connect betwen ear infections (tubes) and the fact that sperm and germs were forced up those delicate tubes ? Causing even more suffering by the victim. And night terrors- and nightmares- and- being"spaced out" and a myriad of other "symptoms "that many mothers recognize. What are all these -"experts" hiding ?

The formula has not changed. Report sexual abuse of your child- expect to lose custody. Do not report- hope someone does- (happens on occasion) - and lose custody of the child- for- failure to protect.

The law requires reporting. You are punished if you don't. Report- you are punished and in both scenarios- the child/baby/children are punished. When custody is lost- custody goes to the abuser.

This FACT of life has been reported for decades. Florence Rush being the first- or among the first. And still- the carnage continues.

It is not rocket science. What perverse and twisted set of beliefs allows,even promotes, the torture of our children? I cannot wrap my brain around this. I should have been born a bear. At least they have the right to kill the male who threatens their young.

I am ill with spirit pain for this mother and child.

Aaliyah Bedwell, you have an amazing mother. I wish her all the strength in the world as she battles to help you .I wish you,Aaliyah, all the strength of character that I suspect you have, to grow through and beyond this horror of society.You are an innocent caught in the most uncivil (ized)war. The one that rages largely unseen, in our world.

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