Monday 26 April 2010

Battered Mothers-A Human Rights Issue

Battered Mothers-A Human Rights Issue

If you still think that applying some theory or other to a situation- instead of looking at reality- then for the sake of your soul , life and that of your children- READ the actual words of fathers' rights proponents- who also support THEORIES - and decide on the basis of information and knowledge.

Simply put : if you ascribe to theories like alienation, false memory, false accusations,seductive children etc. ad nauseum - you are in agreement with the sexual, spiritual,emotional psychological and physical abuse of women and children. In the website -you will read the actual words of these- pro-pedo types. Says a lot about the -state of our "society". Doesn't reflect well on the few -mothers who get sucked into this sick ,twisted group of humans. Speaks volumes about the few "men" who are polititians- who push for bills that essentially propose the oppression of women and children. Of course- it is only 81 years since women in Canada were declared persons. Some people have never accepted that women and children are - people.

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Karen Smith mother and Aiden Miller, son.,Murdered.

Kelowna Daily Courier - Stories -

Well now- the murderer, Nicholas Brian Cooper, had killed BEFORE..
How is one supposed to protect oneself and our children, if we DO NOT KNOW ???????

A bit like- pardoning coach James- now- no-one KNOWS and he is free to hurt children and youth again- over and over and over-

It is so obvious- people "do" what they know how to do- and people follow their own "patterns" . Leopards also do not tend to change their spots - - - -

Makes me think again of a case I know well- the social services people asked a seriously battered mother, whose children had been severely abused by the same perpetrator- ; to sit down and "talk" with the woman/child abuser who had managed to get custody of her children- his small tortured victims. She didn't- and, of course was further blamed- for not being "nice" to the criminal. Mind boggling ,is it not ?

Vancouver, BC Family Law News Flash

Vancouver, BC Family Law News Flash

Just as I publish a post about abuses and deaths of mothers and children; comes a Tweet with THIS story- which was "buried" in a local newspaper. Could it be that the media pays little or no attention to deaths and abuses of women and children ????  Are you wondering why ??????  I could profer a reason- but prefer not to- said it so often- tiring.

I respectfully suggest visiting

Looks interesting -

Must Watch-tomorrow,April 14th

Dr. - Shows This Week

It is definitely not my usual practice to promote a tv show- especially Dr. P- as I ceased watching years ago. I stopped because the level of presentations fell far too short of addressing egregious situations which abound- usually hidden, in all divorce courts.

However, for some time, I have known of this upcoming show. As I know of- many of the people who are present, and I am therefore assured that this show FINALLY displays a scourge in our culture- I would hope that anyone reading this post will find a way to view this particular show- and please, pass the word. Make no mistake - this happens in Canada, also.Perhaps not to the same extent- and seemingly not as -publicized- but- nonetheless, it has happened and is happening. This show may help explain this horror to the uninitiated and clarify why I am so totally against the use of child destroying theories in courts. Invalid ideas like PAS. PA - false memory - and all the various names that are applied to silence victims and their supporters.

The most recent case in Canada, that was -somewhat publicized - is the case of Christian Lee.

Children are abused. Children die. All because some judges, some psychologists, many social service systems etc. have no idea about abuse to women and children. Mothers (most often) report - and are ignored or dismissed as - "being nasty" to the man- or- hysterical- or- neurotic etc. ad nauseum. Many, in the worst cases, are "accused" of parental alienation. No- it is called -mothering and trying to protect your child/children.

Friday 9 April 2010

Parental Alienation Awareness

Australian Shared Parenting Law Debate

Read this carefully. Research the information. Learn. That is- if you care a whit about what happens to children- Canadian or any child. Check out the symbols used by pedophiles- via the FBI information database. One of them was used by the author of this truly excellent text- and it "morphs" into the alienation heart symbol used at the top of the page. I have seen the symbol used to identify (to each other) pedophiles who go after boys. It was held by a teacher in a place where I worked.

The danger to our children is real and very insidious. It would not even occur to most human beings, to want or have sex with a child- (or an animal). That inability to feel twisted urges tends to lead us to disbelief- which can send us looking for other reasons or explanations. Our very "normality" can bring us to support destructive ideas. So- shared parenting, equal custody -alienation type theories can, on first glance, appear- APPEAR to be reasonable and - "fair".

These ideas are far from being fair. They are used primarily by abusers and their lawyers to obtain money and/or sex from small victims. Even slightly thinking couples, on divorce, will reach acceptable agreements-often without continually returning to court. It is the albeit small percentage of divorcing couples who are often called "high conflict" -where the the potential for great harm is found. No country or province or state or ANY grouping of humans, should ever consider a blanket, across the board ruling or presumption that imposes, all too frequently , a death sentence on children.

This kind of thinking has led to numerous murders of children - across continents. If not physically killed, others "survive" what one author has termed "soul murder".

Read this and share. Please.

Monday 5 April 2010

Crossing Roads Safely: Custody battles and abusers rights -


Have children ? Any kind of a relationship ? Want children ? Want to be in a relationship ? THEN- read this and re-read this and spread it around. Tragically true. We won't cross roads without looking both ways- please don't cross this road (into a relationship) - without looking both ways. It could very well save your life and that of  your children.

Just look at the recent exposure of a convicted child sexual abuser being PARDONED and then , the event being kept hidden. Well, in divorce court, the non-abusing parent will be blamed for " disrupting the family" or worse- and already mangled children will be sent to live with their rapist.

Non- abusing parents (and others) are required by law to report abuse. When they do, social services systems and law sytems tend to blame the reporting non-abusive parent, and send the children to be further wounded. Protective parents are - not believed and the laws are too- vaguely worded.

The Christian Lee inquest report out of British Columbia highlights the systemic failures. This is a common scenario acted out across Canada. Weep for our children - and then- DO something about it. Anything.

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Sunday 4 April 2010

The Canadian Press: Junior hockey predator Graham James pardoned as fresh allegations emerge

The Canadian Press: Junior hockey predator Graham James pardoned as fresh allegations emerge

On Easter Sunday comes the hitherto hidden news that Graham James, a CONVICTED child/youth sexual aggresssor, was PARDONED in 2007. By a parole board. Just look at the "head honcho" responsible- and his current JOB.

And people wonder why some mothers don't leave their sexual child abuser/wife-beating husbands ?????  They are condemned if they do- and most often, the child sexual abuser- the sick bastard who raped their children, gets custody.  Even a bastard like James- gets -PARDONED ???????????  We live in one sick society. I know- not everyone. But- WHEN will the "decent" folk wake up to what is happening ??????? Or- do you already know and you don't give a damn about anyone else ?????? Some culture. I can't decide if we are devolving, or trying to evolve and having a really bad time of it - -.A bad time meaning- to hell with children. To hell with protective parents. And- on Easter Sunday- some priest somewhere- calls the sexual abuse by clergy events- "petty gossip" ???????  Mangle and destroy a human life- is  - -PETTY ?????? That one should be tarred and feathered and made to live in exile on a desert island with other sick, twisted creeps. I am sickened by the news. As should everyone be.