Monday 26 April 2010

Battered Mothers-A Human Rights Issue

Battered Mothers-A Human Rights Issue

If you still think that applying some theory or other to a situation- instead of looking at reality- then for the sake of your soul , life and that of your children- READ the actual words of fathers' rights proponents- who also support THEORIES - and decide on the basis of information and knowledge.

Simply put : if you ascribe to theories like alienation, false memory, false accusations,seductive children etc. ad nauseum - you are in agreement with the sexual, spiritual,emotional psychological and physical abuse of women and children. In the website -you will read the actual words of these- pro-pedo types. Says a lot about the -state of our "society". Doesn't reflect well on the few -mothers who get sucked into this sick ,twisted group of humans. Speaks volumes about the few "men" who are polititians- who push for bills that essentially propose the oppression of women and children. Of course- it is only 81 years since women in Canada were declared persons. Some people have never accepted that women and children are - people.

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