Saturday 27 February 2010

Indiana Mothers For Custodial Justice

Indiana Mothers For Custodial Justice

This kind of story is played out - all over North America. This is what reliance on theory does to people. Kills and destroys lives.
Do we want MORE of this in Canada ? There are some who actively work to expand the use of a theory that kills and destroys.

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Tamara's House Blog -

Tamara's House Blog -

A very fine blog. Well worth perusing- especially if you work with survivors and/or are a survivor yourself, or the non-abusive parent of a hurt child. Canada - In Depth - Violence against women: Salt Spring men speak out - In Depth - Violence against women: Salt Spring men speak out

Everyone knows the majority of men - real men, are out there. But, we do not often hear from them. How -soul - soothing to read this.

Child Sexual Abusers' Handbook. How to get custody of your victims.

THE LIZ LIBRARY: LIZNOTES research on family law politics and child custody

All you ever didn't want to know about PAS. Or PA. Or- bullroar as presented in the courts.Or- how to hang on to your victims-how to own them and get paid for doing it ! Pas= the abusers' handbook for successful assaulting.

This little article was written- ten ? years ago- .How many victims is that - thousands.

Sunday 21 February 2010

Children discussed burning their mother, trial hears - Local - Children discussed burning their mother, trial hears

At least this one was caught. Not before the children's minds were royally messed up. If the divorce had proceeded, no doubt the mother would have heard she was accused of some alienation theory or another - -. Those young people have a lot of untwisting their heads to do.As for the mother asking for a divorce - well- one can only imagine what she was trying to deal with- . These men don't just suddenly espose their murderous proclivities- there is always a pattern of behaviour- often seen only by the victims/recipients of the criminal abuses. That mother is lucky to be alive. By living, she has also saved her children. I suppose someone will want the children to visit the alleged would-be murderer in prison. That would be par for the course - -.

Saturday 20 February 2010

Mothers Intelligence Secret Service: Dossier: Mark K Godbey(Canadians in here)

Mothers Intelligence Secret Service: Dossier: Mark K Godbey

Bears reading- if you are either someone who has been beaten by your husband/partner, if your children and/or pets have been sexually assaulted by your husband/partner and if you think that these are criminal acts-- then- these guys and some others- work to maintain the right to abuse- using ideas like parental alienation- to gain continued control of their victims.
Any and all psychologists etc. who proclaim loudly that these dangerous ideas are- "true" or- okay- are to avoided at all costs.
Any countries that I know of, have laws in their criminal codes which condemn having sex with children- beating up or trying to kill another human (like your wife/partner) and bestiality. So- WHY ? you might ask, do some people promote ideas that protect criminals ?????   Is that not - mind boggling ?????

More charges against father possible after autopsy on baby

More charges against father possible after autopsy on baby Canada

Wonder if the mother told anyone before- of possible domestic violence -. Wonder if she will be blamed -for not protecting-. That is a favourite mantra of social services systems- Protective parent (most often a mother) reports- social services people work on the premise of "keeping the family together". No matter what. Including when the father is sexually assaulting his children. The O and P services. (obtuse and perverse)

Thank goodness the media picked up on this- "case".

Friday 19 February 2010

Man's own kids in child porn collection - Crime -

Man's own kids in child porn collection - Crime -

There are thousands of "men" like this- just not caught -
Look at many "domestic violence" cases- you know- criminal assault.If you look and listen- you will find child sexual assaults, child pornography and many forms of violence against living , sentient beings .

Problem of Groupthink - Solutions for New Millenium

Problem of Groupthink - Solutions for New Millenium

Having just written a bit about closed systems and - essentially- groupthink - this came through ! Excellent.
Reading a thoughtful post is - SUCH a relief after a frequent diet of dangerous claptrap. (people who believe in dangerous ideas that hurt human beings- specifically, alienation type offal. (NO , I don't mean awful- although that works, too !)

Department of Justice - Laws(Canada) and Gold medals -

Department of Justice - Laws

A useful website for mothers and mothers of children -either or both of whom have been attacked by the "father"/husband/partner.
It has always been a source of incomprehension to me , how the laws can be vigorously applied when a "stranger" tries to kill another- or assaults another adult sexually, or assaults a child- sexually or otherwise: but- if a person KNOWN to the victim(s) is assaulted sexually or otherwise wounded - the crimes are ignored- or turned around to blame the victim(s). I understand why this happens - but not how society, including the law, continues to be so obstinately blind. So obtuse.

So - when reading the laws, and all the messages about not attacking women and children seem to indicate that our society does not condone these criminal acts-one might believe that- if so attacked, there will be a criminal charge etc.

No- not if the criminal is "known" to you or small victims. Why ? Well- first one has to be ABLE to contact police . Not always possible. Then, one has to have police who are trained in -recognizing the validity and danger of a situation. Then, a crown prosecutor must be able and willing to accept the "case". Then, one must have a judge who recognizes the crime(s) for what they are. Any of the "players" involved may be so imbued with legends and myths- and/or so impressed with their own perceived importance, that the crimes are never punished accordingly- relative to the damage inflicted.

Add to all of those obstacles, there is a small percentage of people who loudly work against helping victims. They promote and talk about various theories and ideas. Which serves to further blame victims and is obviously(in the news)- leading to more murders and destruction of human lives- notably- the more vulnerable -women and children-caught in a "family" with an abuser/criminal. Theories, ideas, vague accusations etc. have NO place in a court of law. Divorce or otherwise. Only facts. And even then - - -

Changing the attitudes and mentality of some systems- is a daunting challenge. Worthy of Olympic status. One of the most unevolved systems , has been and continues to be, the social services systems. These are such closed and self-serving bureaucracies that even police will (among themselves) complain how all the work they have done to protect victims- is completely undone, by representatives of these closed systems. The word "on the street" -across Canada- is- NEVER contact the ss- ALWAYS contact police first. You see, victims would rather starve than be continuously attacked -or- killed by their abusers. A clear example of this - gaping wound in our world, can be read in the Lee inquest report from British Columbia.

I want my Gold medal now.

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Toddler in care after being left outside casino

Toddler in care after being left outside casino

At least a couple are being found and reported. A couple of cases of -at the very least- child neglect. Hope these situations are being very closely watched-
Apart from that, no more comment from me. It makes me too ill.

Monday 15 February 2010

A Rough Summary of Murders by Dads with Child Visitation/Custody Rights for 2010 « Battered Mothers-A Human Rights Issue

A Rough Summary of Murders by Dads with Child Visitation/Custody Rights for 2010 « Battered Mothers-A Human Rights Issue

It is far more frequent than any of us realize- very frequently, these preventable murders are NOT reported in any media, and if they are, they are treated as a stranger murder- and do not impact the public awareness of the extent of what is called "domestic" violence. Rather , I think, these acts of violence should be termed "murder" -with extenuating circumstances (i.e. WORSE) because the murderer was known to the victims and/or in a position of trust.

Because we use the word "domestic" in connection (often) with warm , furry, loving pets- the use of the word in the context of violence and murder- tends to put a fuzzy feeling to the crimes- kind of like- "crime of passion" - . Murder is murder. Period.

Another example of what I term- wilful blindness to facts- is- the excuses -that are often used in persons known to victim who murder. The murderer lost his job. etc. Okay- then- WHY doesn't one see- in a report of a murder - man A murders man B- outside a bar- WHY don't we see in reports of THESE murders- oh well- you know- the murderer (man A) had lost his job.

Gives the impression that women and children are far less important than men. (and before a few men get their boxers in a twist- I am discussing the criminal elements in our society- not humans in general- not men in general-or women- or children- only the CRIMIMAL elements in our society)(so don't get upset- unless you are one - a criminal)

Or- could it be ????? That the media reports ,in fact reflect societal attirudes that are widely held but infrequently spoken or otherwise acknowledged ????



There you go. The power/control trip experienced by -many- . Just another form of enslavement.In my opinion. And- a few minutes before I read Broadsides, this post- which I consider important enough to put up here- came the news that an Israeli man has been arrested- keeping women comfined- forcing them to bear children- etc. Shades of Fritz and Garrido- and- and-

Sunday 14 February 2010

Dastardly Dads: A Rough Summary of Murders by Dads with Child Visitation/Custody Rights for 2010

Dastardly Dads: A Rough Summary of Murders by Dads with Child Visitation/Custody Rights for 2010

This bears publication in as many places as possible. Suddenly, I remembered what a mother I know told me- a long time ago. In 1986, she had lost custody of already seriously abused children, to their and her, molester/batterer/sexual assaulter. Apparently the social services personnel/agency was the most "to blame" . She had gone- again- to see the then team leader in her area. She asked what she could do to help her children- Answer- "Nothing-" (there was more -but-)Another visit, she said- why did you recommend custody to the father ? Was it so he wouldn't kill them ? I tracked back the date (she is well documented) It was 1986.

So- almost 25 years later- and the destruction still continues- even- escalates. Some culture- - - -

CTV Montreal - Man who ran Marc Lepine website denied bail - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television

CTV Montreal - Man who ran Marc Lepine website denied bail - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television

Ohh- this is SO heartening to read. After reading gobs and gobs of some men hailing this guy and Lepine as a hero- and a couple of "reporters" writing as though the mass murders had nothing to do with - hate - sexism- a Quebec judge !!!!!   Yes !!!!  A Quebec judge has put his  - -derriere in prison and denied bail . I love my province- much of the time ! I love it right now !

For U.S. people- Lepine is the creature who killed so many bright young women - in 1989. This - Rochefort had a website- saying it was all a joke- -NOT- his website hailed the mass murderer as a hero- and his site was picked up by all sorts of - men who seem to REALLY not like women- and these types were also- calling Lepine a hero. Imagine- the parents, families and friends of these women- how horrendous .But then- these - "types" are- horrendous.

That judge deserves a Gold Medal.