Wednesday 24 June 2009

Monday 1 June 2009

Abandon Hope,All ye who enter here- to the underworld of PA

The already horrific world of terror of protective parents forced to give their children in custody to the children's abusers; is, apparently, trying to expand like some malevolent universe which swallows up everything in its dark path. Our very own black hole.

It seems that today, Monday,June 1,2009, some people will appear on CBC's The Current. This talk is ostensibly to "discuss" the bizarre and destructive theories first proposed by a psychologist who had ties to pro-pedophiles. Gardner.

No-one questions that SOME parents do in fact "poison" their children against the other parent-before, during or after the fact of divorce. What is not clearly stated, is the FACT that abusers- wife batterers and child sexual abusers, seek out those lawyers who will use the PA idea to (often successfully) "win" custody of their small victims.

Any halfway decent parent will NOT drag out court proceedings-often for years. That in itself is abuse. I suspect that the appearance of some people on tv is primarily driven by money- for the "centre" that some wish to open in Toronto.No-one who cares about children's development and well being, and who is aware of the reality of scenarios in the courts, would ever contemplate subscribing to this theory-called now, pa-. The s for syndrome was dropped- it is NOT accepted as a syndrome. Further, there are moves now in the legislature in at least one state (U.S.), to BAN the use of theories like this- no matter what name you might call it- or what spin you try to give it.

Andrew Vachss put it succinctly when he said that abusers going after custody- are pedophiles who grow their own victims.

I will try to listen/watch-if it does not make me too ill- .I hope the interviewer is - -insightful.

Hard core child porn, child prostitutes,crimes,sex travel,murder,and scurrilous ideas used by SOME lawyers to win custody for their clients- a large percentage of these clients being abusers. It is all connected- with attitudes. Attitudes about entitlement and ownership of children.

You thought the expression "when hell freezes over " was only that? An expression? Not. It is already decidedly frosty and I see the long , glacial fingers extending-crawling closer and closer
to grab your children if you should ever dare to follow the law and report intra-familial sexual aggression. You could well be accused of PA .

Our world will not be destroyed by bombs and open warfare. It will wither and die from within. That's what happens when a group of mammals attacks its own young.