Monday 30 November 2009

Patrick Stewart Speaks Against Domestic Violence, Star Trek - Geek To Me

Patrick Stewart Speaks Against Domestic Violence, Star Trek -

Good for him for speaking this.

Sunday 29 November 2009

Press release: Global media monitoring project « A Human Rights Issue-Custodial Justice

Press release: Global media monitoring project « A Human Rights Issue-Custodial Justice

Very interesting news report.- on - the news !

Being inundated and almost overwhelmed- by memories/flashbacks of my ex (no.2)having brought my son to- what I now am certain was a pedophile. Pimping.

So- all of my children were soul murdered by their father and step-father. The criminals were supported by ex number 1. Now- what do you suppose that makes HIM ?

I learned that you can do NOTHING to help your children- if you report- you are blamed. Social services took what was left of my job/career and all material items- houses etc. -threw it all- along with me- into the person chopper upper and cranked out the chewed up remains.

The machine of our society- throw the kids in- throw everything else in- grind it all up- spew it out the other end- and then- wonder why these young ones commit what we call crimes.

The fathers' rights gangs - and they include some psychologists- some lawyers-some judges- etc.- turn the crank of this torture machine. Destruction of women and children and appropriation of their bodies,souls and any material items -like houses etc.- is their end game. Sub-humans and criminals engage in these actions- not real men.

It is the look in the eyes and on the faces of my children that haunts me- and will until the day I die. Those looks that hammer my soul even in sleep.The harder I tried to save them- the more I was - condemned.
My lawyer stopped being a lawyer after my case. That's how bad it was. And is. The police were good- they get to pull bodies of murdered mothers and children out of their last resting place.(so they recognize abuse and truth ) A crown prosecutor stopped them - - -

Saturday 28 November 2009

Wednesday 25 November 2009

UN officials call for intensified efforts to eliminate violence against women_English_Xinhua

UN officials call for intensified efforts to eliminate violence against women_English_Xinhua

YES. Of course- call all you want- often it resembles - -the lone voice in the wilderness.
Reminds me of a cartoon I saw many years ago- a tree that had been cut down- in the forest. As it lies dying- there is a caption bubble- a small one- the tree's last words- "shit."

Kind of- like- if a tree falls in the forest - is there anyone around to hear it ?

If anyone calls for a cessation of reprehensible violence to women- are there any who are not deaf ???????????????

When your significant  other has felled you to the floor- if no-one sees it- is it- the silent tree in the forest ?
and- if he cut your throat- well- you can't even say - - -shit.

Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime

Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime

This superb organisation needs our help. International letters are great, too. They would show how inportant is the information and support delivered by the CRCVC.
Every single human person is directly or indirectly affected by crimes- whether you have considered this or not. Just a certain number of break ins- increases (for example) the insurance costs for an entire region of people who live in those areas.

For crimes against other humans- the costs to society are numerous and almost immeasurable- except- many have researched these costs- for example, in domestic violence. Some years ago there was an excellent report done- by (if I remember correctly) the University of Western Ontario, on the economic costs of domestic violence.

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Mothers Intelligence Secret Service

Mothers Intelligence Secret Service

Oh- just found this. It is easier to read-and just as interesting for Canadians -

Mothers Intelligence Secret Service

Mothers Intelligence Secret Service

Interesting. Just typing into a search engine-the words mothers,children's rights etc.- this page came up-. As there were references to Canadians on this page, I decided in the interests of information, to post it here. Even looking for PAS or PA or- using several other words for searches, one can find this, and other similar information blogs.

Monday 23 November 2009

Net cast for child porn | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

Net cast for child porn Canada News Toronto Sun

Monday ! Before the House for a vote !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A step forward. It is not soon enough -and won't BE enough-but- hip hip hooray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders

The BEST !

I just heard that Canada is preparing to pass legislation to oblige IP service providers to report the addressses etc. of any and all child porn they "notice" among their clients. It's about time.

Sunday 22 November 2009

Tim Giago: Looking at America's dirty little secret

Tim Giago: Looking at America's dirty little secret

Tim Giago writes about the reprehensible atrocities perpetrated on children in residential schools- across North America. It is all part and parcel of the many- pronged pedophile/child rapists predatory attacks on the most vulnerable. The pattern of abuse-escalating abuse IS the pattern of abuse found in many households. I'll say it again- seems children are "The Last Frontier" . Actually -this predatory behaviour has been with us for ever so long- we are now speaking up a bit more about it. Thank goodness.

Except- not enough people are LISTENING or even hearing -

My dog -eared copy of Florence Rush's The Best Kept Secret: Sexual Abuse of Children, was published in 1980- but it could be re-published every year- the facts have not changed. Even infamous pro-pedophile Warren Farrel is in there- and he is still being hailed as someone to "follow" by certain men's groups, fathers' rights groups and pas/pa salesmen.

Florence made a public debut in 1971, in New York- where she spoke at a two day conference on rape.

A quote from the introduction written by Susan Brownmiller reads as follows: "She is categorically. the first theorist on the subject who does not blame the child in any way,shape or form. She is also the first thinker to see child sexual abuse not as an isolated incident but as a pervasive pattern with antecedents of social acceptance that reach far back into history."

Well- yes- look at "persons of authority" -abusing and raping/sodomozing children and babies. And then - and then- look at the statistics showing a strong and significant correlation between wife beaters and wife beaters molesting./sexually aggressing their own children.

Anyone reading this -please look up your own statistics. I will not engage in meangless statistic flinging - like some "fathers' rights ---people do. If you don't like the truth as researched- then don't read -this ! Stick to Penthouse and Farrel and the like.

I'm on the other end of ethics. The higher end.

Judge’s Association Warns: “Parental Alienation Syndrome” and Claims of “Parental Alienation” Have No Grounding in Reality «

Judge’s Association Warns: “Parental Alienation Syndrome” and Claims of “Parental Alienation” Have No Grounding in Reality «

Another state begins to come to their senses. Listen up Canada. Especially the Toronto, Ontario based types who were/are pushing this - vile nonsense - -

Saturday 21 November 2009

"Time's Up!": "The House on Gilmore Street"

"Time's Up!": "The House on Gilmore Street"

This is only ONE mother who is still standing and walking and talking. I know a Canadian mother- and know of many- who lost their children to what one writer has called- soul murder. In soul murder- the children "live"-and suffer. So do the mothers.

Soul murder by custody to child abusers. Like - pimping our children.

Pimping Our Children

Two news items have me once again- completely disgusted with our "society" in North America. The first is concerning a Mr. Colvin ,who was apparently doing his job properly, and sending information he gathered, about the torture of prisoners in Afghanistan. These were prisoners Canada released to the Afghan government -where they were tortured in Afghan prisons.  Reporters have filmed reports before. The Canadian government appeared to  be defaming Mr. Colvin for doing his job- covering up -either their lack of concern at the time the reports were received, or- covering up the studied inattention to these reports. Whatever the reason for this -behaviour- "destroy the whistleblower" - it further adds to the Canadian public's distrust of this present (Conservative ) government. The story smacks of dishonesty, unethical behavior and a lack of transparency.

The other story- bits and pieces of which were seen on Oprah- so- worldwide exposure- , is the story saying a mother pimped out her daughter - ostensibly to pay a debt. The child was murdered. Died , it would seem, as a result of her rape. The child was five years old.

My reaction is basically- so- what's new ? I know the story of a mother who duly reported (in terror ) the sodomy of her babies, the sexual abuse/aggression of her children and her own beatings at the hands of the same perp- reported to police, hospitals,doctor- as did neighbours who witnessed other -unacceptable behaviors. The police and doctors (for example) must by law, report to the social services.  All these behaviors- are against the laws of many countries.(child rape, pimping a child/baby, child pornography, bestiality and trying to kill another person.)

In a sense- this mother was whistle blowing -on the perp. What happened ? Well- the police told her that they had to report to social services-and then added- "but they never do anything". And- nothing happened.
When this mother sought divorce to save herself and her children-SHE was blamed for- lord knows- anything and everything.  Now doesn't that smack of- kill the messenger/destroy the whistleblower  ?????

Further, she lost custody of her small children- to the child rapist. Isn't that -pimping ? One could say, that in that "case" - the social services are pimps. They deliver tiny victims to the child rapists.

This "case" took place in Quebec- but there are similar stories right across Canada. The one that comes to mind- is that of Christian Lee in British Columbia. He died. Similar scenario led to his death.

What I learned from this case and terrifyingly, many many others, is that : if you end up with a child rapist -you will be blamed and no-one will do anything. If you withhold visits (i.e. sending your child to their rapist) ,you are blamed and can lose custody. If you even REPORT your child's rape.sodomy- you will lose custody. If you run to save your children, you will lose custody. So- if your child/children are raped/sexually aggressed by their father- the message is clear- there isn't a damn thing you can do.

Didn't Kafka write about this kind of - impossible situation ??? -------

A Major Announcement from Fathers & Families « Fathers & Families

A Major Announcement from Fathers & Families « Fathers & Families

Canadians ! Warning

Make no mistake about it- the names mentioned in the -text -send all their information- to Canada- to people like -Jeremy Swanson (Ottawa-Men's Center)

If you care about children- and so often hidden abuse that never surfaces in contentious divorces-with horrendous results for our children; then- recognize some names- like -Holstein-read the Sacks "blog
" , learn about a Mr. Farrell- his ideas- THEIR ideas- and feel shock and horror at the discourse of some of these- "fathers' " rights people.
Their information (put out by a few- is spread -to a few- thanks to the information flow of the Internet.Like Richard Dawkin's idea of memes- except, these ideas are cultural viruses-guaranteed to sicken our society- by the planned destruction of our children. Rermember- ONLY approximately a 2% of our children- but , in my opinion- ONE child destroyed is already one too many.

Do these people understand the destruction they cause ? Probably not. Do they care -for example- in a "mild" case- where parents have equal custody-that the children have to pick up and -sort of move- between homes ? Probably not. I have seen years and years of children shunted between homes- whether they want it or not. I met up with a young lady, whom I taught when she was in Secondary One. (11-12 years old) There was a constant sort of -frozen robot like on guard behavior- -what if she forgot her books at one home ? -etc. The logistics of any changed dance classes or other extra curricular activities- was- phenomenal. On the first parent's night- in came her young mother- a trained psychologist- very nervous- she finally said- I have to rush because I must not let her father see me here. Same story over and over- parent after parent. In  came the father- with wife no.2 in tow- supercilious-arrogant- asking if mother had been there- as though it were a crime. The mother only asked about the daughter - -.

I never forgot that one child- remembered more than the others- for an unknown reason. Years later I am at a regional conference for community groups- part of my continued work in the area- particularly with/for victims of sexual aggression. Up to me come two young women- both, I remember- and the one- is that frozen faced child from Secondary One! She is in college -locally-.The presentation she came to see- where I was-and where she came- was on sexual aggression. I carefully mention that I clearly remembered her and wondered where she was and how she was doing. I ask if she has her own apartment. NO- madame- I am with my MOTHER !! With such a joyous expression on her face-and then- she proceeds to tell me about dad- and the step mother - - -Her face is no longer frozen. It is open and joyous.

If a divorce separation agreement goes to court- over and over- is contested- usually by the father- there is ALWAYS more than meets the eye behind it. One cannot impose sanity and empathy and caring for other human beings- where it was not present to begin with.

There is a reason, as old as time, that mothers usually get custody- and it has to do with genetics and evolution and the way mammals reproduce and who carries and bears the young of the species. And- who nurtures the young.

Yanking people continually through courts destroys everything that can be sane , calm and beneficial for developing children. .

Could it be- greed ? (won't pay the b**** -no comprehension of the needs of developing children ? (ranting at a child over a missing book- etc) or- some twisted sense of ownership- (child is not a person- but a possession-mothers are not people either- they are "owned" ) -a mixture of many factors probably.

What ever the "causes" ,there is nothing admirable or helpful, in anti-social behavior.

I keep thinking about that 18 year old in the Toronto area- who put a stop to the utter destructive NONSENSE that was going on. A group of people in Toronto- who align with Farrell, Holstein  and Gardner, - were set to have a younger brother sent to another country for some kind of highly dubious "therapy"


Why did a delightful child have to pass at least 7 years of her young developing life- being shunted back and forth between -homes- only to FLEE to her mother the SECOND she turned 18 ? Multiply her story thousands of times across Canada-

In my opinion, people who push these -"ideas" are predators- looking for prey. Further, they seek out and/or attract the -people at the bottom of the humanity continuum.

Friday 20 November 2009

Canada News Centre - MESSAGE - International Children's Rights Day

Canada News Centre - MESSAGE - International Children's Rights Day

A must read. This intelligent ,educated human who speaks and writes with comprehension and empathy; should be more widely heard and read. (as if there were time !)

My opinions on children's rights, are more narrow in scope- sort of. My concern is in the area of separation and divorce. Specifically -those divorces which are called "high conflict".
What I have learned:
The majority of divorces are settled- often via mediation if needed- . The "rights" of all parties seem - protected. It is the divorces where one party was in fact, abusing the wife and children. The divorces where there is a constant unremitting series of court appearances to- obtain joint or shared custody-or, in cases of -abusers further on the continuum of abuse - the quest for total custody.These are the cases where the rights of the children are NEVER considered.The constant turmoil is, in itself,an abuse.
Who are abusers ? They can be anyone- from any walk of life. One constant is: they are predominately male.

Has there been an -upsurge of these cases ? (go back 25 years) Yes. It coincides rather neatly with the changes governments made- that the non-custodial parent absolutely must pay child support.(governments made these changes in an attempt to reduce welfare rolls- the number of mothers with children-on welfare. It was not altuism.

There is also a coincidental (? )increase in the noise made by some fathers' rights groups as well as drum beating by proponents of that pro-pediphile idea- pas- pa ,or just alienation- as some of the snake oil salesmen like to call it now. (too many know the provenance of these ideas)

And- of course- if one can "prove" alienation- there are some waiting anxiously in the wings- to provide "therapy" to- un alienate the child ! Yeah. Right.

I am very clear on how I see all of THAT. And my opinion is not acceptable in writing -on a blog. It has to do with greed. And no ethics.

Did others notice that some people now are screeching FOR "automatic" shared parenting ? At the same time the Australian government is revising its practice of "equal" parenting- of the last six ? years. Too many deaths of mothers and children. The final straw was little Darcy Freeman. Dear old dad stopped his vehicle on a bridge-plucked the tiny girl out and threw her off the bridge. In front of two young sons. Another funeral.

Do these children enjoy their basic human rights ? Did they ? There are dozens of similar cases,ending in death. In every case, examined AFTER the fact- (deaths) there was found a series of clear warnings- of abusive and dangerous behavior. A "psychologist" or social worker easily or purposefully "misses" these signals- and- the deaths continue.

Is this what the silent majority wishes for Canada ?????

Children's rights treaty readily signed, readily ignored -

Children's rights treaty readily signed, readily ignored -

Well written article. I have not found, personally, that Canada REALLY cares about children. I HAVE found that : some lawyers care about -making money and winning cases. If children are destroyed in the process- too bad. Some psychologists support child abusers -child sexual abusers- why- I haven't figured that one out yet- (at least- not for public consumption) A LOT of social workers-(it is systemic) care about keeping their jobs. So- if it means always believing the child sexual abuser and condemning a reporter (often a mother) -then the job stays -and the children are condemned to hell. Some judges and others- choose to believe the child abusers- Why? Unsure. Possibly because the aforementioned social workers and psychologists have convinced these -some- judges that- what-all mothers lie ? Most children lie ?

To be so incredibly misinformed and badly trained when one holds the lives of children in one's hands- is reprehensible.

Websites selling child porn based in Canada: study

Websites selling child porn based in Canada: study

No surprise here- just continued disgust at the lack of action- among certain groups. The inaction hinders those who seek to help these tiny victims-

What if someone was willing to spend hours-days- weeks- looking at images -volunteer- in order to hopefully identify some tiny victims ??? Would that offer be accepted ???? And- who would do the accepting ?????

Not incidentally- father.daughter incest is the most prevalent form of child sexual aggression - and the criminal acts the least- exposed.

OXYMORONS « MamaLiberty’s Weblog

OXYMORONS « MamaLiberty’s Weblog

I just found this EXCELLENT commentary on - why some mothers and their children are destroyed. This is the attitude set-mind set of those who align themselves with fathers' rights groups. Why do some judges, lawyers,psychologists and a whack of social workers ascribe to pas pa ideas ???? There are probably several reasons- but the end result is the same- destruction of children's lives.One would think that these- supporters of vile ideas would research first ,before they expose their- predilictions ?

Whoever wrote this is on the same wave length as the post I wrote recently..

One of the reasons I only remember bits and pieces of what the x's lawyer was saying in court- and the x's psychologist; is that I was spending time in court thinking of how to get in and out etc. without being attacked or killed. Also, I knew the x's psychologist was a leader in a fathers' rights group in Montreal and had also been associated with a nambla type group in the area. I remember thinking as the psycho logist was spouting his "credentials" to a judge -the one that he said he had "done" 200 assessments- I was calculating how many children had been destroyed-

And today(Nov.20) is -National Children's Day. Yeah . Right. Canada signed the Convention on Children's Rights in 1989 - who knew ! As useful as a protection order against a murderous,violent child rapist. All words, no action-Canada - -

Thankfully, I KNOW there are a majority of people who do not think that daddies having sex with children is okay. In fact , there are laws against it. So- WHY do some people persist in accepting and trying to PUSH the idea that it is okay ?????? I will not repeat my answer to that question, here.

Thursday 19 November 2009

Stop Family Violence | The people's voice for family peace

Stop Family Violence The people's voice for family peace

This is an excellent- site. It is based in the U.S.- but- the attitudes that underlie the continued victimization of women and children, are common to all Western supposedly "civilized" societies- (I use the term civilized-loosely) . I know for a fact that this is a commonality in Canada, Australia and the U.K. Common to all these countries (and more) are attitudes that view women and children as- something less than human, and often, something lesser even than animals. Rape a child- rape an animal- rape a woman- beat them all- It is all the same amorphous mass-to a predator. A criminal. As far as I am concerned, the -some psychologists, therapists,lawyers,judges, fathers' rights -types- are ALL guilty by-at the very least- association. If we call a male who sexually and otherwise aggresses a child, animal or woman, a criminal- then what does one call a person who aids, abets and supports such a predator ???????? That's aiding and abetting a criminal act(s). Others sin by keeping the silence. I do not refer to the victims. I refer to the people who KNOW and say nothing- like a raft of social workers of whom I know. In fact- the entire social system structure needs- an overhaul ? Shutting down ? What ? I know of a "case" where sexual abuse by grandparents was substantiated- and the SOCIAL SERVICES who were overseeing the case- recommended visitation - so the small victims have to go and visit their criminal grandparents. I call this- criminally insane behavior. What do YOU call it ?

Pocomoke Tattler » Blog Archive » Mothers Are Vanishing

Pocomoke Tattler » Blog Archive » Mothers Are Vanishing

Bravo to these news/media people for picking up on this blog- Excellent. These news personnel are helping to combat a horrendous social scourge., As, of course, are so many bloggers out there.

Mothers Are Vanishing

Mothers Are Vanishing

We have our missing women and mothers in Canada, also. I didn't vanish- stayed alive- against huge odds. Looking back, it was - primarily assumptions, attitudes and beliefs-prejudices that nearly succeeded in destroying me completely. As in dead- vanished- etc. As it is- "they" mostly succeeded in condemning my children to a tortuous existence. Even if physically alive- if they are - -. Who knows ? I don't.

In Canada- the more/most vulnerable are- picked by the predators. So we hear more about First Nations women and girls being slaughtered- and prostitutes- many/most of whom came from childhoods of abuse- some who are kidnapped and put into sexual slavery.

But- your average middle class and upper class woman/girl is also NOT immune to a predator. It is just- more hidden. Except when the media picks up a high profile case, like the doctor in Quebec province who murdered his children -a way to emotionally kill a mother. Without her children, she too, "vanishes. Even if she still- walks and talks - -

Murder the children- is just another way to get rid of a mother.

Wednesday 18 November 2009

FATHER REFUSES TO VISIT DAUGHTER. . .: Father Refuses visitation . . .

FATHER REFUSES TO VISIT DAUGHTER. . .: Father Refuses visitation . . .

Ohhhhh - you thought it was FINISHED ???? It never is , with an abuser.

More of the continuing saga of Lorraine Tipton, the - -um - -the - "father, Craig Hensberger and the child , M. This is what abusers DO- they abuse. No surprise there. Even tv land knows THAT. Ever see : Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS, SVU,Flashpoint- , for example ?

If all sorts of tv watchers, a whole lot of mothers, a great many men etc. etc. -know this- that abusers just- abuse- WHY cannot a few psychologists,a few lawyers, a few- lawmakers etc. - NOT ? How out of it can one be ????? Or- is it possible ? Abusers also ? Or- secretly wanting to be ? Living vicariously ? What ?

How can some presumably mildly intelligent people- support and promote abuse ???

Does the general public KNOW that pedophiles and fathers' rights sites , EXPLAIN how to "get" your- child, ex-wife- ex-girlfriend etc. ? Used to be that it was written in certain types of magazines- now it is written on the Internet - -



Recently, in the U.S., as a - "for example" of the handiwork of supporters of shared parenting, equal parenting, pas/pa ideas- -the kind of result that promoters of these -ideas gain- a child in the U.S categorically refused to visit this- father. With great reason. Court-perhaps not -knowing ? about abuses -ordered visits. which the "father" had frequently not taken. So, when the mother was unable to continue forcing her child to "visit", the judge had the mother jailed. The child is old enough to realize that if she did not go with her father- that her mother would be jailed. This, to me, smacks of child abuse-threat, emotional abuse etc. So- supporters of these- unethical ideas -If this is the result you and the abusers you support and desire- then you have succeeded in creating continued suffering-of children-. If this scenario is what a majority of people want -in their country- like pas and pa etc.- then- it is the silent and totally unethical majority. Does this describe Canadians and Americans ????? No ethics ? No morals ? No- - - -common sense ? I have been told, recently, that other countries have court ruled AGAINST the use of presumption of shared parenting-which "breeds" the use of abusive ideas like pas/pa. I was told that- Chile has ruled against the use of pas/pa. I know the American Psychological Association does NOT accept these ideas. I know that the country of Australia is re-thinking their use of shared/equal parenting. It was a disaster. Too many deaths- of mothers and children- culminating (in the public eye) with a father throwing his daughter off a bridge. (but not the sons - - -)

A few Canadians are pushing for pas/pa type ideas to be used - and accepted -in the courts. Guess what- many, many children and their protective parents (most often a mother) have already been destroyed by these ideas. Since the early 1980's. Almost 30 years of -destruction of children. Isn't that enough ?

It is impossible for me to comprehend how a person could even consider supporting ideas that sprung from the twisted mind of a pro-pedophile in the U.S. Yet- we have SOME lawyers, SOME - "psychologists" SOME "therapists" a whack of social workers (and the systems they are in -) promulgating these ideas. Guilt by association. Any
"fathers'; rights" people who push these ideas- are also guilty by association. Pro pedophile. What is mind boggling- that a few people in a position to - make noise- like- reporters- senators- are FOR these pro-pedophile ideas. Now- what does that make THEM ????????????\

The- some lawyers ? I don't know if they believe these -pedo opinions- or if they have a vested interest in using them- either way- it's a no-no. Human lives are involved-not papers or companies or- any "possession" as such- human lives. Developing human lives. Talk to some policemen- the ones who get to pull slaughtered bodies out of fields -etc.-or- the people who pulled Darcy Freeman's small body from the river where her father flung her - -

Inventor of Abusive Fake Anonymummies Site, Mark K. Godbey, Due to Court Again in 10 Year Legal Abuse of Ex-Wife « Very Bad Daddies

Inventor of Abusive Fake Anonymummies Site, Mark K. Godbey, Due to Court Again in 10 Year Legal Abuse of Ex-Wife « Very Bad Daddies

For all the decent and semi-decent humans out there ,who have NO idea what an abuser can "do" to continue abusing after separation or divorce : glance at THIS one example of abusive behavior that is repeated at least weekly, across North America. Lots of others- end with murder of the mother and/or the children. The laws , courts and social service systems have NOT "caught up" with the ugly reality of what happens in so many divorces and separations. Even ONE , is too many-. These - types of "fathers" are the ones who - -flock to pas/pa/shared/equal parenting types. The lawyers and others who promote pas/pa/equal parenting etc. nonsense, are at the very least, guilty by association. They promote these ridiculous theories and therapies and "tools" in the courts, to aid abusers. The 98% or so people who divorce WITHOUT all this continued abuse, negotiate reasonable settlements without abusing their children and (the usual) the mothers of these children.

There are abusers in every nation. In Canada, there are some abusers who abuse like this- and the advocates of abuse, who actively promote pas/pa/equal parenting etc.
I am re-posting this -truth- (Godbey's cases) to show anyone who reads this blog- the kind of behavior that abusers and their supporters advocate. A criminal is a criminal;- unless he is married- it would seem ! Thank goodness it is only a few who are criminally inclined- and I include people who push therapy nonsense. The child abuse called pas/pa- does everyone KNOW that these scurrilous ideas were developed by a pro-pedophile ? Birds of a feather F LOCK together.

Friday 13 November 2009



As usual- this Broadsides appeals to all my better sides- like-intelligence and an over-developed sense of humour. (I'm leaving out modesty)
Coming in the wake of the Jailing of a Mother- (because she couldn't force her daughter to visit the father) -I find the article most timely !

Nowhere can I find reports of a father being jailed because he couldn't force a child to visit the mother. Hmmm. Apart from the fact that mostly mothers have custody after divorce- still- with all the often unintelligible mumblings of fathers rights types- one seems to find certain types of fathers on top of bridges,buildings or cranes- but rarely in jail. Now- why do you suppose that is ?????

God is a man -male- supposedly. Does that make all males- like- little breakoff bits of god ?? or- wannabe gods ?? hmm.

In any case- love Broadsides. All religions seem, to me, to be -often examples of groupthink- which is dangerous. Maybe the courts suffer from groupthink, too. Is groupthink a corollary of - -nothink? Methinks maybe.

Not that jailing mothers/women is anything new. Far from it. A bit better than Salem etc. - .Therefore, I suppose one could say- we have evolved ????????

Thursday 12 November 2009



If you read this blog or visit this blog, and if you care about human rights- please read this petition and sign it. If you believe in angels, they will applaud you.
If you are a mother- it could happen to YOU and your child/children.

wants you to take action on "PETITION FOR LORRAINE TIPTON AND MICHAELA"! has just read and signed the petition: PETITION FOR LORRAINE TIPTON AND MICHAELA

You can view this petition at:

Message from

Hi, I signed the petition "PETITION FOR LORRAINE TIPTON AND MICHAELA". I'm asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal of 5,000 signatures. I care deeply about this cause, and I hope you will support our efforts.

----- provides tools and empowers individuals to make a difference and effect positive change through online activism. Get connected with the causes you care about, take action to make the world a better place, and start your own petition at! is powered by Care2, the largest and most trusted information and action site for people who care to make a difference in their lives and the world.

Facebook | Boîte de réception - What you can do

Facebook Boîte de réception - What you can do

A mother in the United States has been sent to jail until her daughter accepts to go and visit her father. The mother was unable ,and deemed it unethical to FORCE her daughter (11) to visit a man who has substantiated allegations of abuse against him.

These are human rights abuses- the kind which happen continuously across North America. These crimes are largely unknown to the public, and hence, to decent, ethical citizens. What is happening to Lorraine Tipton, the mother, and to her daughter ,Michaela , can happen to ANY mother anywhere in North America. (and other continents) It has already happened in numerous unpublished and unknown cases. The Facebook page listed above is a beginning- only- of what one can do- to help these people- and in so doing, help all of us .(humans) Those who support pas/pa type ideas-and /or equal/shared parenting, are opening the door wide open to this kind of continued human rights abuses. Remember Dr.Elizabeth Morgan ? You should. Now remember a little girl whose mother is in jail- right now, in Oconto County, Wisconsin,United States of America.

Friday 6 November 2009



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Thursday 5 November 2009

Excellent article-balanced.

"Men's Rights" Groups Have Become Frighteningly Effective

Monday 2 November 2009

If all else fails, blokes blame women (The Australian Article)

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The Australian
Cold North Wind, CNW ( thought you might find this article from interesting:
If all else fails, blokes blame women
| October 31, 2009 From: The Australian

An excellent, balanced viewpoint-out of Australia.

IN his deservingly scornful review of the book Iron John, Robert Bly's absurd bible of the men's movement in the US, British author Martin Amis describes the comical pilgrimage made by maladjusted men into the American woods to sniff each other's armpits, channel negative energy into circles of hate and howl at the moon because Mum had them circumcised.

Happily, this quest to unleash what Amis ridicules as "the hairy satyr within" does not appear to have any formal and organised equivalent in Australia.

This is probably because most Australian men have nothing of any real magnitude to get off their chest, or simply find that the odd night at the pub or the occasional fishing weekend provides ample therapy for any lingering sense of gender injustice. That, and the fact we've got too wry a sense of humour and too much self-awareness to engage in anything that silly.

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