Friday 20 November 2009

Children's rights treaty readily signed, readily ignored -

Children's rights treaty readily signed, readily ignored -

Well written article. I have not found, personally, that Canada REALLY cares about children. I HAVE found that : some lawyers care about -making money and winning cases. If children are destroyed in the process- too bad. Some psychologists support child abusers -child sexual abusers- why- I haven't figured that one out yet- (at least- not for public consumption) A LOT of social workers-(it is systemic) care about keeping their jobs. So- if it means always believing the child sexual abuser and condemning a reporter (often a mother) -then the job stays -and the children are condemned to hell. Some judges and others- choose to believe the child abusers- Why? Unsure. Possibly because the aforementioned social workers and psychologists have convinced these -some- judges that- what-all mothers lie ? Most children lie ?

To be so incredibly misinformed and badly trained when one holds the lives of children in one's hands- is reprehensible.

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