Thursday 19 November 2009

Stop Family Violence | The people's voice for family peace

Stop Family Violence The people's voice for family peace

This is an excellent- site. It is based in the U.S.- but- the attitudes that underlie the continued victimization of women and children, are common to all Western supposedly "civilized" societies- (I use the term civilized-loosely) . I know for a fact that this is a commonality in Canada, Australia and the U.K. Common to all these countries (and more) are attitudes that view women and children as- something less than human, and often, something lesser even than animals. Rape a child- rape an animal- rape a woman- beat them all- It is all the same amorphous mass-to a predator. A criminal. As far as I am concerned, the -some psychologists, therapists,lawyers,judges, fathers' rights -types- are ALL guilty by-at the very least- association. If we call a male who sexually and otherwise aggresses a child, animal or woman, a criminal- then what does one call a person who aids, abets and supports such a predator ???????? That's aiding and abetting a criminal act(s). Others sin by keeping the silence. I do not refer to the victims. I refer to the people who KNOW and say nothing- like a raft of social workers of whom I know. In fact- the entire social system structure needs- an overhaul ? Shutting down ? What ? I know of a "case" where sexual abuse by grandparents was substantiated- and the SOCIAL SERVICES who were overseeing the case- recommended visitation - so the small victims have to go and visit their criminal grandparents. I call this- criminally insane behavior. What do YOU call it ?

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