Thursday 12 November 2009

Facebook | Boîte de réception - What you can do

Facebook Boîte de réception - What you can do

A mother in the United States has been sent to jail until her daughter accepts to go and visit her father. The mother was unable ,and deemed it unethical to FORCE her daughter (11) to visit a man who has substantiated allegations of abuse against him.

These are human rights abuses- the kind which happen continuously across North America. These crimes are largely unknown to the public, and hence, to decent, ethical citizens. What is happening to Lorraine Tipton, the mother, and to her daughter ,Michaela , can happen to ANY mother anywhere in North America. (and other continents) It has already happened in numerous unpublished and unknown cases. The Facebook page listed above is a beginning- only- of what one can do- to help these people- and in so doing, help all of us .(humans) Those who support pas/pa type ideas-and /or equal/shared parenting, are opening the door wide open to this kind of continued human rights abuses. Remember Dr.Elizabeth Morgan ? You should. Now remember a little girl whose mother is in jail- right now, in Oconto County, Wisconsin,United States of America.

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