Friday 20 November 2009

OXYMORONS « MamaLiberty’s Weblog

OXYMORONS « MamaLiberty’s Weblog

I just found this EXCELLENT commentary on - why some mothers and their children are destroyed. This is the attitude set-mind set of those who align themselves with fathers' rights groups. Why do some judges, lawyers,psychologists and a whack of social workers ascribe to pas pa ideas ???? There are probably several reasons- but the end result is the same- destruction of children's lives.One would think that these- supporters of vile ideas would research first ,before they expose their- predilictions ?

Whoever wrote this is on the same wave length as the post I wrote recently..

One of the reasons I only remember bits and pieces of what the x's lawyer was saying in court- and the x's psychologist; is that I was spending time in court thinking of how to get in and out etc. without being attacked or killed. Also, I knew the x's psychologist was a leader in a fathers' rights group in Montreal and had also been associated with a nambla type group in the area. I remember thinking as the psycho logist was spouting his "credentials" to a judge -the one that he said he had "done" 200 assessments- I was calculating how many children had been destroyed-

And today(Nov.20) is -National Children's Day. Yeah . Right. Canada signed the Convention on Children's Rights in 1989 - who knew ! As useful as a protection order against a murderous,violent child rapist. All words, no action-Canada - -

Thankfully, I KNOW there are a majority of people who do not think that daddies having sex with children is okay. In fact , there are laws against it. So- WHY do some people persist in accepting and trying to PUSH the idea that it is okay ?????? I will not repeat my answer to that question, here.

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