Wednesday 18 November 2009



Recently, in the U.S., as a - "for example" of the handiwork of supporters of shared parenting, equal parenting, pas/pa ideas- -the kind of result that promoters of these -ideas gain- a child in the U.S categorically refused to visit this- father. With great reason. Court-perhaps not -knowing ? about abuses -ordered visits. which the "father" had frequently not taken. So, when the mother was unable to continue forcing her child to "visit", the judge had the mother jailed. The child is old enough to realize that if she did not go with her father- that her mother would be jailed. This, to me, smacks of child abuse-threat, emotional abuse etc. So- supporters of these- unethical ideas -If this is the result you and the abusers you support and desire- then you have succeeded in creating continued suffering-of children-. If this scenario is what a majority of people want -in their country- like pas and pa etc.- then- it is the silent and totally unethical majority. Does this describe Canadians and Americans ????? No ethics ? No morals ? No- - - -common sense ? I have been told, recently, that other countries have court ruled AGAINST the use of presumption of shared parenting-which "breeds" the use of abusive ideas like pas/pa. I was told that- Chile has ruled against the use of pas/pa. I know the American Psychological Association does NOT accept these ideas. I know that the country of Australia is re-thinking their use of shared/equal parenting. It was a disaster. Too many deaths- of mothers and children- culminating (in the public eye) with a father throwing his daughter off a bridge. (but not the sons - - -)

A few Canadians are pushing for pas/pa type ideas to be used - and accepted -in the courts. Guess what- many, many children and their protective parents (most often a mother) have already been destroyed by these ideas. Since the early 1980's. Almost 30 years of -destruction of children. Isn't that enough ?

It is impossible for me to comprehend how a person could even consider supporting ideas that sprung from the twisted mind of a pro-pedophile in the U.S. Yet- we have SOME lawyers, SOME - "psychologists" SOME "therapists" a whack of social workers (and the systems they are in -) promulgating these ideas. Guilt by association. Any
"fathers'; rights" people who push these ideas- are also guilty by association. Pro pedophile. What is mind boggling- that a few people in a position to - make noise- like- reporters- senators- are FOR these pro-pedophile ideas. Now- what does that make THEM ????????????\

The- some lawyers ? I don't know if they believe these -pedo opinions- or if they have a vested interest in using them- either way- it's a no-no. Human lives are involved-not papers or companies or- any "possession" as such- human lives. Developing human lives. Talk to some policemen- the ones who get to pull slaughtered bodies out of fields -etc.-or- the people who pulled Darcy Freeman's small body from the river where her father flung her - -

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