Monday 2 November 2009

If all else fails, blokes blame women (The Australian Article)

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The Australian
Cold North Wind, CNW ( thought you might find this article from interesting:
If all else fails, blokes blame women
| October 31, 2009 From: The Australian

An excellent, balanced viewpoint-out of Australia.

IN his deservingly scornful review of the book Iron John, Robert Bly's absurd bible of the men's movement in the US, British author Martin Amis describes the comical pilgrimage made by maladjusted men into the American woods to sniff each other's armpits, channel negative energy into circles of hate and howl at the moon because Mum had them circumcised.

Happily, this quest to unleash what Amis ridicules as "the hairy satyr within" does not appear to have any formal and organised equivalent in Australia.

This is probably because most Australian men have nothing of any real magnitude to get off their chest, or simply find that the odd night at the pub or the occasional fishing weekend provides ample therapy for any lingering sense of gender injustice. That, and the fact we've got too wry a sense of humour and too much self-awareness to engage in anything that silly.

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