Thursday 19 November 2009

Mothers Are Vanishing

Mothers Are Vanishing

We have our missing women and mothers in Canada, also. I didn't vanish- stayed alive- against huge odds. Looking back, it was - primarily assumptions, attitudes and beliefs-prejudices that nearly succeeded in destroying me completely. As in dead- vanished- etc. As it is- "they" mostly succeeded in condemning my children to a tortuous existence. Even if physically alive- if they are - -. Who knows ? I don't.

In Canada- the more/most vulnerable are- picked by the predators. So we hear more about First Nations women and girls being slaughtered- and prostitutes- many/most of whom came from childhoods of abuse- some who are kidnapped and put into sexual slavery.

But- your average middle class and upper class woman/girl is also NOT immune to a predator. It is just- more hidden. Except when the media picks up a high profile case, like the doctor in Quebec province who murdered his children -a way to emotionally kill a mother. Without her children, she too, "vanishes. Even if she still- walks and talks - -

Murder the children- is just another way to get rid of a mother.

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