Friday 13 November 2009



As usual- this Broadsides appeals to all my better sides- like-intelligence and an over-developed sense of humour. (I'm leaving out modesty)
Coming in the wake of the Jailing of a Mother- (because she couldn't force her daughter to visit the father) -I find the article most timely !

Nowhere can I find reports of a father being jailed because he couldn't force a child to visit the mother. Hmmm. Apart from the fact that mostly mothers have custody after divorce- still- with all the often unintelligible mumblings of fathers rights types- one seems to find certain types of fathers on top of bridges,buildings or cranes- but rarely in jail. Now- why do you suppose that is ?????

God is a man -male- supposedly. Does that make all males- like- little breakoff bits of god ?? or- wannabe gods ?? hmm.

In any case- love Broadsides. All religions seem, to me, to be -often examples of groupthink- which is dangerous. Maybe the courts suffer from groupthink, too. Is groupthink a corollary of - -nothink? Methinks maybe.

Not that jailing mothers/women is anything new. Far from it. A bit better than Salem etc. - .Therefore, I suppose one could say- we have evolved ????????

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