Saturday 21 November 2009

A Major Announcement from Fathers & Families « Fathers & Families

A Major Announcement from Fathers & Families « Fathers & Families

Canadians ! Warning

Make no mistake about it- the names mentioned in the -text -send all their information- to Canada- to people like -Jeremy Swanson (Ottawa-Men's Center)

If you care about children- and so often hidden abuse that never surfaces in contentious divorces-with horrendous results for our children; then- recognize some names- like -Holstein-read the Sacks "blog
" , learn about a Mr. Farrell- his ideas- THEIR ideas- and feel shock and horror at the discourse of some of these- "fathers' " rights people.
Their information (put out by a few- is spread -to a few- thanks to the information flow of the Internet.Like Richard Dawkin's idea of memes- except, these ideas are cultural viruses-guaranteed to sicken our society- by the planned destruction of our children. Rermember- ONLY approximately a 2% of our children- but , in my opinion- ONE child destroyed is already one too many.

Do these people understand the destruction they cause ? Probably not. Do they care -for example- in a "mild" case- where parents have equal custody-that the children have to pick up and -sort of move- between homes ? Probably not. I have seen years and years of children shunted between homes- whether they want it or not. I met up with a young lady, whom I taught when she was in Secondary One. (11-12 years old) There was a constant sort of -frozen robot like on guard behavior- -what if she forgot her books at one home ? -etc. The logistics of any changed dance classes or other extra curricular activities- was- phenomenal. On the first parent's night- in came her young mother- a trained psychologist- very nervous- she finally said- I have to rush because I must not let her father see me here. Same story over and over- parent after parent. In  came the father- with wife no.2 in tow- supercilious-arrogant- asking if mother had been there- as though it were a crime. The mother only asked about the daughter - -.

I never forgot that one child- remembered more than the others- for an unknown reason. Years later I am at a regional conference for community groups- part of my continued work in the area- particularly with/for victims of sexual aggression. Up to me come two young women- both, I remember- and the one- is that frozen faced child from Secondary One! She is in college -locally-.The presentation she came to see- where I was-and where she came- was on sexual aggression. I carefully mention that I clearly remembered her and wondered where she was and how she was doing. I ask if she has her own apartment. NO- madame- I am with my MOTHER !! With such a joyous expression on her face-and then- she proceeds to tell me about dad- and the step mother - - -Her face is no longer frozen. It is open and joyous.

If a divorce separation agreement goes to court- over and over- is contested- usually by the father- there is ALWAYS more than meets the eye behind it. One cannot impose sanity and empathy and caring for other human beings- where it was not present to begin with.

There is a reason, as old as time, that mothers usually get custody- and it has to do with genetics and evolution and the way mammals reproduce and who carries and bears the young of the species. And- who nurtures the young.

Yanking people continually through courts destroys everything that can be sane , calm and beneficial for developing children. .

Could it be- greed ? (won't pay the b**** -no comprehension of the needs of developing children ? (ranting at a child over a missing book- etc) or- some twisted sense of ownership- (child is not a person- but a possession-mothers are not people either- they are "owned" ) -a mixture of many factors probably.

What ever the "causes" ,there is nothing admirable or helpful, in anti-social behavior.

I keep thinking about that 18 year old in the Toronto area- who put a stop to the utter destructive NONSENSE that was going on. A group of people in Toronto- who align with Farrell, Holstein  and Gardner, - were set to have a younger brother sent to another country for some kind of highly dubious "therapy"


Why did a delightful child have to pass at least 7 years of her young developing life- being shunted back and forth between -homes- only to FLEE to her mother the SECOND she turned 18 ? Multiply her story thousands of times across Canada-

In my opinion, people who push these -"ideas" are predators- looking for prey. Further, they seek out and/or attract the -people at the bottom of the humanity continuum.

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