Wednesday 18 November 2009

FATHER REFUSES TO VISIT DAUGHTER. . .: Father Refuses visitation . . .

FATHER REFUSES TO VISIT DAUGHTER. . .: Father Refuses visitation . . .

Ohhhhh - you thought it was FINISHED ???? It never is , with an abuser.

More of the continuing saga of Lorraine Tipton, the - -um - -the - "father, Craig Hensberger and the child , M. This is what abusers DO- they abuse. No surprise there. Even tv land knows THAT. Ever see : Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS, SVU,Flashpoint- , for example ?

If all sorts of tv watchers, a whole lot of mothers, a great many men etc. etc. -know this- that abusers just- abuse- WHY cannot a few psychologists,a few lawyers, a few- lawmakers etc. - NOT ? How out of it can one be ????? Or- is it possible ? Abusers also ? Or- secretly wanting to be ? Living vicariously ? What ?

How can some presumably mildly intelligent people- support and promote abuse ???

Does the general public KNOW that pedophiles and fathers' rights sites , EXPLAIN how to "get" your- child, ex-wife- ex-girlfriend etc. ? Used to be that it was written in certain types of magazines- now it is written on the Internet - -


  1. Psychologists, "lawmakers" (legislators), lawyers, etc. don't get it because it's really not as simple as this 'blog post implies.

    Abusers abuse for a reason, and in the long-term, it is in society's best interest to question why.

    TV shows (such as the ones you used as examples) necessarily oversimplify and dramatize situations to make them more appealing to viewers. "Even tv land knows THAT." What we see on TV is entertainment. There is an entire science behind criminology, and we know that all abusers are not mindless animals with no hope of rehabilitation.

    Except pedophiles. Those people are just broken. :)


  2. Rook- YES- abusers are not mindless criminals- yes, pedophiles are "broken" --of course TV is entertainment and is over simplified etc.- yes- there is absolutely a science of criminology-
    No- one cannot - "investigatye" -while the abuser continues to abuse- and- what stops every hope of "justice" or relief from being abused- what underlies the abuse and lack of investigation as the criminal acts they are- is- certainly SEEMS to be- attitudes and beliefs. Whole systems rely on- not science- but attitudes and beliefs. Including a set of beliefs called pas/pa. If one's world view is that women and children are just on earth to serve men- sexually and otherwise- it is criminally easy to rape ,murder and pillage- one "believes" one is "right". Belief systems are notoriously hard to -change- try convincing someone who believes in God- that there IS no God- or vice versa- ! Good luck !
    Yes- pedophiles are just broken- what about a Thatcher- (Canada-murderer) or- a serial rapist- or a wife beater- .I personally witnessed a wife-beater-he tried to kill her-SAY to a social worker- whom the victim had called- for help- or the police had called (don't know) say- when asked if hebeat her- replied "She needed it" .Social worker did not respond- and nothing happened- except- he kept on-of course.I applaud those tv programs ,for raising consciousness-guess enough people don't watch them- (isn't a rook - a crow ? !) no insult intended- just an obsewrvation)

  3. Rook- please excuse my typos- I'm a one finger person-