Saturday 21 November 2009

Pimping Our Children

Two news items have me once again- completely disgusted with our "society" in North America. The first is concerning a Mr. Colvin ,who was apparently doing his job properly, and sending information he gathered, about the torture of prisoners in Afghanistan. These were prisoners Canada released to the Afghan government -where they were tortured in Afghan prisons.  Reporters have filmed reports before. The Canadian government appeared to  be defaming Mr. Colvin for doing his job- covering up -either their lack of concern at the time the reports were received, or- covering up the studied inattention to these reports. Whatever the reason for this -behaviour- "destroy the whistleblower" - it further adds to the Canadian public's distrust of this present (Conservative ) government. The story smacks of dishonesty, unethical behavior and a lack of transparency.

The other story- bits and pieces of which were seen on Oprah- so- worldwide exposure- , is the story saying a mother pimped out her daughter - ostensibly to pay a debt. The child was murdered. Died , it would seem, as a result of her rape. The child was five years old.

My reaction is basically- so- what's new ? I know the story of a mother who duly reported (in terror ) the sodomy of her babies, the sexual abuse/aggression of her children and her own beatings at the hands of the same perp- reported to police, hospitals,doctor- as did neighbours who witnessed other -unacceptable behaviors. The police and doctors (for example) must by law, report to the social services.  All these behaviors- are against the laws of many countries.(child rape, pimping a child/baby, child pornography, bestiality and trying to kill another person.)

In a sense- this mother was whistle blowing -on the perp. What happened ? Well- the police told her that they had to report to social services-and then added- "but they never do anything". And- nothing happened.
When this mother sought divorce to save herself and her children-SHE was blamed for- lord knows- anything and everything.  Now doesn't that smack of- kill the messenger/destroy the whistleblower  ?????

Further, she lost custody of her small children- to the child rapist. Isn't that -pimping ? One could say, that in that "case" - the social services are pimps. They deliver tiny victims to the child rapists.

This "case" took place in Quebec- but there are similar stories right across Canada. The one that comes to mind- is that of Christian Lee in British Columbia. He died. Similar scenario led to his death.

What I learned from this case and terrifyingly, many many others, is that : if you end up with a child rapist -you will be blamed and no-one will do anything. If you withhold visits (i.e. sending your child to their rapist) ,you are blamed and can lose custody. If you even REPORT your child's rape.sodomy- you will lose custody. If you run to save your children, you will lose custody. So- if your child/children are raped/sexually aggressed by their father- the message is clear- there isn't a damn thing you can do.

Didn't Kafka write about this kind of - impossible situation ??? -------

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