Wednesday 31 March 2010

Zerbisias: My Canada includes war, environmental degradation and lost causes -

Zerbisias: My Canada includes war, environmental degradation and lost causes -

Now this is well worth reading. I heard Robert Fowler and applauded what he said. I also just listened to Hilary Clinton talk with George (sorry- not even going to TRY to spell the name tonight -) about human rights and security -public security issues. Excellent. She gets full marks for her comments. Top notch. George gets top marks for having asked the pertinent questions !

Saturday 27 March 2010

Testosterone and Rats

"The answer seems to be that if you're a solitary male, a loner, and you have to perform a complex task in coordination with someone else, testosterone makes you stupid."

Many more evolved humans ask the question : WHY do many fathers' rights people act so viciously and in such- life-destroying ways ? Well- there may be the answer ! The above quote was taken from page 237 of Carl Sagan's book Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. He was reviewing and writing about experiements done on - - -RATS !!!!!!!!

So- next time you are "accused" and attacked for working towards human rights- just picture -a really long ugly tail etc.-

Cries of child abuse bounce back on mums/human sacrificial rituals

Cries of child abuse bounce back on mums

I cannot stop seeing all the carnage -deaths of children and mothers and seriously mangled lives of those who do not physically die- but are soul-murdered: as the persistence of age old rituals. Where once temples were built to serve in part , as the venue for child sacrifice- complete with a presiding high priest - now we have Courthouses and judges. Mothers who denounce the sexual abuse of their children, and who come to these temples to rid themselves of what otherwise are called CRIMINALS, find that the high priests will sacrifice them and/or their children.These judges/high priests are only following a "higher law" - only doing what they are told to do by their religion .The laws of the land and psychology. Psychology has become (in the area of divorce ) a new religion and one of its want - to - be gods was a pro pedophile.

Sometimes, the high priest relies on lesser beings to carry out the actual execution. So there are social workers, lesser psychologists, a sprinkling of lawyers , GALS (in U.S.) and various assorted peons- who carry out the execution and/or the torture. The torture- designed to bring the child/mother closer to god (i.e. abuser dad) sometimes takes the form of supervised visits- where the natural/birth protective non-abusing mother must submit to scrutiny of every word and behaviour. (and pay the Money god for her/their torture)Each observation is duly recorded , by a peon , for submission to the lesser gods, who serve dual gods- the high priests and the Money God.

Those who do not bow down and totally submit to one or all three of the prevailing religions (law,psychology and money) are severely punished. As are their offspring.

Either humans are clinging to these ancient rituals- and reviving them , or we are reverting to an even earlier behaviour -that of the ancestors common to apes, chimps and humans. One has only to read descriptions of the "social" behaviours of chimpanzees, to recognize- ourselves.

Friday 26 March 2010



927 women and children murdered by "men" since the 6th of December , 1989. This is really my response to all the blather about parental "rights" and child custody and alienation theories etc. ad nauseum. I have many answers- but this is the most polite and the least acadermic. I also do not wish these people to become mere- statistics. We read the names of soldiers killed, we inscribe many names of soldiers killed in many wars- etc. - but who lists the names of women and children killed ??????/Well- Martin- for one. This list is ONLY in one province of Canada- by the way.

Monday 22 March 2010

Reproductive Rights, Parental Rights, and Family Violence: A Dangerous Intersection |

Reproductive Rights, Parental Rights, and Family Violence: A Dangerous Intersection

Excellent article- and the usual naysayers in the comments- I just bet the naysayers have never been repeatedly beaten to a pulp--hospitalized etc. I frequently suspect it is abusers who whine the most about articles like this-

Saturday 20 March 2010

"She started it - - -" Womanist Musings-

Womanist Musings

This kind of action  is not usually witnessed- except by a couple's children. More often, it is fists and pieces of wood, chairs etc. used on the woman as weapons with which to beat her. If a mother lives- and actually goes for a divorce, she may well end up with joint custody-and/or liberal visits- or even lose custody of already wounded children -to a criminal. Make any sense to you ? It doesn't to me. Added to that is the absolute FACT that men who abuse other humans like this, frequently have made abuse  a career choice. Which means they abuse anything and everything living. Their children, other children, other humans- male and female, animals-especially pets etc.

And still there are those who- - -ummm- "blame" the woman - or call humans like me (who find all those above mentioned acts-criminal) -those who call me - (example) feminazi. Draw your own conclusions.

Thursday 11 March 2010

Sexual Assault in Québec - Ministère de la Sécurité publique du Québec.97% of alleged perps are male

2007 Statistics on Sexual Assault in Québec - Ministère de la Sécurité publique du Québec.

97% of alleged victims were assaulted by a male. Read on- Quebec is doing- relatively "well"- some of these sats need to be forcefed to all judges dealing with these crimes and all judges handling DIVORCES.

Rules are Lke Women; Made to be Violated

Sexual Assault and Violence in Canada New Brunswick Beacon

If you have or had a mother, or a sister (s) or female cousins or aunts-or girlfriends- etc.-
Especially if you have sons or daughters- you need to read and re-read this. For all human beings-

I wonder if this judge is the darling of certain- "fathers' rights" types. Here you have a legal expert pronouncing on the merits of sex with any female- children included. He didn't cover bestiality- wonder what his view is on that ? I suppose like some- if you can get away with it - -.If I were a man, I would be disgusted that this judge is - also -male.This judge does a disservice, to be super polite- to ALL human beings.

Career Abusers:The Indiana Law Blog: Ind. Courts - "Anderson attorney faces child porn charges"

The Indiana Law Blog: Ind. Courts - "Anderson attorney faces child porn charges"

No-one should be surprised-. Some fathers who fight for custody- some of their lawyers- some police-some anyone really, are abusers. Abusing can be abusing children- not just a woman - -. A percentage of the 2% or so, who engage in prolonged litigation over custody of children, money (child support) , accusing the mother of various crimes etc.- a certain small percentage of these people are abusers. That's what they do in life. It is a career choice for some.Same with a percentage of those in the - ministries or the priesthood- or- like the man who was running/organizing a safe place for abused boys in another country- until he was caught- abusing a boy - - - -

If police concentrate on certain groups- like those espousing equal parenting, shared parenting, mother-bashing, "rights" for fathers etc.- police would find a high percentage of abusers. The more educated abusers are perhaps harder to catch- only until they let their arrogance overide their- caution. They KNOW they are abusers. Even- some politicians- who push for private bills and make a lot of noise - -in the ranks of their supporters- there could very well be some- abusers. Intolerant behaviour which targets mostly women- is immediately -suspect.

Sunday 7 March 2010

               Lemkau Must Go! - Home

Lemkau Must Go! - Home

This is what happens EVERY DAY across North America, when opinions, ideas, beliefs,myths and dangerous theories (like alienation theories) are used in courts instead of logic, evidence and just- erring on the side of caution and care for another human life.

Saturday 6 March 2010

PAS is a Scam

PAS is a Scam

Just found this excellent and informative site. Required reading- for anyone who cares about children.
Think it doesn't happen in Canada ? You are wrong. There are unknown numbers of children become adults; who suffer every day of their lives because they had to survive an abuser who got sole custody. And yet- despite the deaths, murders, suicides and psychoses- there are those who push this idea. In Canada. Is it any less criminal to kill a life by - idea- than by- say- choking ? ? I don't think so. I am unable to comprehend the- "thinking" of people who push these ideas that are so desperately inhuman -It is beyond any sane reason or ethics or morality. Why would any so-called professional ascribe to these deadly theories- when the evidence of destroyed lives is so- obvious ???? It goes beyond self-interest. Amoral might be one word to describe these -"professionals". They cannot "give a damn" about children's lives. I have trouble believing that they simply suffer from- ineptitude.