Saturday 27 March 2010

Cries of child abuse bounce back on mums/human sacrificial rituals

Cries of child abuse bounce back on mums

I cannot stop seeing all the carnage -deaths of children and mothers and seriously mangled lives of those who do not physically die- but are soul-murdered: as the persistence of age old rituals. Where once temples were built to serve in part , as the venue for child sacrifice- complete with a presiding high priest - now we have Courthouses and judges. Mothers who denounce the sexual abuse of their children, and who come to these temples to rid themselves of what otherwise are called CRIMINALS, find that the high priests will sacrifice them and/or their children.These judges/high priests are only following a "higher law" - only doing what they are told to do by their religion .The laws of the land and psychology. Psychology has become (in the area of divorce ) a new religion and one of its want - to - be gods was a pro pedophile.

Sometimes, the high priest relies on lesser beings to carry out the actual execution. So there are social workers, lesser psychologists, a sprinkling of lawyers , GALS (in U.S.) and various assorted peons- who carry out the execution and/or the torture. The torture- designed to bring the child/mother closer to god (i.e. abuser dad) sometimes takes the form of supervised visits- where the natural/birth protective non-abusing mother must submit to scrutiny of every word and behaviour. (and pay the Money god for her/their torture)Each observation is duly recorded , by a peon , for submission to the lesser gods, who serve dual gods- the high priests and the Money God.

Those who do not bow down and totally submit to one or all three of the prevailing religions (law,psychology and money) are severely punished. As are their offspring.

Either humans are clinging to these ancient rituals- and reviving them , or we are reverting to an even earlier behaviour -that of the ancestors common to apes, chimps and humans. One has only to read descriptions of the "social" behaviours of chimpanzees, to recognize- ourselves.

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