Saturday 20 March 2010

"She started it - - -" Womanist Musings-

Womanist Musings

This kind of action  is not usually witnessed- except by a couple's children. More often, it is fists and pieces of wood, chairs etc. used on the woman as weapons with which to beat her. If a mother lives- and actually goes for a divorce, she may well end up with joint custody-and/or liberal visits- or even lose custody of already wounded children -to a criminal. Make any sense to you ? It doesn't to me. Added to that is the absolute FACT that men who abuse other humans like this, frequently have made abuse  a career choice. Which means they abuse anything and everything living. Their children, other children, other humans- male and female, animals-especially pets etc.

And still there are those who- - -ummm- "blame" the woman - or call humans like me (who find all those above mentioned acts-criminal) -those who call me - (example) feminazi. Draw your own conclusions.

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