Thursday 11 March 2010

Rules are Lke Women; Made to be Violated

Sexual Assault and Violence in Canada New Brunswick Beacon

If you have or had a mother, or a sister (s) or female cousins or aunts-or girlfriends- etc.-
Especially if you have sons or daughters- you need to read and re-read this. For all human beings-

I wonder if this judge is the darling of certain- "fathers' rights" types. Here you have a legal expert pronouncing on the merits of sex with any female- children included. He didn't cover bestiality- wonder what his view is on that ? I suppose like some- if you can get away with it - -.If I were a man, I would be disgusted that this judge is - also -male.This judge does a disservice, to be super polite- to ALL human beings.

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