Thursday 11 March 2010

Career Abusers:The Indiana Law Blog: Ind. Courts - "Anderson attorney faces child porn charges"

The Indiana Law Blog: Ind. Courts - "Anderson attorney faces child porn charges"

No-one should be surprised-. Some fathers who fight for custody- some of their lawyers- some police-some anyone really, are abusers. Abusing can be abusing children- not just a woman - -. A percentage of the 2% or so, who engage in prolonged litigation over custody of children, money (child support) , accusing the mother of various crimes etc.- a certain small percentage of these people are abusers. That's what they do in life. It is a career choice for some.Same with a percentage of those in the - ministries or the priesthood- or- like the man who was running/organizing a safe place for abused boys in another country- until he was caught- abusing a boy - - - -

If police concentrate on certain groups- like those espousing equal parenting, shared parenting, mother-bashing, "rights" for fathers etc.- police would find a high percentage of abusers. The more educated abusers are perhaps harder to catch- only until they let their arrogance overide their- caution. They KNOW they are abusers. Even- some politicians- who push for private bills and make a lot of noise - -in the ranks of their supporters- there could very well be some- abusers. Intolerant behaviour which targets mostly women- is immediately -suspect.

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