Friday 31 July 2009

Abuse of trust breeds culture of silence

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Abuse of trust breeds culture of silence

August 1, 2009 - 12:00AM
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Grandparents adopt Elijah after long Hawaii court fight with killer

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Grandparents adopt Elijah after long Hawaii court fight with killer

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What chance do non offending protective mothers have,when they report (dear old dad's)incest ? Virtually none. Like Joyce Murphy.

Wednesday 29 July 2009

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Monday 27 July 2009

ALL children's rights ? in Canada ? NOT

Having learned , so far- that government groups and agencies only perpetuate abuses- to children of DV and CSA and mothers who have survived DV: I finally decided to -look at the website I will post below-,in the hopes that- maybe-just maybe- they are-enlightened.

I know I am fatigued,and rather cynical- and must observe my reactions careffully- to ensure impartiality (possible when one survives the destruction of everything dear to one ?) ; BUT- on a 5 minute look- not a careful in depth read- I saw HEAVY slanting in the choice of articles presented- -as in- the verbiage about Parental Alienation (wake up- this is BANNED from use in courts in many jurisdictions (U.S.) and is massively unscientific-(condemned by APA) -a theory invented by a pedophilic psychologist and happily used and pushed by abusers of mothers and children. It has NO place being shown on a site for children's rights- UNLESS the posts are there with a warning-.We put warnings on bottles of poison-No wonder we hear little from mothers who report their children's abuses- they are not believed- slammed with PAS or similar nonsense-and they and the children are thrown in the trash.

I may go back and read more carefully- when I recover from the familiar nausea that assails me when I see yet ANOTHER agency/organisation that appears pro-pedophile-read to ensure I am not over-reacting. Actually- it is not possible to over-react- when one sees-PAS. Unless,of course, you think pedophilia is just fine-.Incest is healthy etc. Our children who most need help- are doomed. Still.

I wonder if our/my tax dollars fund this - - -WARNING may injure your health and that of your children. Correction: FURTHER injure.

Friday 24 July 2009

Grassroots News

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Grassroots News - Manitoba's Aboriginal Newspape

Human Trafficking a local concern
By Ron Evans, Grand Chief

The sexual enslavement of women and children is a global human rights issue in our own backyard. Manitobans and Canadians need not look to countries notorious for human trafficking for sexual exploitation, like Thailand, or developing countries, they only need to look at the streets of Winnipeg and other cities, especially those in Western Canada.

The "Stop Sex with Kids" campaign web site explains "sexual exploitation" as "the exchange of sex for food, shelter, drugs/alcohol, money and/or approval. Sexual exploitation is not a lifestyle choice - it's child abuse." Statistics at that site paint a picture of the extent of this abuse on the streets of Winnipeg and Manitoba: there are approximately 400 children and youth being sexually exploited on the streets of Winnipeg each year; 13 years old is the average age that children reported their first experience of being exploited; most (85-90%) of sexually exploited children/youth are female; 70-80% of adults involved in the sex trade were first exploited under the age of 18; most (70-80%) of the children and youth exploited in Manitoba are of Aboriginal descent; and about 72% were in the care of Child and Family Services.

There is probably less understanding of what human trafficking is, and the full extent to which it is occurring in Canada. There is no universally accepted definition of human trafficking, but essentially it refers to the recruitment, transportation and harbouring of a person for the purposes of forced slavery, including the use of threat of force, deception, position of vulnerability, committed without the free and informed consent of the trafficked person. Human trafficking is often referred to as the modern day slave trade, and it is now viewed as a fundamental human rights issue.

A February 2009 United Nations Global Report on Trafficking in Persons found that the most common form of human trafficking (79%) is sexual exploitation. That same report found that victims are predominantly women and girls; most trafficking is national or regional; and that the Americas are prominent both as the origin and destination of victims in the human trade.

U.S. and Canadian federal departmental reports document that Aboriginal women and girls are at greater risk of becoming victims of trafficking within and outside Canada for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. Other research confirms trafficking between Canadian cities, especially those in the west, including Winnipeg, where there are networks.

It is time for Manitobans to become aware of this growing national problem. How many missing women and children are victims of human trafficking?

In Manitoba, the provincial strategy on youth and child sexual exploitation was launched in 2002. At a November 13, 2008 Stop Sex with Kids Awareness Campaign event, and at a Roundtable on Sexual Exploitation of Youth and Children, both hosted by the Province, myself and AMC representatives expressed the need for this strategy to reach on-reserve and for immediate federal action on this issue.

While most of Canada's efforts have been on punitive approaches to those caught human trafficking, public awareness is essential in protecting our most vulnerable citizens from modern day slavery.

I urge all young people to be aware. Human trafficking is not just something that happens overseas. It is here in Canada, and it usually starts with someone you trust, someone who promises you a better life, a new job, a new start. They'll find you in the city and even in a First Nation community. Be suspicious of anyone making you promises that sound too good to be true. Thoroughly check out anyone who approaches you with job offers that are vague-- if you have access to the internet, google their company; get a phone number to call; or quite simply, ask people you know if they know anything about that company. If you feel you are in immediate danger, call the police.

There are ways to protect yourself and those who you love from becoming victims. A growing awareness of human trafficking is critical in the overall effort to preventing human trafficking and stopping sexual exploitation.

Heart & Stroke Foundation

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Wednesday 22 July 2009

Memories are - - -

hound dogging me - it is like- trying to live with a really massive ball (s)and chain(s)- that sometimes threatens to roll over and crush me- if I am not paying attention. Anything can dredge up a vomitous flashback. Complete with the feelings that accompanied the event.

If I purposely overwork in an attempt to so fatigue myself that I will sleep; the chains shred my dreams and I awaken with a flashback. The beast will not be denied.

The worst are not my being beaten up- nor the attempt to kill me, nor the murdered pets-- the worst are the recurring visual images of my children being hurt. Images of the aftermath. Like the Sunday hewhoshallnotbenamed, brought the youngest for the court prescribed visit - with me, the non-offending, protective mother. The older one does not appear. The little one comes through the front door- eyes straight ahead-fixed somewhere-off- far away- like the "thousand yard
'or is it mile- stare that I have seen used to describe some states noted in returning, shell shocked soldiers.She is dirty snow white. She starts straight up the stairs One foot up, then the other foot. As though she is in pain- like a really elderly person willing themselves to go upstairs. She is nine. Not a word. She is mute. She goes straight to the bathroom and silently begins to strip. I look outside. Her molester is still out there. The children have told me that he bought a device- that is marketed to enhance hearing- in other words, a listening device.

She is now in the bathtub. She turns on the HOT water- no mixing. Shocked-(I picture burns) I say- oh sweetheart- you have to mix it. She seems almost desperate to not have me mix the water. She speaks- something like"no no- it has to be just hot and not deep and I have to sit in it."

Sitz bath. I pick up her discarded clothes- to wash later. There is ejaculate in her underpants.
I have no money for gas or food or anything. I phone some neighbours- to see if someone will lend me 20..00 so I can bring my profoundly wounded child to the hospital. Everyone is out. The molester is still outside.

A lot after that is still not clear. I know it must be in there- in the memory banks- but- it hasn't arrived to bite me yet. I know I had a million thoughts- racing- hospital- can't- phone cops? traumatizing for child. Law says must phone social services. What the hell for. They told me straight to my face- "I don't believe you." I have subsequently never phoned to report. No point.The child rapist is still outside. Right on my lawn- not even parked on the asphalt. Virtually on the verandah.

I put the underpants in a Ziplock bag. Later, they are given to the social services. Their answer ? " There is nothing we can do."

It is the look in my child's eyes, that torments me. Even in sleep. Forever. That is one of my- forever memories.

I can't find a Hallmark card for this event.

Friday 17 July 2009

Que. towns get $355,000 to fight 'hypersexualization'

Que. towns get $355,000 to fight 'hypersexualization'

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Convicted killer, sexual abuser dies in hospital

Convicted killer, sexual abuser dies in hospital

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Indecent Proposals

In the bipolar world of divorce legislation, the pendulum swings wildly between extremes of the presumption of mothering being a natural priority, as it is in the rest of nature , and an obsession with adult "rights" - which usually entails the concept of ownership of chattel and frequently results in abusive men gaining substantial access or full custody of hapless children.

As this pendulum swings, it sometimes delivers a lethal whack to the children who are in its trajectory.

Most divorces are finalized in a relatively reasonable manner. Probably because more people are semi-decent, than not. The small percentage of all divorces that are bizarrely named "high conflict" , are played out by those who appear incapable of decent reason. Most often, it is abusive men who contest divorces and seek custody. Indeed, the very act of engaging in perpetual litigation, is abusive.

This sub-group , having had some limited success (i.e. in getting their very own victims) in supporting pro -pedophilic theories like PAS and PA, are now considering once more banging the drum of "equal parenting". Too many legislators and others are learning the destructive outcomes of using PAS type theories - witness the recent amendments passed in California. So, the sub group are switching tactics.Conveniently, as usual, the well being of children does not count. Only the imposition of what they call equal parenting time.

In their proposed surreal world, 50% of time would be spent with the parent who never before spent that amount of time with the children , and the increased time would be taken from the primary care-taker. Which means, of course, more time for the children AWAY from what is often a protective parent, and increased time or total control for the abuser.

In that otherworld, a top grade diamond is the same as a counterfeit diamond - because - at a cursory glance, they look the same.


Laval News Online

Laval News Online

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and then- there's dear old dad- who - "trains his captive daughters - -

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The Calgary Herald (

Sunday 5 July 2009

Child porn's dirty secret: Dads often behind lens

Child porn's dirty secret: Dads often behind lens

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Accolade for Victor Malarek

Recently, some mothers of whom I know, came across a site announcing itself as father/child sex information. One asked if it could be "real". Oh yes. I flashback to the memory of my x and his large collection of porn-including child porn. He learned sick practices from his child porn. He showed it to at least one pre-verbal child of mine. In these "magazines", they undoubtedly advise on when one can sodomize a baby- (around 6-7 months) and how to get a baby to treat a penis as a -breast or bottle. It has always been out there for sick psycho beings. It is just that the Internet has made it -easier to spread around. This is the kind of "father", that social services and psychology loves to recommend custody to. Okay- that was a bad sentence. This is a bad topic. The kind of mother who denounces these -practices, is the kind of mother who loses custody and is often ordered to therapy-. The kind of situation that pas/pa people like to - muck about in. Always blaming the reporting mother, of course.
On the other side of hell- we have laws and law enforcement- who make it a crime to NOT report these crimes. Our society is bi-polar- to say the least.

For solace ,I turn (again) to the writings of Victor Malarek. Solace- because I know there is at least one man out there who KNOWS about the vomitous behaviors of some - "men". In his latest book- The Johns- there are a couple of chapters which are particularly relevant -for non-abusing mothers who report and get thrown in the garbage-along with their children.

One such chapter is Chapter 13, titled : Sex Education 101. He writes of pornography, and I quote:
" And while the porn industry tries to sell its product as a form of sexual liberation, free speech, and artistic expression, pornography is in essence prostitution, because it involves the purchase of another person's body for sexual gratification. Therefore, the men who buy and watch porn are themselves johns. "

I can think of several words to describe what my x did to his own children, that would be more descriptive than the word "john" , more applicable and - unwritable.

I am sure there are pictures of my beloved lost children- out there sliming around.I could identify backgrounds etc.- but- have no access. So, the torture continues -in how many thousands of homes ? A sub nation of vile criminals. Supported by the wilful ignorance of social service systems and gangs of pas/pa therapists-and many (all?) fathers' rights tribes.