Friday 17 July 2009

Indecent Proposals

In the bipolar world of divorce legislation, the pendulum swings wildly between extremes of the presumption of mothering being a natural priority, as it is in the rest of nature , and an obsession with adult "rights" - which usually entails the concept of ownership of chattel and frequently results in abusive men gaining substantial access or full custody of hapless children.

As this pendulum swings, it sometimes delivers a lethal whack to the children who are in its trajectory.

Most divorces are finalized in a relatively reasonable manner. Probably because more people are semi-decent, than not. The small percentage of all divorces that are bizarrely named "high conflict" , are played out by those who appear incapable of decent reason. Most often, it is abusive men who contest divorces and seek custody. Indeed, the very act of engaging in perpetual litigation, is abusive.

This sub-group , having had some limited success (i.e. in getting their very own victims) in supporting pro -pedophilic theories like PAS and PA, are now considering once more banging the drum of "equal parenting". Too many legislators and others are learning the destructive outcomes of using PAS type theories - witness the recent amendments passed in California. So, the sub group are switching tactics.Conveniently, as usual, the well being of children does not count. Only the imposition of what they call equal parenting time.

In their proposed surreal world, 50% of time would be spent with the parent who never before spent that amount of time with the children , and the increased time would be taken from the primary care-taker. Which means, of course, more time for the children AWAY from what is often a protective parent, and increased time or total control for the abuser.

In that otherworld, a top grade diamond is the same as a counterfeit diamond - because - at a cursory glance, they look the same.


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