Sunday 5 July 2009

Accolade for Victor Malarek

Recently, some mothers of whom I know, came across a site announcing itself as father/child sex information. One asked if it could be "real". Oh yes. I flashback to the memory of my x and his large collection of porn-including child porn. He learned sick practices from his child porn. He showed it to at least one pre-verbal child of mine. In these "magazines", they undoubtedly advise on when one can sodomize a baby- (around 6-7 months) and how to get a baby to treat a penis as a -breast or bottle. It has always been out there for sick psycho beings. It is just that the Internet has made it -easier to spread around. This is the kind of "father", that social services and psychology loves to recommend custody to. Okay- that was a bad sentence. This is a bad topic. The kind of mother who denounces these -practices, is the kind of mother who loses custody and is often ordered to therapy-. The kind of situation that pas/pa people like to - muck about in. Always blaming the reporting mother, of course.
On the other side of hell- we have laws and law enforcement- who make it a crime to NOT report these crimes. Our society is bi-polar- to say the least.

For solace ,I turn (again) to the writings of Victor Malarek. Solace- because I know there is at least one man out there who KNOWS about the vomitous behaviors of some - "men". In his latest book- The Johns- there are a couple of chapters which are particularly relevant -for non-abusing mothers who report and get thrown in the garbage-along with their children.

One such chapter is Chapter 13, titled : Sex Education 101. He writes of pornography, and I quote:
" And while the porn industry tries to sell its product as a form of sexual liberation, free speech, and artistic expression, pornography is in essence prostitution, because it involves the purchase of another person's body for sexual gratification. Therefore, the men who buy and watch porn are themselves johns. "

I can think of several words to describe what my x did to his own children, that would be more descriptive than the word "john" , more applicable and - unwritable.

I am sure there are pictures of my beloved lost children- out there sliming around.I could identify backgrounds etc.- but- have no access. So, the torture continues -in how many thousands of homes ? A sub nation of vile criminals. Supported by the wilful ignorance of social service systems and gangs of pas/pa therapists-and many (all?) fathers' rights tribes.

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