Monday 27 July 2009

ALL children's rights ? in Canada ? NOT

Having learned , so far- that government groups and agencies only perpetuate abuses- to children of DV and CSA and mothers who have survived DV: I finally decided to -look at the website I will post below-,in the hopes that- maybe-just maybe- they are-enlightened.

I know I am fatigued,and rather cynical- and must observe my reactions careffully- to ensure impartiality (possible when one survives the destruction of everything dear to one ?) ; BUT- on a 5 minute look- not a careful in depth read- I saw HEAVY slanting in the choice of articles presented- -as in- the verbiage about Parental Alienation (wake up- this is BANNED from use in courts in many jurisdictions (U.S.) and is massively unscientific-(condemned by APA) -a theory invented by a pedophilic psychologist and happily used and pushed by abusers of mothers and children. It has NO place being shown on a site for children's rights- UNLESS the posts are there with a warning-.We put warnings on bottles of poison-No wonder we hear little from mothers who report their children's abuses- they are not believed- slammed with PAS or similar nonsense-and they and the children are thrown in the trash.

I may go back and read more carefully- when I recover from the familiar nausea that assails me when I see yet ANOTHER agency/organisation that appears pro-pedophile-read to ensure I am not over-reacting. Actually- it is not possible to over-react- when one sees-PAS. Unless,of course, you think pedophilia is just fine-.Incest is healthy etc. Our children who most need help- are doomed. Still.

I wonder if our/my tax dollars fund this - - -WARNING may injure your health and that of your children. Correction: FURTHER injure.

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