Friday 20 November 2009

Canada News Centre - MESSAGE - International Children's Rights Day

Canada News Centre - MESSAGE - International Children's Rights Day

A must read. This intelligent ,educated human who speaks and writes with comprehension and empathy; should be more widely heard and read. (as if there were time !)

My opinions on children's rights, are more narrow in scope- sort of. My concern is in the area of separation and divorce. Specifically -those divorces which are called "high conflict".
What I have learned:
The majority of divorces are settled- often via mediation if needed- . The "rights" of all parties seem - protected. It is the divorces where one party was in fact, abusing the wife and children. The divorces where there is a constant unremitting series of court appearances to- obtain joint or shared custody-or, in cases of -abusers further on the continuum of abuse - the quest for total custody.These are the cases where the rights of the children are NEVER considered.The constant turmoil is, in itself,an abuse.
Who are abusers ? They can be anyone- from any walk of life. One constant is: they are predominately male.

Has there been an -upsurge of these cases ? (go back 25 years) Yes. It coincides rather neatly with the changes governments made- that the non-custodial parent absolutely must pay child support.(governments made these changes in an attempt to reduce welfare rolls- the number of mothers with children-on welfare. It was not altuism.

There is also a coincidental (? )increase in the noise made by some fathers' rights groups as well as drum beating by proponents of that pro-pediphile idea- pas- pa ,or just alienation- as some of the snake oil salesmen like to call it now. (too many know the provenance of these ideas)

And- of course- if one can "prove" alienation- there are some waiting anxiously in the wings- to provide "therapy" to- un alienate the child ! Yeah. Right.

I am very clear on how I see all of THAT. And my opinion is not acceptable in writing -on a blog. It has to do with greed. And no ethics.

Did others notice that some people now are screeching FOR "automatic" shared parenting ? At the same time the Australian government is revising its practice of "equal" parenting- of the last six ? years. Too many deaths of mothers and children. The final straw was little Darcy Freeman. Dear old dad stopped his vehicle on a bridge-plucked the tiny girl out and threw her off the bridge. In front of two young sons. Another funeral.

Do these children enjoy their basic human rights ? Did they ? There are dozens of similar cases,ending in death. In every case, examined AFTER the fact- (deaths) there was found a series of clear warnings- of abusive and dangerous behavior. A "psychologist" or social worker easily or purposefully "misses" these signals- and- the deaths continue.

Is this what the silent majority wishes for Canada ?????

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