Sunday 22 November 2009

Tim Giago: Looking at America's dirty little secret

Tim Giago: Looking at America's dirty little secret

Tim Giago writes about the reprehensible atrocities perpetrated on children in residential schools- across North America. It is all part and parcel of the many- pronged pedophile/child rapists predatory attacks on the most vulnerable. The pattern of abuse-escalating abuse IS the pattern of abuse found in many households. I'll say it again- seems children are "The Last Frontier" . Actually -this predatory behaviour has been with us for ever so long- we are now speaking up a bit more about it. Thank goodness.

Except- not enough people are LISTENING or even hearing -

My dog -eared copy of Florence Rush's The Best Kept Secret: Sexual Abuse of Children, was published in 1980- but it could be re-published every year- the facts have not changed. Even infamous pro-pedophile Warren Farrel is in there- and he is still being hailed as someone to "follow" by certain men's groups, fathers' rights groups and pas/pa salesmen.

Florence made a public debut in 1971, in New York- where she spoke at a two day conference on rape.

A quote from the introduction written by Susan Brownmiller reads as follows: "She is categorically. the first theorist on the subject who does not blame the child in any way,shape or form. She is also the first thinker to see child sexual abuse not as an isolated incident but as a pervasive pattern with antecedents of social acceptance that reach far back into history."

Well- yes- look at "persons of authority" -abusing and raping/sodomozing children and babies. And then - and then- look at the statistics showing a strong and significant correlation between wife beaters and wife beaters molesting./sexually aggressing their own children.

Anyone reading this -please look up your own statistics. I will not engage in meangless statistic flinging - like some "fathers' rights ---people do. If you don't like the truth as researched- then don't read -this ! Stick to Penthouse and Farrel and the like.

I'm on the other end of ethics. The higher end.

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