Saturday 20 February 2010

Mothers Intelligence Secret Service: Dossier: Mark K Godbey(Canadians in here)

Mothers Intelligence Secret Service: Dossier: Mark K Godbey

Bears reading- if you are either someone who has been beaten by your husband/partner, if your children and/or pets have been sexually assaulted by your husband/partner and if you think that these are criminal acts-- then- these guys and some others- work to maintain the right to abuse- using ideas like parental alienation- to gain continued control of their victims.
Any and all psychologists etc. who proclaim loudly that these dangerous ideas are- "true" or- okay- are to avoided at all costs.
Any countries that I know of, have laws in their criminal codes which condemn having sex with children- beating up or trying to kill another human (like your wife/partner) and bestiality. So- WHY ? you might ask, do some people promote ideas that protect criminals ?????   Is that not - mind boggling ?????

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