Sunday 21 February 2010

Children discussed burning their mother, trial hears - Local - Children discussed burning their mother, trial hears

At least this one was caught. Not before the children's minds were royally messed up. If the divorce had proceeded, no doubt the mother would have heard she was accused of some alienation theory or another - -. Those young people have a lot of untwisting their heads to do.As for the mother asking for a divorce - well- one can only imagine what she was trying to deal with- . These men don't just suddenly espose their murderous proclivities- there is always a pattern of behaviour- often seen only by the victims/recipients of the criminal abuses. That mother is lucky to be alive. By living, she has also saved her children. I suppose someone will want the children to visit the alleged would-be murderer in prison. That would be par for the course - -.

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