Tuesday 13 April 2010

Must Watch-tomorrow,April 14th

Dr. Phil.com - Shows This Week

It is definitely not my usual practice to promote a tv show- especially Dr. P- as I ceased watching years ago. I stopped because the level of presentations fell far too short of addressing egregious situations which abound- usually hidden, in all divorce courts.

However, for some time, I have known of this upcoming show. As I know of- many of the people who are present, and I am therefore assured that this show FINALLY displays a scourge in our culture- I would hope that anyone reading this post will find a way to view this particular show- and please, pass the word. Make no mistake - this happens in Canada, also.Perhaps not to the same extent- and seemingly not as -publicized- but- nonetheless, it has happened and is happening. This show may help explain this horror to the uninitiated and clarify why I am so totally against the use of child destroying theories in courts. Invalid ideas like PAS. PA - false memory - and all the various names that are applied to silence victims and their supporters.

The most recent case in Canada, that was -somewhat publicized - is the case of Christian Lee.

Children are abused. Children die. All because some judges, some psychologists, many social service systems etc. have no idea about abuse to women and children. Mothers (most often) report - and are ignored or dismissed as - "being nasty" to the man- or- hysterical- or- neurotic etc. ad nauseum. Many, in the worst cases, are "accused" of parental alienation. No- it is called -mothering and trying to protect your child/children.

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