Friday 9 April 2010

Parental Alienation Awareness

Australian Shared Parenting Law Debate

Read this carefully. Research the information. Learn. That is- if you care a whit about what happens to children- Canadian or any child. Check out the symbols used by pedophiles- via the FBI information database. One of them was used by the author of this truly excellent text- and it "morphs" into the alienation heart symbol used at the top of the page. I have seen the symbol used to identify (to each other) pedophiles who go after boys. It was held by a teacher in a place where I worked.

The danger to our children is real and very insidious. It would not even occur to most human beings, to want or have sex with a child- (or an animal). That inability to feel twisted urges tends to lead us to disbelief- which can send us looking for other reasons or explanations. Our very "normality" can bring us to support destructive ideas. So- shared parenting, equal custody -alienation type theories can, on first glance, appear- APPEAR to be reasonable and - "fair".

These ideas are far from being fair. They are used primarily by abusers and their lawyers to obtain money and/or sex from small victims. Even slightly thinking couples, on divorce, will reach acceptable agreements-often without continually returning to court. It is the albeit small percentage of divorcing couples who are often called "high conflict" -where the the potential for great harm is found. No country or province or state or ANY grouping of humans, should ever consider a blanket, across the board ruling or presumption that imposes, all too frequently , a death sentence on children.

This kind of thinking has led to numerous murders of children - across continents. If not physically killed, others "survive" what one author has termed "soul murder".

Read this and share. Please.

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