Friday 29 May 2009


LOMAS is a syndrome of which psychologists rarely speak. The lack of visibility of LOMAS is possibly due to the fact that many (not all) psychologists suffer from this syndrome. For those of you who have not yet heard of it- although you may well have experienced its devastating effects; LOMAS refers to Lack of Moral and Amoral Syndrome.

Actually, it is more often found among the ranks of unsocial workers. A good example might be the following true story. This antisocial worker is a prime example of someone suffering from LOMAS. (yes, I chose the colour of this text to complement the example/story.)

The reason for my going to see yet another social worker, was , as I was trying to protect my children from their abuser- my lawyer had suggested that I find yet another "expert" who could testify in court-as-the psychiatrist,doctor, police and others' testimony had not been accepted. My doctor got the name of someone in a large city- recommended to him by a work colleague. I thought that maybe- as the law,even then, required a person to report child sexual assault, that possibly the social workers-who seemed to have their opinions valued above anyone else's- that possibly they would listen to this one.

So, I drag the children to see yet another- person -bizarrely called an expert. Expert -I could be called an expert in- let's see- whatever I clearly cannot do. OK- I am an expert in space travel. So, because I said so- , I can tell people how to "drive" a rocket and travel through space. This

(female) expert/antisocial worker- gives the long suffering children a "test". I wait patiently through the useless garbage. When she is finished, I say "Madame, I really need to speak with you alone." She jumps back in her chair as if I had cattle probed her, and screeches ; " NO NO NO- nothing bad about the father.NO NO. Don't say anything bad about the father."

Clearly a LOMAS person.

So, this is one tiny example of what LOMAS looks like,sounds like,smells like and tastes like. The smell and taste of horror.

It happens all the time. It is still happening. If you do not report child sexual assault/abuse- you can be punished by the law. Incarcerated.For failure to protect.(so- you lose custody) If you DO report- or- TRY (!) to report, you will be soundly condemned, totally silenced and, you will lose custody.

I do not condone the action, nor did it ever cross my mind to do something similar, but I definitely comprehend that a mother MIGHT comtemplate killing her children and herself. To keep on living, means you try to keep on living, without custody-because custody went to the abuser-so, you live with the knowledge that your children are being raped. And you pay the rapist.

And our societies supposedly -condemn child rape ??? Cognitive dissonance to the extreme.

This posting was inspired by the news that a judge has removed custody from the father of the children who were thrown off a bridge-by the mother.Removed because of his history of wife beating and alcoholism. Statistically, there is a very strong correlation between wife beating and incest (father/daughter sexual assault)

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