Sunday 31 May 2009

Cold News - to freeze your soul

Following on the heels of my recounting of a couple of horrific incidents with social workers who obviously had no clue about the situation- thanks to their training- which taught that all mothers lie and make their children lie- when they ask for divorce; comes the news that a Glenn Cartwright is being considered for the position of Dean-at a - are you ready - a school of social work.

Glenn Cartwright has always been a strong proponent for - Gardner's theories- the Gardner who was pro-pedophile. The Gardner who sent his books free- to anyone he thought might believe his destructive and bizarre ideas. The Gardner whose twisted ideas were seized on and used by lawyers for abusers-with the devastating results that generations of abused children were sent to live with their rapists. Insanity

Check out Cartwrights page(s) via a search engine- ,then check out the names he has listed there. It reads like a who's who of pro pedophiles.

Does Renison College KNOW ? Do the persons who choose an appointee , KNOW ? Does Waterloo University really want to have a pro-pedophile on their staff ? If the appointment is done in ignorance- then- they are complicit in condoning the ongoing pedocaust in the 2% or less of contested divorces. (a high percentage of these contested divorces, are contested by abusers. A high percentage of these, result in protective parents (usually mothers) losing custody to the child sexual abusers.

This, when some governments are funding programs and public service announcements explaining the fact that MOST child sexual aggressions are committed by a person known to the child.

What would such an appointment say about Waterloo University and Renison College in particular ?

If anyone reading this is as appalled as I- I have an email address where you may express your distress about this possible appointment.

An institution of learning should do exactly that, when accepting a person to their ranks. Learn everything about your candidate.

emails may be sent to :

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