Sunday 21 November 2010


pages 220-221 of her book Unspeakable, Lynn Sacco writes the following: Many critics depicted women's willingness to "break the silence" as a modern-day hysteria incited by feminists who easily manipulated desperate and irrational women.Columbia University psychiatrist Dr.Richard Gardner, who often provided expert testimony on behalf of accused fathers, argued that "feminist groups . . . have their share of fanatics.(They)operate as if they have a lifelong vendetta against men and will never be satisfied until all of them are destroyed.These zealots have found the sex abuse scene to be a perfect opportunity for the expression of their venom." Some feminists were unhappy, too.On the front page of the New York times Book Review in January 1993, psychologist Carol Tavris mocked the outpouring of incest claims as a pathetic " cult of victimhood" and a by product of the "excesses of feminism."She lambasted the "incest survivor machine", comparing a woman who makes an incest allegation to a woman who alleges that the FBI was "bugging her socks".

All my children never had a chance.Nor did I , to protect them-although I tried everything-and now, have only the energy to - talk.

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