Tuesday 19 October 2010

Williams Unseen

The entire world is watching the Williams trial. All the usual talking heads and absolutely everyone is -sharing their opinion. So, time for mine. I think his very nice pension should go to the assault and murder victims/families. I feel badly for his wife.

What strikes me the most in all of this- is the absolute fact that it is NOT possible to foresee, predict or even notice when someone is this twisted. It is a very good thing that this fact is being pointed out and discussed - at least by the tv media in Canada.

BECAUSE : when a mother (for example) reports the abuses she and/or her children are experiencing, there is a marked tendency to disbelieve her and disbelieve the children. Disbelief at least in part because the twistedness is not apparent. So we have so many already wounded children being given in custody to their abuser. The victim mother then gets to pay child support and sometimes more, to an abuser.

I for one, am exceptionally grateful to the prosecutors in this case, for supplying so many lurid details to the court. This may spur the "law" to place a ruling of dangerous offender. This psycho should never be free. I am also grateful for the supplying of details as it MAY serve to enlighten some systems- like social services systems., Some may begin to realize that  one cannot play nice with a father/husband who is so twisted. Some MAY begin to realize that they should LISTEN to mothers who report abuse. Some may even realize or begin to think about the insanity of alienation theories being automatically applied whenever a child or mother speaks of abuse. Some thinking people may begin to question the motives behind the people who so loudly screech about false allegations. The concept of automatic shared parenting is equally ludicrous. Is it logical to have shared parenting when none or little existed before ? How about his child/ren , if there had been some, visiting dear old daddy Williams ?

Only thinking people will question. Only people with enough emotional intelligence to have some compassion and  empathy will think about all that. Only those with a modicum of integrity will even begin to question.

It is heartrending that the victims' families were exposed to these details. I imagine they were warned. I hope so.

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