Tuesday 21 December 2010

Father of two children charged with their murders

Father of two children charged with their murders

Even IF abuse is recognized, laws, practices and attitudes compel children to visit their abuser. Social services systems seem oblivious to the reality of entrenched abuse which so often escalates.

My children and I never had a hope in hell. At least we are all still alive- I think.This week, two reports released in Canada- one in Nova Scotia and one in Saskatchewan. There has been one in British Columbia. Quebec has had films,reports and whole regions placed under "tutelle" (government oversight). Still the carnage continues. All these reports and actions outline the desperate need for overhaul of all the social services systems. The only thing that happens is - nothing. Unless you count continued murders and neglect deaths of children.

So many years ago, a policeman said to me-" we have to report to the Youth Protection Madame- and they do nothing."He was right.

(For other country readers- very often, a judge will ask for guidance in resolving a custody matter- and very often, it is the social services (a worker) who is asked to provide a recommendation. )

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