Wednesday 7 October 2009

Cat helps prove child abuser's guilt

American Humane: Email - Cat helps prove child abuser's guilt

Abuse of animals is frequently found in conjunction with abuse of children. I know a woman who knew of her "husband's" bestiality AND sexual and other abuse of his children- but when she reported- nothing happened. Nothing- except- she lost custody of her tiny daughters, followed by the loss of her career,houses,farm and other properties. Now- reporting these crimes is required by law- if not by ethics and morality- however, you can be sure that every case like hers- empowers the criminals and further silences the victims. You see, so many others knew of her and the children's anguish- and were subsequently too terrified to report - - -their own abuses.

This American Humane Society article about a true event , bears witness to the fact that there ARE- albeit few and far between- those who have enough moral fibre- to report and assist the victims. That is why this true story of the cat and the girl is so desperately important. Anyone who reads this- please pass it on. Even if you only like animals- and not humans !!!!!!!!!!

Make no mistake about it, once reported- the victim who reports then faces new enemies- in the form of disbelief of- some police, some lawyers, some judges and some prosecutors. If a prosecutor does believe the victim- many will not prosecute- these cases do not apparently, "further their careers". Do not make the mistake of thinking that - legal intervention has anything to do with justice. It doesn't.

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