Monday 26 October 2009


From time to time, I will read a text by a supposed fathers' rights group- or a supporter.. I have yet to comprehend any of the texts. (and there seem to be a lot- ) None of the statistics quoted turn out to be correct- and/or are wildly slanted to the writer's point of view. Mostly, I just don't bother. I am otherwise occupied reading the plethora of reports on children and frequently their mothers, killed by - -fathers.

Too much horrendous destruction. Too many mothers losing custody of cherished children, to an abuser-often a child rapist./ sexual abuser as well as being a wife beater.

However- I now think I have discovered the reason for my inability to understand these fathers' rights texts. It is because they are writing in newspeak- a la George Orwell. In newspeak, mothers and children would be UNPERSONS, - their crimes having been to report their abuses ! Except- it is a dialect version of newspeak- which I presume should called FRIVELSPEAK. That incorporates both aspects of the texts I have read ; namely fathers rights (as seen by some) and - drivel.

I hope this explanation will help others decode the articles and letters which bore (two senses of the word) their way around the Internet !

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