Monday 19 October 2009

Shared parenting laws on way out (The Australian Article)

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The Australian
Cold North Wind, CNW ( thought you might find this article from interesting:
Shared parenting laws on way out
| October 19, 2009 From: The Australian

Canada needs to follow suit.

THE Rudd government is planning to roll back the controversial shared parenting law passed in the final term of the Howard government, enraging men's groups, which say the laws have finally given them access to their children after separation.

Six inquiries into the shared parenting laws are now under way, which men's groups have interpreted as a sure sign that change is under way, too.

In a message to supporters, Sue Price of the Men's Rights Agency, has described the planned rollback as the "most sustained and concerted attack" on shared parenting that she has seen in 15 years.

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