Sunday 11 October 2009

Intellectual Conservative Politics and Philosophy

Intellectual Conservative Politics and Philosophy

If anyone as yet unaware, is wondering how a man who is a child rapist and/or a wife-beater can get custody of his small victims; read this text- at this link- and you will know. Perhaps this was intended for fathers who are "decent"- but- that is NOT my personal opinion. I know of literally hundreds of cases where a non-offending mother lost custody of tiny children (and not so tiny) to a vicious , brutal man- despite police reports, medical reports etc.- and in every case, the "man" (and I use the term lightly) used every tactic here, and then some.

Refer also to the report: Honouring Christian Lee No Private Matter: Protecting Children Living With Domestic Violence, September 2009.
This excellent and succinct report is available in pdf at :

These - - -practices were in operation long before this and other similar publications. These mal;icious stratagems have become more visible since the advent of easily used and available
computer and Internet technology. These strategies have been , and are being used more frequently since States saved money (Welfare) by putting into law that fathers must pay child support. All even mildly reasonable fathers who truly care about their children, do not use these nefarious machinations. Any custody case that hits the courts should be deemed highly suspect. These fathers do not give a fig about their children - only money and continuing to beat up the mother (and -as a result- the children).

Of course there are exceptions to this - observation- but, as a general rule, when one examines cases- right down to court transcripts and pertinent records- like police archives- : in general, an abuser will continue abusing in any way possible. That is all they know how to -exist.

Mothers beware- and learn. All you can. While dodging the constant attacks of an abuser and his cohorts. Frequently, these abusers have the help and support of -social services agencies. It may be unwitting support- but it is there, nonetheless. It is called : aiding and abetting a criminal.

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